Why democrats are sociopaths

"Nancy Pelosi is the leader of a party that has accused the president and the 63 million Americans who voted for him of betraying their country, destroying its Constitution, colluding with its enemies, causing the deaths of thousands of coronavirus victims, and hating immigrants, Muslims, people of color, gays, and women. According to Pelosi and the Democrats, Trump is so dangerous a threat to the republic that he must be removed before the next election, although it is only months away.

How does Pelosi see herself and the party that has faithfully supported her vendetta and smeared millions of Republicans as xenophobes and white supremacists? Pelosi answered this question during a recent interview with MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid. When Reid asked her whether releasing convicted criminals from jail would be a part of her COVID-19 relief legislation, Pelosi’s response was: “In our caucus, we are very devoted to the Gospel of Matthew.”

Pelosi then quoted from memory the particular parable in Matthew she was referring to: “‘When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was homeless, you sheltered me. When I was in prison, you visited me,’ and so this for us is part of our value system.”

In sum, while the unconverted might reasonably view Pelosi as the leader of a party of hate, she regards herself as leader of the party of Jesus.

One of the defining characteristics of a sociopathic personality is what psychologists call a “grandiose sense of self.” This hyper-elevated sense of one’s own importance and righteousness leads to a second crucial sociopathic personality trait: the lack of a conscience, of a sense of empathy with the victims of one’s behavior. For example, since the Speaker of the House is not Jesus, her lack of concern for the plight of ordinary citizens who are not worth $200 million and can’t afford elaborate walls, gates, and private security agents to protect them from the criminals that her legislation causes to be released. Or for that matter, the illegal aliens she invites into the country without being vetted to see if they are sex traffickers, drug dealers, violent criminals, rapists, or carriers of infectious diseases.

These observations are not offered as an exercise in pop psychology. They are just obvious patterns of behavior for Nancy Pelosi and the party she leads, an attempt to understand how and why Democrats have divided this country into warring camps."


How do adults actually swallow such racist and sexist piffle?

The answer is collectivism.

If one believes in the primacy of groups over individuals, as Democrats universally do, and if one couples that with a belief in a redeemed future in which social justice reigns, everyone is equal, and Green New Deal panaceas prevail, then the sociopathic traits – self-righteousness, and lack of sympathy for those one walks over to get to the promised land follow as night follows day. Thinking of one’s self as saving the planet is a direct path to oppressing one’s peers.

Group think erases the individual and creates collective villains. Thus, according to the Democrats, because people of color suffer disproportionately from the coronavirus the villain must be “systemic inequality.” The solution, of course, is a socialist redistribution of income. In reality, however, the culprit is individual behavior and individual choice.


Slow Joe Blow says blacks are dying because of INSTITUTIONAL RACISM…whatever the hell that is.

According to the Democrats, because people of color suffer disproportionately from the coronavirus the villain must be “systemic inequality.” The solution, of course, is a socialist redistribution of income. In reality, however, the culprit is individual behavior and individual choice.

Two of the top co-morbidity factors leading to coronavirus fatalities are Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Both are caused by a third: obesity. These are the results of eating badly – of individual choices. Over 38 percent of African American adults are clinically obese, and four out of five African American women are either overweight or obese, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Recognizing this doesn’t mean we don’t take care of stricken individuals but that we do them the service of making them aware of their responsibility for their fates. We don’t subsidize their bad behaviors.

In the iconography of the left, such sensible approaches are condemned as “blaming the victim.”

Blaming others – demonizing others – is the socialist way, and the prime reason the Democrats have become a party of hate.

The designated guilty are rich white men and the western democracies they have been most prominent in creating.


Yes democrats are sociopaths, and they are Nazis too, which I suppose is the same thing. I did a thread on that:

From their strong arm tactics, to their roving blackshirts in the streets, to their murder of millions of innocent people in Planned Butcherhood death camps, to their embracing of socialism (Hitler always spoke of national socialism), to their willingness to squash free speech and other rights, and to their embracing of junk science on human beings (like transgenderism), the Democrats are EXACTLY like Nazis.
There is no denying the sameness of Democrats and Nazis. We deny it at our own peril, just as the Germans did.

Why do you guys think I hate and berate csbrowneye so much? I don’t give two craps if he follows the rules: He is a sociopath and a Nazi and he deserves nothing but contempt.

Oh. and Pelosi is no Catholic, I can tell you that. She should have been excommunicated long ago.

C. S. Brown is very tame compared the fascists who post on the other site I frequent. One guy hates Trump so much that you can imagine him frothing at mouth while he posts. His idea of humor is “l want to take you wife’s pension.”

I love to see you slug it out with him. C, S. Brown is a gentleman compared that low life.

He has to be tame here. There is no telling what he would be like in an all Democrat forum.

But even then I have to return to what I said before: If Adolf Hitler was able to join this forum, and he was as polite and respectful to everyone as he could be, he would still be Adolf Hitler.

I know I am against the crowd on this one but I also know I am right: He is the enemy of the Republic and he is the enemy of our lifestyles, and I don’t care if he is more polite than Miss Manners, he supports and represents all that is evil.

I have seen the type.

With respect, you have no idea what he is: You say he is a gentleman because that is what he projects in this forum. IN FACT no gentleman would be a leftwinger, so therefore he is not a gentleman. He is a leftist, socialist extremist and don’t you forget it: He is the enemy.

Continue to bow the knee to csb’s side and they will change your life for misery.

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guess who got cosmetic surgery during her paid vacation in napa valley with all her frackin’ designer ice cream while we were all under house arrest.

How profound my dear. LOL :slight_smile:

The Witch Pelosi. I HATE that woman.

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Pelosi is the nation’s hypocrite.

When you vote for ANY Democrat for Congress, you are voting for her.


I cannot stand this woman.

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TT: Non-Catholics and even Catholics today do not realize what excommunication is. The fact is that if a person engages in helping someone get an abortion, votes for those who support abortion, especially those who see nothing wrong in killing a full-term baby, or even driving someone to an abortion mill, they are excommunicated ipso facto. That means that by their actions or words they are automatically excommunicated. That is why so many educated (in the Faith) Catholics are upset with the bishops and priests who do not call out publicly those who support abortion and allow them to receive Holy Communion. I find it unconscionable that these bishops and priests are allowed to continue in this sacrilegious practice. Unfortunately, we’ll not see much improvement until Pope Frank is replaced.

You make a point: It is called a latae sententiae excommunication according to canon law:

Can. 1398 A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.

Unfortunately that does not apply to Pelosi unless she has procured one directly. Her constant stating that it is a “right” might possibly fall under heresy.

Well, you are missing a piece of the puzzle. Just as a person who procures an abortion incurs an automatic latae sententiae excommunication, it is also true that if they confess and seek absolution such an excommunication is also automatically lifted.

In the case of people complaining, the problem is that nobody knows if a person has confessed their sin as they go up to receive communion, you know? I am not allowed to make an assumption that the person receiving communion has failed to confess their sins. That is the rub.

Nothing is ever quite as cut and dry as it seems. Good try, :slight_smile: but you fell a few feet short of the mark.

But besides all that: There is nothing like a good formal public excommunication to send a message to the rest of her ilk, and that’s what she really needs.

It sort of makes me long for these old days:

One of my favorite movies. How can you NOT like a period piece starring Richard Burton AND Peter O’Toole???

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Its a great movie. Peter O’Toole was great.

Richard Burton was an avowed atheist. He was a good actor, not a great actor IMO. He starred in “The Robe” and hated it because of the religious tone.

No doubt he’d be a democrat.

I actually MET him in 1964, shortly after my son was born. My wife and I had argued about something-- don’t recall what–and we were living in on-post housing at the Presidio of Monterey, CA, while I went to language school there. I walked down the hill to Fisherman’s Wharf and was sitting there, brooding, looking out the window, watching the seals play in the lights from the restaurant. As the dinner hour approached, a waiter came up and asked me if I’d mind sharing my table next to the window. I said sure. Two people sat down and a voice in a cultured, British accent thanked me for sharing. I nodded and didn’t pay much attention. The guy asked what I was doing there and I told him I was going to language school. I asked what he was doing and he said they were “shooting down in Big Sur”. Like a moron, I said something like, “Get anything?” and the guy laughed and said, “We’re shooting a movie!” I looked around and others in the restaurant were staring at my table. I then paid closer attention and it was Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor! They were in the area shooting “Night of the Iguana!” I shook his hand and excused myself, intending to go get my wife so she could see them, too, but when we got back, they’d left. Liz Taylor never said much and was obviously blotto drunk as, in retrospect, so was he I suppose.

EDIT: There was a clerk in the Monterey County Courthouse who was a dead-ringer for Liz Taylor. She was hired temporarily as a stand-in for the shooting of that movie.


It’s a rare Hollywood actor who will portray a Christian or conservative in a good light.