Who Will Win The Georgia Runoff?

My answer is, I do not know. But, I do think the action by Senate Republicans, led by McConnell, demanding only a $600 direct stimulus payment, may have been penny wise and pound foolish given what is at stake in this runoff.

As much as I do not like our level of debt - face it, our debt is horrendous - I can’t help but think a hell of a lot of Georgians will be going to the polls asking themselves, "Do I vote for the party giving me $600 or vote Dem and get the entire $2000?.

As for what voters will do today, as I said, don’t have a good answer. But I do know a lot more than adding $300 billion to the debt is at stake.

Warnock got 32% in Georgia’s bizarre jungle primary, Republicans Loeffler and Collins only got 46% the rest going to assorted Democrats and a very few to GOP minor candidates. A lot of Georgia Republicans are still butt hurt at Kemp’s appointment of Loeffer over Collins. A few are convinced that their votes will be stolen again and are also sick and tired of The Turtle.

Bottom line: I don’t know either.

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It may not be the result I’m hoping for, but I have a strong feeling the R’s will sweep it.

Who will win in the Georgia runoff? Same people who win in every effing election. Lawyers and “Steveo/Chad” from Marketing. Every. Freaking. Time.

Interesting observation, Loeffler is consistently running about 20,000 votes behind Perdue. Doesn’t look like it will affect the race but there are some Georgia Republicans who refuse to hold their nose and vote for Loeffler.

I wonder if Trump is going to call Georgia about these results. I mean if Obama did it you guys would be fine with it, right?

Looks like it is going to be a Democrat sweep. All counties are in except DeKalb, 12% outstanding, Ossoff is leading there 4 to 1, only needs 1100 votes to take the lead.

It is interesting that it’s like it was in Pennsylvania, that the Democrat stronghold in DeKalb is the last to report. One would think that a metropolitan area would be among the first to get their vote in.

The Democrats have full control now. Hard times are coming for those who work and save an play by the rules. Schumer told us that the Democrats “will change America,” and now the fix is in.

It is truly disappointing and disturbing that every event has fallen the Democrats favor. Who would have thought that two Senators would be elected simultaneously from one state? Who would have thought the Georgia would become the new California? Who would have imagined that the Corona Virus would be the Democrats’ most effective campaign worker? The Democrats have gotten every break.

I am convinced that God is punishing us or, more likely, simply walked away.

Nope. God’s firmly in control, even when it doesn’t look like it.

I know someone who switched from Perdue and Loffler to Ossof/Warnock over the $2,000 checks. Considering Trump was the one who proposed it, it was a pretty dumb move for Perdue and Loffler to oppose it. But I guess they get to leave office having remained true to their values of giving unlimited money to Wall Street and $600 in breadcrumbs to everyone else.

That is your belief, @Fantasy_Chaser. I am a deist, like Thomas Jefferson.

God created the universe with many good elements. He also left us with free will, and the forces of evil are now taking charge. I thought that moves toward the spread of democracy and freedom would win out. The powers of kings and emperors were reduced by the rise of representative government. The kings were ultimately replaced by elected heads of state. Economic freedom, tempered by social programs, brought prosperity to more people than ever before. Those were the impressions I gained from my studies of history.

Now we see the dark forces taking hold. Communist China will soon be the world’s most powerful nation. Iran and North Korea will blackmail the world with their nuclear weapons. Marxism is on the rise. Democracy has been perverted by voter fraud. A relatively small group of people will have all of the political power. Instead moving forward, we are moving backward back to the times of dictators and oligarchies.

Unfortunately, Marxism, which appeared to be dying with the fall of the old Soviet Union, has come back with a vengeance. It now threatens to swallow the world which will result in a long period of repression, poverty and misery.

We have the education system to thank for that. The schools have created three generations of Marxists who have not taken a critical view of the system and what it creates.

In normal times, elections would fix the excesses, but that might not be possible this time. The Democrats have created a dependent class that will always support them. They will use voter fraud to change the results of close elections. They put the economy in chains with taxes and regulation which will kill all innovation that is outside of that sponsored by the state. If you want to see what this country will look like in a decade, look no further than Venezuela. Its leaders are showing us our future.

Yes, I was surprised that Mitch McConnel didn’t have sense enough to know how the extra $1,400 in relief would affect the Georgia Senate races. We are down to spending Monopoly money anyway, so the billions for that would have made little difference.

The idea of tying more relief to reining in the big tech companies was flawed from the start. That was McConnel’s excuse for holding up the relief bill. Now he has lost power and has nothing.

McConnel really blew it on that one, but like I have said, every election factor fell in favor of the Democrats.

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Sundance has a theory that McConnel prefers being the minority leader and worked to deliberately sabotage the run-off (posted in December)

It’s not a bad case and I think he may be right. Though disconnected hubris is also a valid explanation.

You may recall that Alexis de Tocqueville predicted this. He postulated that America would remain a great country only until the people realized that they could vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. That obviously has come to pass.

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I think what we see in our politics at this time is that when the chips are down at least 1/2 our voters have set aside traditional American values for the promise - hollow though it is - that a centralized government will take care of them. The party that spent 4 years lying to the people regarding Trump/Russia in order to take down the president and are happy to stand by while outright censorship and burning/looting occurs, has been handed the levers of government power. Trump was late to the table regarding stimulus payments and Republicans as a whole undermined him and Georgia Republican senate candidates by insisting on a “skinny bill”. In addition, let’s be honest, Trump has great sense when it comes to policy, and almost no sense when it comes to politics - I don’t think anyone can look at his antics over the last 2 months and think it was helpful to Repub candidates in Georgia.

In the final analysis, this kind of result has been decades in the making - a Left supporting media and education system - would quite predictably produce a population receptive to setting aside traditional values, and doing so by any means available.


The long and short of it is…we’re screwed! Thanks, Georgia!

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Yep, we’re screwed. West Virginia Senator Joe Mansion has promised to vote against statehood for DC and Porto Rico and Packing the Supreme Court. He is going to be under a lot of pressure.

Any hope for election reform is dead which means the Democrats will be able to steal any close election in the future via voter fraud. When elections are no longer close, they will go to the Soviet style system.

I will continue to vote, but it will be like voting in the old Soviet Union where there was one person on the ballot. The Soviets went to great lengths to get people to vote in those uncontested elections. I’m sure the Democrats will do the same. If they fail in doing that, they will simply stuff the ballot boxes and claim that they had 70 or 80 percent voter participation.

It strikes me that if a party has ever left a politician, the Dem Party has left Joe Manchin. Now would be the time leading Republicans to attempt recruitment of Manchin to change his party affiliation.

I don’t know why Manchin has remained a Democrat. Barack Obama served notice that he wanted to shut down the coal industry more than four years ago. No other Democrat has repudiated that policy goal. In fact, they are doubled down it. I believe that Biden said as much in one of the debates.

That means that the Democrat Party wants to displace many people in his state from their jobs. Why a politician would want to remain in a party that has vowed to end a major industry in his state is beyond. me. .

What is unfolding at the US Capitol is an absolute disgrace. The crazy a–h—s on the Right are no less dangerous than the crazy a–h—s on the Left. I would have hoped that Trump would have asked the mob to leave the building and the capitol grounds. The damage being done to this nation over the past few months cannot be calculated at this time - but it is no doubt severe. I’m sad for our country, but happy to be leaving this insanity behind next week. I do not believe Trump and his rhetoric intended this storming of our capital, but that is not to say he has no responsibility for this outrage. AS I stated in a post a couple of weeks ago - our country is closer than it has been in over a century and a half to spiraling out of control - this is what I feared, but honestly, I did not think this kind of BS was so imminent. Now I heard on the news that someone who was shot has been carried out and now windows are being broken. Trump MUST step up/ show up and tell this mob to stand down. IMHO