Why did the GOP swing further to the right every last election cycle?


People are asking why the GOP swings further to the right, each time they lose an election (McCain and Romney). But how is this even a good strategy? I can’t think of any reason why this would be a good strategy for the party. If my claim proves to be controversial here, I guess we can only agree to disagree. But what is the reasoning for what looks like a strategy to gain more support from voters?


That’s easy. Neither McCain NOR Romney were constitutional conservatives and people simply get fed up being offered people who are demonstrably “Democrat-lite” instead of true conservatives. It’s been a LONG time since grassroots Republicans actually chose who the GOP nominee would be–and that’s by the design of the RNC. THEY want sole power to chose their nominees so they persist in “open primaries” and embrace such idiocies as “vote by mail,” same-day registration, and they’ve even come out against Voter ID in some States. All of which literally INVITE vote fraud on the part of their soul-mates in the DNC.


FACTUALLY not true! In fact just the opposite has been taking place since 2012. The GOP has lost its way, its is no longer the party of the Constitution and I can assure you they are not moving right, they see or believe that if they don’t move to the left they cannot capture the Independent and the minority votes and that has been what they are doing since '12…


I would disagree somewhat with both assessments. I don’t think the GOP is moving at all. I think it’s stuck in the same mode that hasn’t really worked for a long time. They keep trying to appeal to the same political base that has always supported them & that number is not growing. We need to get back to basic’s is their motto. Why? You already have those votes. Do they really think that there’s 100 million conservatives out there that aren’t voting or that will vote Dem? There’s not. They have consistently TOTALLY ignored black & Mexican votes. Now I don’t know about anybody else but as a conservative I BELIEVE that we are the better party for both of those groups of people. We want to create jobs & opportunities & right there is a great target audience for that message. A big part of spreading that message is to talk to the people. For instance did you know that a lot of people believe that the term illegals is referring to ALL Mexican Americans (not just those that are here illegally)? Why not explain that? I could go on & on about this but it wouldn’t do any good.


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I don’t think the GOP is moving at all. I think it’s stuck in the same mode that hasn’t really worked for a long time. They keep trying to appeal to the same political base that has always supported them & that number is not growing.
[/quote]This is totally correct. The problem with the RNC is that they keep getting hung up on things that few voters actually care about. Ask people for a top three priority list, and you’ll have a near-total list of what that person actually votes on. Nobody is changing their vote over campaign finance reform, carbon emissions, Planned Parenthood funding, or a litany of time-wasting distractions they focus on.


Whatever people are saying the “GOP is swinging further to the Right” are uninformed buffoons, McCain was further Left than Bush, Romney was WAY further Left than McCain and Trump might as well be (and probably is) a Democrat.




you sure you’re not a Bernie supporter cause you sure bellyache like one.


If I was a Bernie supporter Trump would be courting me.


did you not want republicans to appeal to a larger base? Cruz and the Hispanics for instance. IF Cruz was the man he would be doing the very same thing. and you know it.


I have been an opponent of the “appeal to a larger base” theory for DECADES.

My position has ALWAYS been to win more voters to the Conservative view by WINNING the argument and I have soundly condemned those who have embraced ethnic strategy’s and other schemes to move toward what people believe now.

Reagan won people to his view, he did not move his views to wrong positions to glean votes; that has been what I have advocated consistently; I have never once called attention to Cruz’s ethnic heritage and I have NEVER given any impression to anyone that such tripe should be done.

I supported Cruz because he is a good man of integrity who can effectively make all of the right arguments, I oppose Trump because he is a despicable man who cannot make any arguments effectively; and the ones he makes poorly are mostly arguments for bad ideas.

I want to WIN OVER a larger base, not appeal to people who have everything wrong so I don’t have to make a coherent argument.


Agreed, RET. The trick is not to move left yourself in hopes of attracting those who believe in leftist tripe, but to move THEM to the right by offering cogent arguments as to why it’s in their best interests to do so.


I don’t recall the last time the GOP moved to the right.



As I’ve more or less said on occasion, we need a sound structure built on a solid foundation, and invite the voters in. There is no real value in a “big tent” which is pitched over the largest voting demographics on the sand when a storm is coming…


When I made a contribution to the discussion with my GOP inner circle friends I said this:

Moving to the left will not gain any votes, we cannot out liberal the liberals, there is nothing we can give away, they have already given them everything and going down into the ghettos to do volunteer work will not work either. I believe we need to move further to the right, be the beacon on Constitutional Conservatism, stand for freedom and liberty, Capitalism and a free marketplace for jobs and growth…

There was silence then the Big One said thank you for your contribution…no discussion, no nothing, I was never again invited to a meeting. In fact, looking back on it I think that was my turning point as it went downhill real fast from there.


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If I was a Bernie supporter Trump would be courting me.
[/quote]:coffee_spray: And the sad part is it’s the truth. Why? Because they don’t see the world any differently (at least based on what they say) when it comes to economics, although Trump hasn’t pretended to offer free college education to everyone past and present. He has managed to be anti-ACA but pro-universal private-public healthcare all at once.


Yet, isn’t this what Cruz was supposed to be representing? He was soundly beaten. Cruz would have been able to get even fewer Independents and Bernie supporters than Trump, though he definitely would have received higher support from Latinos and possibly more support from African-Americans.

The worst thing to be is ideologically rigid. You can be a firm follower of the Constitution and have principles, character, and still be something other than a strict social and economic conservative. It doesn’t help that everyone of all stripes is operating on debt in order to maintain standard entitlements.

The only way citizens vote in such a manner that is responsible is when they are personally impacted. So, once hyper inflation sets in, dollar devaluation, demands of repayment by major creditors, default status, inability to pay federal employees etc. There are no consequences for citizens and governments to give to rob Paul (your grandkids) to pay Peter (you, this generation) yet. The debt ceiling will continue to be raised until these consequences are realized. It’s almost inevitable. You hardly hear any discussion of the debt, and it certainly isn’t an election issue. Many in the GOP want it to be, God Bless them. Too many do not.

With the “me first” society, the “dog eat dog” ideals promoted today by so many, there is little concern for the greater objectives of the United States and freedom loving citizens. We already have this in Ontario and Canada more generally. Government unions earning far more than what the free market will pay and they genuinely believe they deserve it; entitled as if direct descendants of the royal family. It is why Canada is not competitive and lacks in human rights, business development, innovation and libertarian values.

Noone will vote against this drunken spending stupor because people don’t like news about austerity and sound, disciplined spending, they want it all now, “borrow borrow borrow if you must, I won’t be holding the bag, so let’s party!”. I find it extremely selfish, borderline treasonous to have such an attitude. Nothing embodies state enemies, human right abusing states and foreign dictatorships more than a weak America.


If the GOP *isn’t *moving further to the right, then what exactly do liberals mean when they present that as a matter of fact? I know most I can’t stand, but why do they see it that way?


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If the GOP *isn’t *moving further to the right, then what exactly do liberals mean when they present that as a matter of fact? I know most I can’t stand, but why do they see it that way?
[/quote]The country has been moving Left very rapidly on social issues(aside from Abortion and Gun Control). The Republican Party has basically held their ground. Which makes them a lot further Right to the Median voter.

They are also growing more anti-war. Which contrary to what some people say, is indeed the Conservative position. “Spreading Democracy” was Woodrow Wilson’s liberal ideal. Followed up by FDR and Truman. Eisenhower put a stop to Korea. Johnson then got us entangled in Vietnam. Reagan never got us into a major war of choice, just as conservatives shouldn’t. However, by the 90s, Republicans had swung far Left and started climbing into “Every war is a good war” camp. They started with Iraq in 91, and continued down that path until 2010. It’s only been the last few cycles where Republicans have returned to a conservative approach to foreign policy. So they’re swung far Right on foreign policy.

Where they’ve continued heading ever Left is on spending. But then again, Republicans haven’t been conservative on spending since at least the 90s, and arguably since the 40s.


Because Liberals lie, they regularly present themselves as mainstream in spite of being in the minority on every major issue; so they avoid those facts and make general statements like “The Republicans are Extreme Right!”.

If you accept what Liberals say without challenge or investigation you will embrace many concepts that simply are not true, that will be the case regardless of the Party that the Liberal hails from.