Who's the puppeteer?

This seems to be happening a lot lately:

Sen. James Risch, R-Idaho, claimed Tuesday that someone in the White House other than President Biden is “calling the shots.”

The senator cited an instance Monday in which the White House abruptly ended the feed of Biden’s briefing on wildfires with federal and state officials, cutting him off mid-sentence during a question to George Geissler of the National Association of State Foresters.

Risch said at Tuesday’s hearing, “This is a puppeteer act, if you would, and we need to know who’s in charge and who is making the decisions.”

In the article, Senator Risch demanded to know who was pushing the button to cut Biden off.

Blinken replied: “There is no such person. [Biden] speaks very clearly and very deliberately for himself. No one else does.”

Bald-faced liar. Full story at:

And related to a mike-cutting occasion in regard to the Afghanistan debacle:

And another article related to Biden’s role as puppet:

My opinon: IMG_20210915_135834 ,

Barry Soetoro

I don’t have a clue but I would sure like to know who holds the kill switch on the microphone.

The Day any Democrat will question His Alzheimers is the day a Republican rights an OP ed that Reagan was fragged on day one. It would be cool if they they had that tech in the 80s, no one would of known. Now there are cameras everywhere.

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I’ve gotta be honest, this feels as though it has the same credibility as when the far left tried to accuse George W of having an affair with Condoleezza Rice Or that Obama was always one step away from enforcing Sharia Law if it wasn’t for Alex Jones’ patriotism…

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@Patooka Alex Jones has been the bane of my existence it’s turned our alternative party into a nut house. I used to just deal with neoliberals, and neocons in 08’, but now with the Qanon stuff I don’t even know where to start. Theres no arguing with drunk or crazy, I mean I understand the anger from Jones and Q types but its the corporate types warping the economy making them broke and in debt, and causing them to face rapid social change they often don’t want.

Just so we’re clear, seeing as you are new - I’m not even American. I’m Australian. I frequent this forum to get a point of view that I would otherwise not have. I understand where you’re coming from, but maybe you need to focus that somewhere else to get a productive result. The stupidity of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones etc would have been sorted real quickly in Australian media and in such a manner that the description would violate forum rules. A polite version would be that they would have been relegated into obscurity into SKY News (Australia’s version of OANNN or Newsmax if you need context.)

@Patooka I’ve read this forum since mid 2008 posted a bit back then on an old email. I’m very well aware your a Aussie. In fact I’m a huge fan of the Juice Media @ YouTube it’s made there they do parody ads for your gov your gov tried to sue them and send general writs to take down their content. In fact out of the 5 eyes Anglo countries, I feel the worst for Aussies because their government seems the most evil, cynical, scheming and anti-democratic. Maybe your juice media just paints your government as handing over billions to oil and mining companies but they trash us and Canada quite a bit. You guys ban Video-Games, Parodies, have pervasive internet surveillance that makes us blush. You gave the world glory with Assange and then disowned him. In my early days as a hacktivist on 420chan we would vet to make people weren’t Australian because general writ warrants were so weak. I’m sure your media is just perfect, the government curates it wonderfully. The only thing worse than Alex Jones would be a government that silenced him alongside the YoungTrunks and Democracy Now (which ours did in the 1970s). Sorry If I sound condescending but I’ve found from being on the internet since 2002 me and Aussies just don’t click. I’m very aware of Murdouch and Sky can you please take him and his assets back? Btw I use this site as a baseline and after watching my own country literally divide in two and violate the constitution and try to bring back federalism I’ve came here as a peace offering finding as much as I could agree on as possible. The best possible cultural output of a former prison colony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1OnDgBNlRU&t=218s juice media news.

I doubt it. I believe he was a puppet, too; just not as obvious as Biden.

And who they work for.

We know who is setting the agenda for policy. It’s Bernie Sanders, AOC and the rest of the far left Democrats.

We know who the best campaign workers have been for the Democrats. That is Coved 19. The virus is the best thing for the Democrat Party since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

OK, it’s SATAN … being that Soetoro is just a demon?


George Soros is a name that keeps cropping up, but I’m suspecting there’s someone higher in the rogue chain of command.