Why does Obama hate Caucasians?


You know he does…you can hear it in his guarded remarks and you can read it in his books. But why. He’s half white, white mother, white grandparents, raised by white grandparents. Loved by white democrat politicians it seems. So where does this hatred arise.


Who knows. He was 10 when he was shipped off to a different country from where his mother/family was. Probably had some abandonment issues. He’s also a revolutionary type Marxist, and an anti-Colonialist. All of that he got from his mom, college and his father (what he knew about him). Maybe his grandparents were that way too. His grandmother attended a Unitarian church in both Washington and Hawaii. They were very liberal, anti-war, social justice type churches.


I find this a hilarious trend in the black community. They rant on and on about “The Man” and how he is keeping them down. Gotta watch out for whitey cause hes out to get ya!!! But then they turn around and vote for white men as if the “D” next to their name somehow makes them different. It is clear that the racism present in the black communities directed towards Caucasians is political even if they themselves do not know it. They have been hoodwinked(no pun intended) for so long that it does not even occur to them.

I am thankful for being born into the south. I got to actually experience racism and know who the real racist are.


He would switch to hating Black people if it would improve his ratings. He’s just riding the wave of hate.


Racism is a mark of low intelligence, Obama has proved that he is dumb as a stump in many ways so it makes perfect sense that he is also a Racist.

How on earth could anyone be a Democrat and not be a Racist?