Who Won The Debate

You Decide! :grin:

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He’s going to need something more than a box to stand upon to come back from last night.

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A bazillion dollars will still go a long ways in moulding public opinion. The under informed and ill informed remain the largest voting block in the country.

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Yet, there WAS a clear winner in the debate…Donald J. Trump.


The Democrats started out with 21 idiots and, as of last night, they are now down to 6. Every election cycle the pool of Democrat candidates gets worse. At least 2 things are abundantly clear - The Left is made up of fools and, by definition, the Democrat Party does not attract our nation’s best and brightest. For 2 hours last night I sat in stunned amazement as I forced myself to watch the “Democrat 6” stumble, bumble and mumble. While doing so, I could not help but wonder how in the hell could any of these ass-clowns effectively deal with even the leadership of our allies, let alone the leaders of China, North Korea, Iran or Russia. Ladies and gentlemen, even the remotest possibility that one of these 6 goof balls, propped up by a corrupt media, could be elected POTUS, should keep all of us awake at night.


was that not a cluster. Well who won? Not one of them did themselves any good.

Bloomy: was unprepared and possesses NO spontaneity or depth.
Fauxcahontas: ironically focused on Bloomy’s NDAs after her own ridiculous DNA fiasco. and she has no charisma, no credibility, no likeability.
Bernie: the mouth…can you get past the mouth?
Biden: followed everyone else in attacks…i’m not sure he grasped where he was.
Buttgiggles: not gonna happen. No one wants a President with a first husband. We’d have to call Pete Madame President.
Klobuchar. That smile. The voice. Hillary Clinton without Bill. no.


You beat me to it!
This is going to be an election night slaughter that will rival Reagan in 1984 :wink:

Let the meltdown of the Left continue!


yes you can say that. Actually for nearly all of the debates The President is the clear winner.

I believe that he will win the next election in a clear, overwhelming and undeniable landslide and of course it will be ….Russia.


As usual, the integrity-challenged media win again.

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They’re already claiming putin is involved and helping The President. Expect this line of reporting up too and after November 2020.

Eric Fartwell said that It is not bern’s fault if the Russians are helping him…but it is President Trump’s fault if the Russians are helping HIM. Russkies have no reason to help the president…they do have reason to help their comrade Sandersovich.

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Add the SC debate to the Nevada one and none of these characters is looking good. I prefer them beating up each other though.

America. Do you want your big gulps regulated? More killing of the unborn and just born? Perhaps we can even make it legal to kill your child up to 1 year old. We are headed for a future that is the stuff of nightmares.

How did it happen that all these candidates have come to believe that it is their job to plan the economy, manage your finances, fix your job, improve your wages, get you to the doctor, get your kids educated, keep you off drugs, make you equal to others, give you climate justice, grant you vacation time, and one thousand and ten other things?

Their side is so lazy and stupid they need these things done for them.

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They all want power with no responsibility. Stupid Sanders has no idea what he would be getting into it he were to be elected President. He is 78 years old, but the he has the mind of a college sophomore.

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I think we still have the potential for this to be interesting. it’s obvious the political elites don’t want Bernie although his platform is no different than theirs. Bernie may get another house out of this.

One commentator summed up Biden’s positions well. Biden’s program is the same as Sanders, but he doesn’t say he’s a socialist. I would add that Biden does not express his continuing admiration for old, dead communist dictators like Fidel Castro.