Who’s Going to Jail in the IRS Scandal?


Who’s Going to Jail in the IRS Scandal?
by Rick Moran


John Boehner is wondering who connected with the IRS caper might be going to jail.

The disappointing answer is … probably no one.

The targeting of political groups by the IRS is apparently not a crime, according to political lawyers from both parties.

So, if I cheat on my taxes and get caught, I can do prison time. As would be right. But an IRS employee can abuse the Hades out of people’s constitutional rights and the worst they risk is being fired and having an awkward item in their resume’ employment record? Sounds like an inequity a Congress Critter would create!

Forget the fabled Military-Industrial Complex! Beware the Politician-Bureaucrat Complex!


No one will be charged.
We’re all afraid the people of color will riot.
It got OJ off…think the left won’t raise hell?
They’ll blame Bush