Why did republicans chose Obama light as their flag barrer?


I feel we don’t even have a choice… Obama hired one of the main developers for Obamacare who developed Romneycare. SO why even bother voting? Romney will do the same as Obama no matter what he may say as his positions change like the wind. The only difference is that he will do his best to eliminate all taxes both he and his fellow billionairs have to pay. If he supported Romneycare I doubt he is going to run out and try to reverse Obamacare.

Seems both parties need to reboot.


Beats me…


Well, he might also start a 15-year war with Iran. But yeah, QFT.


I completely agree, if you cant understand the 10th amendment you shouldnt vote


Romney to Obama, 2009: Embrace the Individual Mandate - Townhall.com


Funny how you link the article about the op-ed and not the op-ed itself which of course was NOT titled “Embrace the Individual Mandate” but more aptly “Mr. President, what’s the rush?” It was a call for logical thinking and bi-partisanship not about mandates

and of course: Why I’d repeal ObamaCare

My program begins by taking seriously the words of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In line with the intentions of our Founding Fathers, I favor giving each of the 50 states the resources and the responsibility to craft the health care solutions that suit their citizens best.


Romney has been a Blue Blood Liberal his entire adult life, nothing has changed on that front.

Those who believe America can withstand another Statist President will vote Romney because he is not a Racist, incompetent, imbecilic, irresponsible, immature buffoon like Obama. They think Romney’s superior traits as a responsible leader coupled with his lack of a life long hatred for America will give us a much better shot at surviving until a Conservative option is viable than 4 more years of Obama.

I am not a Romney supporter but I understand why many Conservatives think he would be an improvement, I spent the better part of the last 16 years holding my nose at election time to stop the greater Liberal so it would be hypocritical to condemn others for doing the same today.

I just cannot be a part of perpetuating the evil agenda of the Establishment GOP any longer, they have destroyed the Party of Reagan and gone to great lengths to let me know that they despise me and every other Conservative member of the Party.

I have simply decided to accept these facts and move on.


Spin, Spin, Spin…the anti-Mitts and Fringers are desperate to find a way to victory for Obama.
Meanwhile the ONLY conservative who COULD beat Obama is on a path to the big win.


[quote=“UNTRugby, post:4, topic:36691”]
I completely agree, if you cant understand the 10th amendment you shouldnt vote
[/quote]So gov healthcare is fine if done on a state level? Interestingly Mitt does not care about the Constitution on other issues.


Except that he specifically pointed to the individual mandate and said it would be a good “lesson” for Congress to consider: "Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages “free riders” to take responsibility for themselves rather than pass their medical costs on to others." He wasn’t talking about a state solution, and nowhere in that article did he mention the 10th Amendment. He was talking about “Obamacare” and saying an individual mandate was a good idea to consider. I realize this is different from what he’s been saying more recently, but that’s because he can’t run as a Republican candidate for President with the positions he had as Governor of Massachusetts.


OOOHHH!! For PETE’s SAKE!!! The Republican standard bearer IS ROMNEY ! get with the program or vote for Obama. Romney is the opposing choice. Romney KNOWS business. Romney knows administration. Romney knows how government works. It has become abundantly clear Obama doesn’t, on any count.


Romney isn’t Obama light.

Obama has been MUCH more consistent with his views.


Ignorant is as ignorant does.


[quote=“njc17, post:11, topic:36691”]
OOOHHH!! For PETE’s SAKE!!! The Republican standard bearer IS ROMNEY ! get with the program or vote for Obama. Romney is the opposing choice. Romney KNOWS business. Romney knows administration. Romney knows how government works. It has become abundantly clear Obama doesn’t, on any count.
[/quote]Obama knows how to party and goof off


Right because Obama doesnt flip-flop he “evolves” :howler::howler::howler:


and again you read the liberal talking points and not the article, the “lesson” Mitt was talking about was summed up in this sentence from the article

Obama could learn a thing or two about health care reform from Massachusetts. One, time is not the enemy. Two, neither are the Republicans.


I have been trying to get people to realize this since the Primary.

The GOP has no use for Conservatives beyond their votes, they reject every fundamental of Conservatism and they have declared in no uncertain terms that Romney is the standard that they embrace and that they will go to any length it takes to insure this standard is adhered to by those in power who are Republicans.

If Romney is not the type of candidate you want then the GOP is not the Party for you, Romney is the desired standard and has been for many, many years by the Establishment GOP.


Lord knows I am as conservative as anyone here, but the REALITY IS, pandora’s box has been opened since Rooseveldt, and you ain’tagonna stuff whatever was in there , back in there. And to be perfectly frank There is NO actual card carrying Tea Party conservative out there. Ron paul is not it. Rand paul is not it.
Friends Baby steps if you expect to walk as an adult. You cannot JOLT the nation back to fiscal responsibility with all the largess on the books. Obama has seen to that. Right now this nation has an ECONOMIC problem to rival all ov Europe. Lack of work lack of production, lack of national will. Therefore what is needed is a businessman CEO type who knows how to turn failing companies around. Romney IS a proven CEO type who understands government function and lack of.
There are many things I would have preferred for a candidate, but we have what we have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Romney channelled Reagan? Now where reagan was an actor, Romney is a bonifide businessman.


That might be a good point but I never heard of Bain Capital under Romney’s leadership actually bringing jobs back from overseas. I have heard them buying companies that were already here and already employing people. I have heard Bain closing companies they bought to make a profit greater then what they bought the company for by syphoning all the capital from them. I have heard them buying companies, taking all the capital out of those companies driving them into bankruptcy and walking away with a tidy little profit but not that they in and of themselves really created jobs or brought jobs back from over seas. Schroog was a business man too but I don’t know if I would trust him to manage our country. On the other hand Reagan was not businessman in the private sector, he was only a acter but he proved to be darn good for our economy.
That being said, I don’t have much truck for Obama either. I am voting for Donald Duck this time around or supporting a popular third party. It seems all we have to chose from between the big two parties are tweedle dee or tweedle dumb both of which will likely drive us over the cliff anyway.


Where did you hear that, from Rachel Maddow? If you had actually done any research you would know thats not true. Sure some of Bain’s ventures failed and people lost jobs but they didnt raid any companies. Firms that do that make a quick buck and get out, you dont stay around as long as Bain has if you have a reputation of raiding companies. Every fact checker out there has debunked this from politifact giving it a “pants on fire” rating to the WaPo dropping the “dreaded” 4 pinocchios on it.