Why America can't build quickly anymore

Cause Chinese quit working on the railroads got a job at google. Americans are fat and lazy. We used to do stuff when they paid us in the 1940s 1950s 1960s and 1970s but man Reganomics yeah we will pretend to work forever. We will work as hard as congress does every day until we die.

It all goes back to the 1980s Crack Cocaine, Union Busting, Reganomics, GM bankrupt, ATT Monopoly, and it was all digital development since then. America hasn’t built anything physical since the 1982 Cadillac Cimmaron and that thing was a stinker. The boomers came of age in 1965 the first of them and proceeded to ruin the work force via saturation by starting in the early 80s by downsizing yuppie style. They went from stop the war to sell out the working man. Put away the peace sign for a dove chocolate bar and some crystal lite and a cute little bank job daddy scored em.

This is why America don’t work no more.
The western world falls apart I pop another Klonopin & Soma put on another Tv show for my kid and watch the western world eat its values. Drown in its excess, and yeah blame it on the environmental impact statement.

Not the issue:

Just like housing, construction amount & pace in infrastructure correlates with the amount and severity of the regulatory environment.

The writers description of San Francisco’s obsession with shadows, is especially relevant.

It’s partly ritualistic nimbyism, lead by well-off home owners, and the nature of the environmental review looking to cite info from as many parties as possible rather than simply taking action.

What if it was the serverity of drug addiction, apathy, sell outs, shutdowns, putouts, downsizing, debt, civil instability, lack of will as well as over regulation. I don’t make history but this is what an empire in free fall looks like. Not many people in the field of civilization decline and empirical studies say this is a nation flatlining or rising. Were on the decline. The dutch lost the guilder as the world reserve, the English lost the sterling, and were losing the dollar. MBS just started selling Oil in yuan killing the petrodollar. We had a gold dollar and then we had it linked to oil now it will be liked to morbid obesity and heroin.

There is no such thing as the “petrodollar” and oil will not, in the near future (decades) be sold in Yuan.