Who would be in favor of a a non-partisan commission to investigate the nations COVID response?


We need a commission made of respected experts, not politicians.

We need to know where it came from (all details)

We need to evaluate the national response and ongoing efforts

We need to evaluate decisions like shutdowns and mask mandates

We need to evaluate the testing response

We need to evaluate the CDC guidelines, response, messaging

We need to evaluate messaging to the public from all areas of government

We need to know if safe procedures were followed in the rollout

We need recommendations on future rollouts

We need to know if the companies involved followed safe ethical practices

We need to know if immunity from responsibility is a good idea for the companies in question

We need a recommendation on if the government should have had a bigger role in the creation of the vaccine or if it should stay with private companies


I think we also need to know the role that mainstream media played in society and our culture with respect to reporting on the virus.

We need to know to what extent the virus was politicized, by whom, and how that affected the nation (if at all).

And I’m open to even more.

I may support vaccination, but I would be in favor of a scientific commission to evaluate the nation’s repose and make recommendations going forward for both the current pandemic and in the event there is another in the future.

My guess is that there are too many people in positions of power whose little toes would get stepped on, but I will say that if a candidate, Republican or Democrat said they would champion such a commission, I would vote for them.

Smaller scope is better for urgency. Make too many questions, you won’t get answers until years too late.

I’m not clear what this is asking.

We’re talking about, going from 0 to ~300 million vaccinations, with at least two for everyone. The Government doesn’t have anywhere near the resources to create that many vaccines.

Just like it didn’t have enough resources to create testing kits when we needed them in 2020.

Going to private industry was the only option if we wanted everything within, say, ~2 years, not a decade.

So are you in support or no?

Understood, perhaps the questions should be taken in smaller groups in terms of priority? So the most important questions could be answered first with other questions being answered later.

Could it? Should it? I’m just asking the question, it may be the private sector is the best place.

Personally, I think there is a lot to be learned from this situation and at the very least we should, as a nation learn from it.

The problem is, in this politically charged environment, the results would be used like a cudgel against those that made mistakes.

I think ultimately you’d have more than one commission.

It couldn’t, the technology behind the vaccines was new. We’re not talking about something that was well established and understood, so the Government had no pre-existing way to scale it.

Government would have to take over facilities from the private sector, which would have slowed the rollout.

Agreed. I was thinking that as well, we’d need different experts to evaluate different questions.

This is a question I’d like to see experts answer. You are almost certainly right with respect to this pandemic, but perhaps the question of future responses should be addressed.

However, you still are avoiding answering the question of whether or not you’d support such a commission, at least in theory.

The Government had a role in this, a big one.

What you’re talking about is the Government, with little to no manufacturing experience, setting up new organizations from scratch to manage the process.

Vs just letting organizations who already have experience to do it.

It would be slower, there’s no avoiding that.

Nationalize huge stretches of manufacturing facilities, that we won’t be using during non-pandemic years, and quickly become obsolete when mothballed?

It’s not sustainable, nor efficient. Giving out contracts and being an anchor customer is the only realistic answer.

Because your question is a truism. An investigation is coming.

Why can’t I just get a straight answer from you?

I asked if you would/will support it.

There is no such thing as a “non-partisan commission” when the Democrats are involved. I’m sure that they would appoint someone like Adam Schiff to be the chairman. All the people who were objective in the Democrat Party of long since been weeded out. What is left is the Bernie Sanders / AOC faction which controls their policies.

All you need to do is see how Joe Mansion has been treated to see what the Democrats have become. Even the Congressional Budget Office is no good from them, when it doesn’t give them the answer they want. The Democrats have become a far left, fascist organization that sorely needs to re-examine their objectives and priorities.

Until the party splits and leaves the Bernie Sanders people behind, there is no hope for them. Interestingly enough, Sanders controls the party, but he won’t join it. Go figure.

Here’s the facts: now that Biden is in office everything is being handled perfectly when before it was the opposite. Trust me that’s all you’re ever going to find out.

I estimate the public won’t find out about the true origins of Covid for at least another 20 - 30 years. Long enough that anyone involved will be dead.

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Yep, the Democrats will do all they can to keep the origins of the Covid epidemic under wraps for years, just like the last of the classified documents concerning the Kennedy assassination which happened 57 years ago. They don’t want to embarrass any government bureaucrats in the American or Chinese Governments who dropped the ball in this.

The Chinese did pay off Joe Biden’s son, and Joe owes them cover for that. And yes, Joe Biden is compromised when it comes to dealing with the Russians and the Chinese because of his son’s wrongdoing.

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I don’t think it’s possible regardless of who’s involved; the political climate in this country is just too polarized these days.

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When anyone in politics is involved any comission would further politicize the virus, Both CSbrown and Alaska are dead wrong on this one and for the love of pete SendGop is half right.

Did the 9/11 commission further politicize 9/11?

Does the fact this commission would need to look at, and condemn China, give you a different calculus?

9/11 was 20 years ago. Today the fascist/communists control the Democrat Party. Twenty years is a generation ago.

They are now now pushing their “voting rights bill” which will outlaw voter ID and a host of other anti-voter fraud measures.

You can call me a jerk all you want. I am posting the truth.

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Pick one

Voter ID is still legal under the Voting Rights Act, if it passes.

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No, voter ID is not legal under the Democrat, voter fraud, we will the rest of the elections, bill.

Are you in favor of voter ID laws, @Gene?

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Trump is Grover Cleveland A southern favorite, your gonna win in 2024 and after that be damned to obscurity for decades. History repeats itself. Voter Id Laws or not the next ten years are gonna suck for me. 2028 the Boomer-ocylpse.

Perhaps you could help me out by pointing to the provision in the bill that makes voter ID illegal?

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Money says he can’t.

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Voting rights bill has ID requirement.

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