Who was . . .

Juan Felipe So?

Shortstop for the NY Mets?


This guy?

Neither. Hint: among other things, he changed his first & middle names to the English equivalent.

The coffee guy???..:howler:

Thats Juan Valdez

Ya I know…:howler: :howler: :howler: Same Idea

John Phillip Susa.

Wrong! If I told you how he changed his last name, you’d have it right away.

George W Bush… http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/359.gif

Ok I’ll stop now.:howler:

Sorry, Viking, I was posting at the same time as you, and you are correct (except that you misspelled “Sousa.”). He added “USA” to his last name.

Ok so who was he?

You don’t know who John Philip Sousa was? A noted band director, writer of most of the marches played by school bands, modifier of the tuba to suit marching bands, which is also called a Sousaphone?


I thank you for helping me combat my ignorance wrt such information.:biggrin:

Sorry for the minor threadjack Susanna, but who was Vladimir Palahniuk ?.

Count Dracula?

Nope. That was Vlad the Impaler.

Well, I just took a guess, because I knew his name was Vladimir, and I’m sure he had a surname of some kind. Somehow, I think this is going to be someone I’ll recognize, but not sure. No, I can’t say - that’s the only answer I had.

And I didn’t know that there were many people who didn’t know who John Philip Sousa was - sorry if I sounded condescending. I only learned the story of his name a few years ago. He made the changes to his name because he was so enamoured of his adopted country.

Of course I Didn’t know who he was. I used to beat up the kids in band. I have the musical talent of a walrus.

Here’s a hint: Believe it or not…

Not Ripley?