Why does DN hate Gary Johnson?

He is the epitome of why I’ve come to call the Libertarians “Liberaltarians.”

This is the icing on the cake:
Libertarian Nominee Johnson Trashes The Second Amendment – Bearing Arms

“Hillary Clinton has threatened to trash the Second Amendment, but so far, only Gary Johnson has gone so far as to literally throw firearms in the trash.”

A great guy, Austin Petersen, lost the L party nomination to Johnson.
Petersen gave him a symbolic gesture of support, a reproduction flintlock pistol.
Johnson throws it in the trash.

What a class act.

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Johnson is just a Paul clone, the same positions as every Democrat but with a slightly different answer as to why they hold those positions; and an affinity for revising history of course.

This whole campaign is turning into a failed farce.

You got Lord Trumpy smearing THE most informed, Constitution-oriented, upright candidate we’ve seen in decades. And the masses hoot and eat it up - like a lynch mob or a scene from Cabaret. Then, on the other side, you have a woman who’s dull; incompetent; ideologically oriented towards Alinsky and Marx. And who’s now probably brain-damaged from a stroke several years ago - which still shows signs; including impairment when exhausted. The late-in-the-day “graying out” which is indicative of neurological issues in elderly patients.

Then we have the Libertarians dancing in their tighty-whiteys onstage…trying deliberatly to DESTROY the viscious rumor that they might be actually ready to take the opportunity this election provides, seriously. HELL, NO…we’re here to PARTY!

Now we got Kristol going through the dregs on the bottom of the barrel…just BEGGING someone to be Candidate X and take what’s left of the Bush CorpPac money. The pre-fab candidate…pick a name, any name, insert boatloads of money, and PRESTO!

Yeah, Presto. We get the stroked-out Marxist incompetent without even a personality transplant.

This is MADNESS. And at this point there’s no way to stop any of it.


I would call the Libertarians a “kangaroo ticket,” strong hind legs and little tiny front legs. Bill Weld was a good Massachusetts governor. I’d consider voting for him. But we have this farce of a candidate at the head of the ticket.

Johnson’s repose to the gay wedding cake question was a prime example. A true libertarian would say that the bakery would have the right to decline making the gay marriage wedding cake without government interference, but Johnson gave us the Stateist answer. He’s liberal with a libertarian label.

All three of the leading party tickets are of the kangaroo variety. All three of the vice presidential candidates are stronger than the people who are the head of the ticket.

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Gary Johnson is a clown. He’s a war hawk, against the Second Amendment, pro-abortion, and against religious liberty. He’s definitely the opposite of both the Pauls on many issues and definitely not a liberty candidate. He’s for liberty as much as another so called libertarian politician, Jesse Ventura, who is more of a clown and probably one of the few that would be worse than Johnson as a candidate.

How are ANY of those positions “Libertarian?” and who or what is “DN” that hates Johnson?

I thought Jesse Ventura was a Reform Party guy.

Austin Petersen in 2020!

DN is Devilneck.

Maggie Clam 2016!

Well, DUH! :embarrese:awkward: