Who Should Be Allowed in Women's Sports?

Congressional Democrats sign letter to Education Department demanding biological men be allowed to compete in female sports

The Democrats have made it clear on who they believe should be allowed!

Not only allowed but “forced!”

(And women continue to vote democrat … Why?)

A few generations ago, Democrats adamantly defended separate drinking fountains, passenger train cars, theater seating, public schools, and other such things based on the color of one’s skin.

Do you Really want to keep these people in power!?

What a stupid premise. I say if a man wants to join a woman’s sports team, he should be required to stop all hormonal medications for 2 months first. Idiots.

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This is sick. Get ready to say “good bye” to women’s sports.

As for Blumenthal, he is a man with zero integrity . He lied about his military record to boost his Senate run. Why he did that is beyond me. You could run a rabid dog running for Senator in Connecticut, and it would get elected so long he or she runs as a Democrat.

Maybe he needed to lie to get though the primaries. That’s the only real election is Connecticut. Liberals are so brilliant that all they need to do is vote the Democrat, and they have shown that they are geniuses. A show of intelligence is very easy in the blue states. “Even a caveman can do it.”

Yet another democrat policy that the majority of Americans find revolting. Go figure. I’ll bet most lesbians don’t agree with this and there are more of them than trannies.

I am sure that the lesbians are not happy about this, once they see what it means, but they might figure they will get some more quotas out of it for hiring and promotions.

If a transgender “woman” comes on to an actual woman does that mean “she’s” a lesbian? If a transgender “man” gets pregnant does that mean that “he’s” gay?

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This is precisely why this whole “transgender” business is so stupid. I don’t really care what a male does with his sex organs and hormones nor do I give a hoot what a female does with her sex organs and hormones. Just KEEP IT TO THEMSELVES. Problem is, these wackos don’t want just acceptance, they want APPROVAL and PREFERENCE. And most of the radical LGBTQRST are aiming for the Christian churches, particularly the Catholic Church.

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Don’t know and don’t wanna know.

Giving groups special status with quotas and extraordinary rights has been the political stock and trade for the Democrats since the days of Walter Mondale. Back in 1984, Old Wally got his political head handed to him because regular people understood how unfair that was. Now the brain washed people from childhood to 50 think it’s required to hand special status to “misunderstood minorities.”

After a while normal people will be in the minority. I wonder if we will get our quota then? Don’t hold your breath.