Who spilt the wine table for the talks? North or South?


The planned talks between two Koreas on Tuesday was canceled abruptly. The cancellation happened dut to the level of chief negotiators of both sides. The North first raised an issue about the head of the South delegation and rejected the talks. However, It is very absurd and rude.
The North announced that its delegation was to be led by Kang Ji-yong, an official at the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. According to Seoul, however, Kang’s post within the Committee is significantly lower(second grade) than that of a minister.
On the other hand, Seoul had chosen Vice Unification Minister Kim Nam-sik to head the delegation after North Korea rejected its suggestion of holding the talks between minister-level officials. In fact, Vice Unification Minister is also higher than the North’s delegation head.
South Korea’s first choice to lead the delegation was Unification Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae, but the change was made after North Korea implied during the working-level talks that were concluded on Monday that Kim Yang-gon, head of the North’s United Front Department of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, would not be heading its delegation.
In spite of that, North Korea adversely blamed the South and tried to shift the responsibility on the South Korean Government. It is very ridiculous and out of international practices. It is the thing that couldn’t possibly be happened. I can’t understand why they did that kind of weird response. So, I wonder if from the beginning North Korea has had the will to start talks with South Korea. They might temporarily have made a fake smile in consideration of the summit meeting between United States and China.


I don’t think North Korea knows what day of the week it is, unless they are told by China.


North Korea puts up a big front in ALL they say they’re going to do, then never follows through.
I have my doubts that N.K. ever had any intentions of meeting w/S.K.