Why are we blaming each other?


We should be blaming the liberals!!! We should be exposing Obama!!!

Stop blaming each other for losing the election!! There are obviously more passionate liberals out there than moderate republicans. If we choose a more conservative candidate than Romney next time that will appeal to LESS than half the population, how does that math add up???

Choosing a tea party type candidate is NOT going to work as the country gets brainwashed by more socialist policies in the NEXT four years!!! This was the time to choose a tea party candidate. We had Herman Cain, (who honestly could have won), Michelle Bauchmann, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum. All who which appealed to selective groups of people within the Republican Party.

I think it’s the end of republicans, tea party, libertarians and any other group that belongs to freedom loving individuals. A new party with more conservative message is not going to work. Too many lazy incompetent liberals are in the cities…


The party and its national platform should reflect those issues on which most conservatives agree. Not social issues that divide conservatives, not to mention most other folks as well. If we place a target on our back, we have only ourselves to blame when we get shot.