Why do people love God so much?


Just why?

I am feeling angry and fed up right now, I cannot talk to God anymore. Why doesn’t he at least forgive and forget for someone who I wasn’t accountable for taking his prayer out of school. He is very jealous indeed. He deserves no respect in my opinion. I know I angered a few, but I hurt so badly. Just why, can’t he intervene to fix America for all of us again? Symbolically speaking, why does he have the majority of us who suffer give to the few who don’t? Why is this spirit so absent?


Man blew his chance to live in the garden cared for and pampered. He has given us the tools we need here to live and grow in this world on our own, we just ignore the obvious. We bring most of the pain and strife upon our selves. We have allowed this country to become this screwed up through either our apathy or our direct participation.

More people watch and can name the American Idol winner than can name an Apostle. If you look, there’s something closing in on a sin in that last sentence. People demand to have the same stuff that the “evil rich” have without putting in the work to obtain it. There’s another close call. This will get the Liberals going, how many innocent babies are freely killed each year to cover up people’s free choice to commit another sin? That’s a two-fer. I could keep going, but you can see the point.

We have free will. If God intervenes, it infringes on that free will. If he swoops down and just fixes things for us, we have learned nothing. Also, we can not know and should not know his plan. Look at what a little knowledge did to us in the beginning. Just look around and see the beauty and wonders he has given us. It’s there, you just have to look past clutter and BS we have built up.


Excellent post, Perkins!


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God gave us knowledge and free will. When we ask why God doesn’t fix this or that, we forget that He does/has. As TPerkins mentioned, we have allowed more unborn humans to be slaughtered in the womb than all of the dead in all of the wars since the inception of our country. We recoil at the reality of children being murdered in schools, yet the brutal murder of unborn children is lucky to produce a long yawn in many people. Maybe the scientist who would have cured cancer was in that group…or the peacemaker who would have brought peace to our world, and the list goes on. We ask why God doesn’t do this or do that, yet we kick Him out of our schools, our public forums, and our lives. We tell Him to stay out of our politics and anyone who would include Him. We call upon God when the chips are down, but do we call upon Him in gratitude and thanksgiving? Do we praise Him for the wonders He has created for our joy and betterment? Do we defend His name fearlessly and proudly when others defame Him? Do we thank Him for the precious life He has given to us? Do we thank Him for the blessings He gives us each day? Do we make HIM the center of our lives? Do we include Him in our daily decisions? Are we ashamed to defend His teachings publicly? We need to ask ourselves these questions before we ask why He doesn’t do this or that.

He gives life freely and generously, yet we slaughter innocent human life by the thousands every week. We mock His blessings of marriage by supporting a definition of marriage that is foul and evil. We scratch our heads in wonder and disbelief when we consider the state our country has reached, yet God-fearing people are told to keep their religion at home. Look what unchecked selfishness and greed has gotten us! Why hasn’t God fixed us? He’s tried. Maybe He’s given up.


Believe me I get frustrated also with the direction our country is heading , but this can’t be blamed on God.
This life that he gave us wasn’t meant to be a life in which we would be spoiled with getting things perfectly.
God knows that it’s much easier to follow the ways of the world then to follow the ways of God, but you also have to remember that Gods ultimate goals are for us to be with him forever. In order to do that we must persevere in our faith until the last days of our life.

If Christ himself came down from his throne in heaven and lived the life of the suffering servant , was rejected, spat on and crucified then why should we expect God to just wave his hand and make everything better. How will we learn from this?

Prayer is our communication line with God, and when we cut that line off we basically tell God that we humans, living in this finite world, nit only do not want free will, but we also don’t trust in our Lord who is eternal, and operates outside of space and time , and instead want to dictate to God how he should do things.

My friend, please, please don’t cut the lines of communication off with the being that loves us beyond our wildest imagination. We have to keep praying my friend, not only for our loved ones but fir all the people in this world that are suffering in anguish and despair.

God can in a second force everyone to live as he would want us to live, but if he does that we will simply become robots incapable of true love.

If you need to talk my friend I’m always available in pm’s
God bless you , your in my prayers :slight_smile:


I have always had an interest in WWII and in particular, the Holocaust. I have watched many documentaries and read many books on Nazi Germany, Hitler, and the Holocaust. I often shudder with horror watching footage from the death camps. I wonder how those poor people must have prayed for deliverance from the horrors they were living: women, children, everyone. How could a loving God allow people–His own chosen people–to be slaughtered and tortured as they were? I often wonder if they lost faith in God…and even more frightening (to me): if I were in their place, would I have persevered to the end? We don’t know why God allows evil to exist in the world. Perhaps it is an attempt to show us what happens when we remove Him from the equation of life. When God is removed, a vacuum is born–and, as we all know, a vacuum cannot sustain itself–it has to replace itself with something. In this case, the vacuum replaces God (pure goodness) with His antithesis: pure evil. So, evil exists, at least partially, for us to realize what existence is without Him. I don’t know if this makes any sense–it is difficult sometimes to project on paper the murmurings of the soul.


Classical teachers, very good points. I can only imagine what this earth would be like if everyone on this earth loved each other the way Jesus loves all of us. It would be an incredible place.

As far as suffering, I could give you examples of the early Christians who died because they refused to deny Christ as Lord and Savior. One example was an early Christian named Polycarp.

Polycarp was an apostolic father which meant that he was alive when the apostles lived and was actually one of the students of the apostle John. He was brought into the roman coliseum to be burnt alive in front of thousands of Roman Spectators because he refused to Deny Christ as God.

When they placed him on the stake in the middle of the arena and set the stake on fire, the fire refused to come on him. In fact it formed a protective circle around him. The crowd didn’t know what to make of it.
The roman soldiers finally grew tired of waiting for him to burn and stocked a spear through his chest.

This life is at most 70 to 100 years , heaven is forever.
Ill take the latter. :slight_smile:


Classical, my uncle was a ww2 vet with 3 Purple Hearts for the Normandy campaign. He saw the horror of the nazi death camps first hand when He arrived with his fellow soldiers in Germany. He wanted to rip hitler apart himself if he had the chance. My uncle was a very happy go lucky guy but he got very serious when hitler was the topic of conversation.


Beautiful post, Wallstreeter. And, there are thousands of other martyrs who died like Polycarp. The apostles themselves, except for St. John, all died as martyrs. St. James (I think it was he) was boiled in oil. The stories of the early martyrs should give us all strength and hope. I believe that we are entering the new persecution of the Church, and it won’t be any easier or nicer than the first one. We and those after us will have much to suffer for the Truth. But, as our Lord stated, “No servant is greater than his Master.”


God bless him. I’ve seen actual footage of American soldiers entering the death camps. I can never watch them without tears–not just for the prisoners, but for the soldiers. I remember one soldier’s recollection upon entering one of the death camps. He said that as he and his fellow soldiers came into a bunk house, there was an emaciated young woman cowering by the door. He went up to her and tried to comfort her. She said to him in great fear, “I am a Jew.” His response: “So am I.” He took her to America and married her. That is what our country once stood for.

My father was in the army artillery. He was in Japan, England, Italy and Germany. My father was a great man, but he never spoke of his experiences during the War.


That’s a thing I’ve been giving a fair amount of thought to in the last year; a trillion centuries isn’t even a drop in the ocean compared to eternity, because the ocean is finite.

Not directly related to that, but something poignant that I heard on the radio once regarding this world and what comes after (probably not word for word): “For the repentant believer, this world is the closest thing to Hell that he will know. To the unrepentant nonbeliever, this world is the closest thing to Heaven that he will know.” I find that rather sobering.


Wow, FC! I’m going to copy that. It’s beautiful. Thanks.


If Jack Hectormann was around, I would ask him to point you to his post where he compared life to eternity for a man who lived to be 100, and suffered all his life - comparing increments in eternity to the 100 years he had lived on earth, until that 100 years was such an infinitesimal amount of his complete life (both on earth and in heaven), that it lost its meaning.


What happened to Jack? And I would LOVE to read that! It seems like it would put things into perspective…and there are many times lately that I need that. Thanks Susanna!


Jack takes some time off once in a while; he’ll probably be back eventually.


Amazing quote Fantasy, and if anyone was to really look at it, it makes perfect sense.
One of the greatest atheist philosophers of the last half of the twentieth century was Doctor Anthony Flew.
flew had gone against all of the legendary Christian Philosophers like C. S. Lewis, William Lane Craig and one of his best friends Gary Habermas. But during the end of his career people started to notice a change in Flew and when he announced in2004 to the world that he believed that some kind of creator had to have been responsible for the creation of the universe, it shook the atheist world in a big way. Flew came to this realization because of the Big Bang and the amazingly detailed intricacy of DNA.

He converted to deism. All of the atheist websites turned on him by calling him a senile old fool who had lost his senses. They were furious that one of their heroes could accept the fact that God created the universe. He even wrote a book titled there is a God.

He even said that if he converted to theism that Christianity would be the religion that he would convert to, but in one of his last interviews you could get a hint as to one of the reasons why he would take the full step from deism to Christianity. When he was asked if there was an after life he by responded by saying “insure hope not”.
I think flew was scared of living forever because he felt that he would eventually get eternally bored. If only he had placed more faith in knowing that God who had the incredible power to create this universe was also powerful enough to never let him get bored he would have taken that final leap.
But Flew spent most of his later years with Christians such as his best friend Gary Habermas. Who knows if he had a death bed conversion.

I really hope so, and as a Catholic I pray everyday for his soul that he made it into purgatory :slight_smile:


[quote=“Susanna, post:14, topic:37888”]
If Jack Hectormann was around, I would ask him to point you to his post where he compared life to eternity for a man who lived to be 100, and suffered all his life - comparing increments in eternity to the 100 years he had lived on earth, until that 100 years was such an infinitesimal amount of his complete life (both on earth and in heaven), that it lost its meaning.
[/quote] Susanna, exactly. If it is in Gods will that I should suffer for the rest of my life, I no longer would have a problem with it because of the fact that I trust God more and I understand eternity in this way.I would probably nag him a lot along the way but that’s my personality hehe.


Wow Classical sounds like your dad went through a lot during his time spent in protecting our freedom.
These are the heroes that we should honor, not the pukes in Hollywood that most in our screwed up society that they look up to today.


My dad was my hero and still is. I cling to the hope that someday I will be welcomed into Heaven by him (and my mom). But I also think that he grew up in an America that fostered his kind of bravery and courage. My dad always told me that he hated being in the Army–he was drafted. But, he went and he served honorably. I think one of the reasons why I’m so interested in WWII, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust is because it keeps alive in me the honor and courage that our country once had. It also gives me hope during a time in our history where we are becoming weaker and weaker. I watched recently a documentary on the “secrets” of Pearl Harbor. I didn’t realize that only national park divers are allowed anywhere near the Arizona, and that nothing has ever been disturbed since she went down with 1,177 souls with her. That’s how much respect is given to our fallen heroes. I also didn’t know that survivors of Pearl Harbor are often buried (ashes) with their fallen brothers once they pass. They showed a little footage of one of the burial ceremonies–very moving, indeed. They don’t sprinkle the ashes over the water, but divers carry a special container down to the wreck. There is also evidence now that one of the bombs went through a pipe (not the technical term they used) into a holding area where the Arizona’s arsenal was kept. It was that bomb that caused the Arizona to completely explode into a huge ball of flames. Anyway, I didn’t mean to get off the topic…