Why Cruz Might Be My Choice


Since almost the beginning I have favored Rubio, Cruz and especially Fiorina. I’m a pragmatist and I see no way forward for Fiorina - not as the Republican presidential nominee. She would make a top flight VP candidate - we could use her expertise and Silicon Valley contacts in coming to grips with the 21st century technology necessary to slow down ISIS internet recruitment/communication and, above all, the encryption issue.

All that said I am beginning to view Ted Cruz as the candidate I will support.

Why? I think he might have a better chance of driving conservatism in the areas of fiscal policy and security/foreign relations than anyone else in the race. He would be in a better position to drive a conservative agenda from the White House than he was ever able to do in the Senate. And, in the service of pragmatism - a bad word around here to some - we need desperately to win. I think he has the skills necessary to address the issues in a consistently coherent manner.

Just my opinion. Like all opinions in a campaign year it is subject to change as events unfold.


I’m a Paul supporter but I’m realistic. I will likely end up voting for Cruz.


I am a Carson supporter but in all likelihood I will vote for Cruz as well. I would love to see Carson as President but I do not believe he can secure the nomination let alone the Presidency at this time.


There’s an article today on Eagle Rising about how Sarah Palin has compared the GOP to an Abusing Husband, every four years, coming to us with apologies, flowers and vowing “never to do it again.” Once they are re-elected, the beatings start all over. A VERY apt analogy as far as I’m concerned. WE are the “battered wives” in that analogy. I’m fed up. The GOP can kiss my nether yeaga to borrow a phrase from “The Miller’s Tale.”!


I like Carson too but he just doesn’t seem to have the mean streak that is needed for politics. He would make a great Health Care Czar whose main mission is to eliminate 0bamacare.


I’ve always been a “Liberal Democrat for Ted Cruz” so no change there.


A lot of people are fed up along with you, Sam.

That said, where does that leave you with respect to your vote?


You quoted me and then asked SAM a question? If your question was to ME, I’ve said several times that my choice is Ted Cruz as of today and I don’t expect that to change. If the nominee is Rubio, Bush, Kasich or any other RINO, I’ll vote 3rd Party before I’ll support the RNCs choice–EVER again. They are JUST as corrupt as the Democrats…if not more so. I could bring myself to vote for Fiorina, Carson or even Trump, but I’m fed up to the gills with RINOs and other spawn.


My bad. Yes Dave, the question was for you.


The link I tried here was to a story about some Democrat election workers who’d been convicted this month in Northern Indiana for FRAUD in collecting signatures to qualify BOTH Hillary and Obama in 2008 for the ballot. It concerns me more than anything else. It’s taken almost 8 YEARS to convict those messing with our elections–and by that time, Obama will be living back in Kenya, Jakarta (or maybe Moscow).


Your linked text goes to AT&T’s website?


[quote=“Pappadave, post:10, topic:48013”]
THIS IS WHAT concerns me more than anything else. It’s taken almost 8 YEARS to convict those messing with our elections–and by that time, Obama will be living back in Kenya, Jakarta (or maybe Moscow).
[/quote]My choice would be Raqqa. He’d be their first U.N. Ambassador or Ambassador to the U.S. when Hilary recognizes them and withdraws recognition from Israel; assuming Obama hasn’t done so already.


They would stone him as he is an apostate Moslem.


[quote=“old_dog, post:13, topic:48013”]
They would stone him as he is an apostate Moslem.
[/quote]Wouldn’t that be a happy ending for his story?


Ted’s been my guy from day 1.

I can’t find anything in here to disagree with.


[quote=“Devilneck, post:15, topic:48013”]
Ted’s been my guy from day 1.

I can’t find anything in here to disagree with.
[/quote]Even mine, though I am pretty far to the left.


Trump/Cruz 16 Cruz/Issa 16


[quote=“Gator_Monroe, post:17, topic:48013”]
Trump/Cruz 16 Cruz/Issa 16
[/quote]Which one? And who is Issa?


“Trump Now more than Ever”


[quote=“Gator_Monroe, post:19, topic:48013”]
“Trump Now more than Ever”
[/quote]Here is a good beginning for a Trump speech (too long for a Tweet). This speech in its original form was delivered in Germany on January 30, 1945 and is thus public domain:

[INDENT]German compatriots! National Socialists! Twelve years ago, when, as the leader of the strongest party, I was entrusted by the deceased Reich President, [Field Marshal Paul] von Hindenburg, with the office of Chancellor, Germany found herself faced with the same situation internally as the one that today faces it externally. The forces of economic destruction and annihilation of the Versailles dictate led to a situation that had gradually become a permanent one-namely, the existence of almost 7,000,000 unemployed, 7,000,000 part-time workers, a destroyed farmers’ class, a ruined industry and a commerce that had become correspondingly prostrate.

The German ports were nothing but ship cemeteries. The financial situation of the country threatened at any moment to lead to a collapse not only of the state but also of the provinces and of the communities. The decisive thing, however, was this: Behind this methodical destruction of Germany’s economy, there stood the specter of Asiatic bolshevism. It , was there then, just as much as it is there today. In the, years before our assumption of power the bourgeois world was incapable of opposing this development effectively on a small scale, just as it is incapable of doing so today on a large scale. Even after the· collapse of 1918 this bourgeois world had failed to realize that an old world was vanishing and a new one being born and that there is no use in supporting and thus artificially maintaining what has been found to be decayed and rotten, but that something healthy must be substituted for it. A social structure that had become obsolete had cracked and every attempt to maintain it was bound to fail. Calls “Bourgeoisie” Still Doomed It was no different from today on a large scale, when the bourgeois states are doomed and when only clearly defined and ideologically consolidated national communities can survive the most difficult crisis Europe has seen in many centuries.


Thereupon Judaism began systematically to undermine our nation from within, and it found its best ally in those narrow-minded bourgeoisie who would not recognize that the era of a bourgeois world is ended and will never again return, that the epoch of unbridled economic liberalism has outlived itself and can only lead to its self-destruction and, above all, that the great tasks of our time can be mastered only under an authoritarian coordination of natural strength, based on the law of: same rights for all and, thence, of same duties.