Why do reporters still use SLR cameras?


I’ve been listening to the historic meeting between Trump and Kim in Singapore. At times, I can’t hear what’s being said because of the clatter of cameras.

In the old days (a few year ago) 35mm SLR cameras were state of the art. SLR stands for single lens reflex, meaning there’s one lens to look through and the same lens to focus on the film or electronic sensor. When you press the button to take the picture, a mirror noisily flips out of the way and then flips back. When a bunch of reporters take a bunch of pictures all at once, the clatter is worse than dropping dinner plates. It’s very disruptive.

I’m not even an amateur photographer so I don’t know, but can’t electronics do something that would get rid of the need for that stinking noisy mirror?


Because they’re still better. Sorry :smiley:

Dunno. Some new cameras are quieter, but they probably come with some tradeoffs that might be less desirable in different circumstances, maybe in low light. Anything quiet I’ve ever used has been a pretty crummy point-and-shoot digital camera – which have had options to turn on a beep, ugh!