Whose fault is it?


A big-picture observation on this Kavanaugh/Sexual Misconduct nonsense.

(And others have said as much, so this is no revelation to folks here.)

Whose fault is it?

The Dems?

Noooo . . . they’re just doing what they’re best at, AND HAVE BEEN DOING SUCCESSFULLY FOR DECADES NOW: Playing the Sexual Misconduct game.

The fault lies with the . . . GOP!!!

They’ve been letting the Dems steal a march on them for decades.

With all the GOP high-priced strategists, you would think that by now the GOP would figure out this game and defeat it.

The Dems even know how to play the game on the other side of the fence. When Slick Willie pulled that disgusting crap in the oval office, they even convinced Joe Sixpack that Clinton was just a good 'ol boy doing what comes natural (nevermind that the REAL Clinton crime was PERJURY).

Then the Dems gave the GOP a gift: Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

So what did the GOP do?

They said “Hey, what about Ellison?”

Big wup! C’mon, GOP, is that all you got?

Seriously, the GOP just has never figured out how to play the game.

Oh, almost forgot . . . two more things:

  • Grassley is NOT in charge of the Committee . . . Feinstein IS!

  • The Dems claim a pattern has been established by all the allegations. Pattern . . . ? The only pattern I see here is that made by the Dem’s false accusations.


Most Republicans are afraid to show any backbone because they are convinced that public opinion will be against them. Trump has shown that not to be the case, although at times I wish that Trump were a bit more selective in the fights he picks.


Steal? Are you sure the GOP didn’t just give it to them under the table?


I still believe that there are SEVERAL putative “Republicans” who are ACTUALLY Democrats, but ran as Republicans in Republican-dominated districts. Once elected, they voted with the Democrats unless a particular vote was likely to reveal where their real loyalties lie and thus jeopardize their survival in Congress. It’s the ONLY viable explanation for “Republicans” like Collins or McCain.


They might as well have anyway.

However the Dem’s got their crown in that department, the GOP has NEVER learned how to play the game.


And Flake . . .

Graham has also been in that crowd, but maybe he woke up (his rant on the Judiciary Committee most recently). Not yet ready to take away the RINO label, but it was a good conservative rant.