Who will share the blame if Hillary wins?


I know that the establishment Republicans, such as Romney and the Bush family will be up there, but in the media, Glen Beck is at the top of the list. He says he’s “neutral,” but if you have listened to him at all, and I have my car radio set for AM 970 in Tampa, he’s been beating the drum hard for that clown in Utah who is out to win that state’s electoral votes from the Republicans.

Beck is not neutral at all. He wants the Republicans to lose the presidential race. That makes him a Hillary supporter, and as such I will do what I can to avoid supporting him financially on any level in the future.

I can accept true neutrality. I can’t accept stealth support for Hillary from a person who advertises himself as a conservative. Glen Beck is a grandstanding hypocrite.


To answer your question, I guess those who vote for her will share the blame.


Who will share the blame if Hillary wins?
Simple answer is all Americans, even some that are dead. Conservatives have long thrown away chances to stop liberals but they didn’t do it. Americans have let our society slip so far that we have no standards anymore. Our high school graduates can’t read & a criminal is a possible president of the U.S. & everything in between. We are all guilty, even those that oppose Hillary because we didn’t oppose her strong enough.


Because we didn’t put forth a better candidate.

America would have been with us this time around, if we hadn’t bought into the false promises about Trump.

“***He’ll bring us Pennsylvania!***” “***He can can keep the media on his side!***” “***He can defy political gravity!***”

Should have known better. The man is a mediocre candidate, with a penchant to mouth off and push people’s buttons in all the wrong ways.

The conventional wisdom for why a man like him doesn’t make a viable candidate, has proven true. In the future, we’ll hopefully know better. Sadly, I doubt the Democrats will give us as wide of an opening as they did this year anytime soon.


Because we didn’t put forth a better candidate.
I am tired of that comeback. It’s like the normal comeback of someone that liked someone else better & it ignores math. The simple fact is that republicans are drastically outnumbered in the U.S, DRASTICALLY. There is NO HUGE POOL of nonvoting conservatives out there & there hasn’t been since conservative democrats stopped looking at what the parties stood for & started just voting democrat. To get elected in this country you have got to appeal to those that aren’t committed & get about 70% of them to vote conservative plus it wouldn’t hurt for a few democrats to crossover too. Those are FACTS & the quicker that republicans understand them the better chance this country has of not becoming a full blown socialist society. Don’t believe me just spend a few minutes & look up the numbers. Heck look at Mitt & how he lost. And the sad thing about Mitt isn’t that he lost, it’s that he never had a chance of winning & yet republicans didn’t get it. Just my opinion.

I think Trump was the absolute BEST candidate to nominate if you were trying to win. I also think that IF he even tries to do some of the stuff he says he would be better than 90% better than any politician in either party. The left want us to be socialist & are moving us toward it. And the right never seems to really DO anything.


Ahh, but this forgets two things:

  1. The political pendulum, it always swings back. Wave elections help us just as much as it helps the left, it just depend on whose turn it is.

  2. The Democrats are corrupt. They were going to push someone as unlikable and see-through as Hillary eventually. All we had to do was bide our time, and to be sure to have a competent front when that chance arose.

They’ll make the same mistake again, I’m sure. I just wonder now if we’ll blow that chance too.

> I think Trump was the absolute BEST candidate to nominate if you were trying to win.

Nope, he’s the worst. By far.

He doesn’t know how to run a ground campaign (which is killing him right now in the swing states), he’s a gaff machine, and he has an indefensible past.

Do not aim for anemic victories. Power simply slips through your fingers if you do that. You need to be behind what is right, what people genuinely believe in.
With Trump, it was simply made a race to the bottom, an argument of “whose worse?”.

People aren’t enthused by that nonsense. You can bet that the turnout for both sides in this election will be lower than 2012 because of it.


1. The political pendulum, it always swings back.
Sure I agree that it does swing. But it doesn’t swing 22 million voters which is about the number that the democrats outnumber the republicans. Twenty two million voters that are going to vote is a powerful base. And that isn’t just 22 million voters, it’s 22 million voters MORE than republicans. (as I remember it’s 22 million, I didn’t double check). Republicans have to appeal to the masses & so far they haven’t even tried. Trump will probably get more black voters than the last to republicans running for president combined. He will also set records for the most Latino voters. That’s what we need. Lastly for Gods sake don’t ASSUME that it always swings. One of these days it will swing away & never come back at least in our lifetime. By then, social programs will be in place & there won’t be a way to get ride of them.


I will blame Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner.

Faux republicans afraid to fight Barry and the democrats. Their milquetoast leadership (cough, cough), gave all republicans a reason to look for a “Gozer the Destroyer” in hopes of flushing the elites down the tubes.

For me, I felt like the republicans sold me a 1958 Edsel dressed as a Lincoln in 2010 & 2014. :banghead:


There won’t be any “swing backs” this time. The Democrats will make millions of illegal immigrants voters and put them on food stamps and welfare, which will make them Democrat voter robots.

Ultimately this country will be like Mexico with one party rule and rampant government corruption. The distribution of income will be more unequal and social unrest will grow.

If 12 million Republican primary voters had not been seduced by Trump, we would have had a chance to stop or delay this. But those people believed in his stupid wall just like children believe in the tooth fairy.


Trump and his grotesquely inept campaign - except for the last 3+ weeks - would be at the top of my “blame list” should Clinton win. Our shockingly inept/gullible electorate would come in second place on my list. Our ham handed “go along” Republican congressional leadership would have to get their share of the blame for pissing off/frustrating Repubs/conservatives to the point they saw fit to nominate a man ill equipped/ill prepared to run an effective campaign even against a Dem candidate bogged down and under criminal investigation for espionage and corruption.

Blaming the Bushes/Romney? - no one gives a damn about how the Bushes/Romney voted or that they didn’t support Trump, they are yesterday’s news. If Trump loses it won’t be because of what these people did or didn’t do. Glen Beck? - hell, most people in the US don’t even get his station.

Trump himself destroyed what momentum he had coming out of the convention by gratuitously/insanely attacking Cruz the morning AFTER the convention, verbally attacking Cruz’s wife for good measure and repeating the wild allegations he had previously directed toward Cruz’s father. BTW - my guess is there were many women who washed their hands of Trump the minute he personally attacked Carly Fiorina’s physical appearance during one of the early debates - this kind of crap by Trump played into more recent narratives about Trump’s view of women. His attacks on Cruz’s wife was not helpful either. When the dust settles, women will have played a major role in this election.

There are so many examples regarding Trump’s missteps and the “clean-up” required by his surrogates that it is impossible to chronical them all.

A candidate with more discipline and communicative touch - one who didn’t dig himself a hole every other day for much of the campaign - would have won this election. He was on the correct side of the issues and running against a widely known to be corrupt opponent. No, IF Trump loses - and we still don’t know that he will - he must be given the lion’s share of the “credit”.

Hopefully he will still prevail on Tuesday and we won’t have to learn the hard way that without a skilled messenger sometimes the message itself isn’t enough.


If he loses, I’ll betcha’ he blames it on anybody but himself. A true narcicist.

But I agree with you, I hope he wins and the BEAST doesn’t get in there. If she does, take a look at this and see what we’re in for: http://www.republicanoperative.com/forums/f10/democratic-platform-51360/

(Yes, I know you and others DO know what we’re in for, but the Dem platform needs to be scrutinized . . . if more voters did that, perhaps it would scare them enough to get off their butts and vote to keep her and the Dems out.)


The better question is “who will get the blame when Trump wins”, Trump will win and it won’t be that close.

The polls are right but the metrics used to analyze the polls are wrong, they are using metrics based on the 2012 election where Obama had the juice and Romney was an old Leftist wet blanket; this year Trump is the candidate with juice and Clinton is the “hold your nose” choice among her own party and no rabid supporters anywhere.

Add 4 points to Trump in every poll and subtract 2 from Clinton and you will get a good picture of what the delegate map will look like on Tuesday night.


It’s likely less than 10 million, and Independents outnumbers the both of them.

Registered voters is also not a good indicator of who will vote.

Only slightly more than half of eligible voters voted in 2008, and that year was unprecedented. Elections are won pretty much by whichever voting bloc is the least depressed.

> Lastly for Gods sake don’t ASSUME that it always swings.

It always swings, that’s not an assumption, that’s a product of having a duopoly and a first-past-the-post system.

Republicans equally control most voting districts, thanks to the mid-term elections and their majorities in the House & Senate.

Democrats only fully control 8 states, Republicans fully control 23. This makes a difference in National elections.


I don’t really get this argument, in light of no one thinking that there’s much to stop illegals from voting right now.

If they can already vote, why wait 4 more years? The logic doesn’t follow.

There’s also a demographic problem I don’t think you’re considering:

Hispanic + poor= the most anemic voter. The least likely to pull for anyone in an election.

Equally, Hispanic + Middle Class = future Republican demographic. The better their income level, the more conservative leanings prevail, until they’re just like Cubans.

The left attacking George Zimmerman as “White + Hispanic” is indicative of them sensing it. Fair-skinned Hispanics, are the next ethnicity to join the “white” moniker. Just like the Germans and Eastern Europeans before them.


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