Why doesn’t work capitalism in the media business?


Stop and think a second. Until very recently, the top-grossing films of all time were rated G…or at worst, PG. “ET”, for example, or “Sound of Music,” “The Ten Commandments,” “Ben Hur,” “My Fair Lady.” For some reason, (not too difficult to understand WHY) Hollywood made the conscious decision to STOP making family-friendly films and started putting out mostly porn–or near-porn and bloody crap. In my opinion, it STARTED with “Midnight Cowboy”. I remember a man who SUED a drive-in theater because he took his wife and kids to see a “western” about cowboys and the film opens up with an actor having sex with a woman “doggy-style”!


The media tends to focus on tragedy and suffering. As liberals are more likely to suffer from victim complexes, they will naturally connect more with media coverage. They are more natural consumers of daily news.


Top grossing is pretty misleading given that the price of movies has changed and the number of people all over the world that see movies has also increased, but your contention that family films are no longer made doesn’t seem to hold water unless your definition of family film is different than everyone else’s

Far as violence, the only thing that’s changed is how it’s shown. Today’s special effects show more blood and guts, but the level of violence is at worst the same.

Of the top 100 films, a quick scan of the top 100 reveals there are 3 movies rated “R”. The first appears at #68.

Far as “family films”, 4 of the top 10 are family films. I left Star Wars out as a “family film” though I think some might include it. Note there is no “R” rated films and the only film on the list with nudity or sexuality is Titanic a family film.

1 2009 Avatar
2 1997 Titanic
3 2015 Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens
4 2015 Jurassic World
5 2012 The Avengers
6 2015 Furious 7
7 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron
8 2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
9 2013 Frozen
10 2017 Beauty and the Beast

Interestingly, the top 10 films of all time when accounting for inflation (which is probably a better representation of the number of people that actually watched the movies in question, 6 out of the 10 are “family films”, again leaving Star Wars out).

1 Gone with the Wind 1939^
2 Star Wars 1977^
3 The Sound of Music 1965
4 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial 1982^
5 Titanic Par. 1997^
6 The Ten Commandments 1956
7 Jaws 1975
8 Doctor Zhivago 1965
9 The Exorcist 1973^
10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937^

I can’t help but note the irony here. When sorted this way there are more family films in the top 10 but there are also 2 “R” rated films, both from the 1970’s

So I took the time to check, If we do top movies of all time by attendance the list is practically identical, but the Exorcist drops off the top 10 and the Lion King is added.


Which still doesn’t answer the question. If MOST of the top-grossing films were “family-friendly,” WHY does Hollywood insist on making crap like “It” instead?


You know the capitalism that you guys pay lip service too. There is your problem. Hollywood makes movies that make money. Period.

There’s no “liberal agenda”. There’s no conspiracy to show movies depicting gay people, sex or violence. Companies like Sony, Fox, WB, Disney (and it’s other companies like Mitrimax) show movies they with will make money.


Nonsense. They (Hollywood) see movies as another way to INFLUENCE American culture. If they make money, fine. If not, they get a nice, fat tax write-off.


Haha…So wealthy people conspiring to consolidate corporations, fiddlesticks! That’s capitalism, but Hollywood making movies that make money, “Nonsense!”

Evidence my friend, evidence.

The CEO of Sony had his email hacked, I’m sure there have been others. Where is the evidence for a liberal attack on American culture?

As I explained. 50% of the nation’s population is concentrated in a very small area that tend to lean more liberal and capitalism is doing exactly what you’d expect it to do. Maximize profits by looking at demographics and ROI based on population density.

In more localized economies, the businesses in those areas tend to focus on the demographics of the markets they exist in. That’s capitalism.


1 “Nudity” and “sexuality” are not family-friendly.

2 Except that the left (including Hollyweird) don’t like capitalism, althought they’ll use it as a tool for their agenda.
3 Hogwash. There’s a significant conservative population in this country, and Hollyweird puts out almost nothing that would draw dollars from that demographic. Avatar was a politically motivated (leftist) movie, by the way. And the family-friendly movies are a tiny fraction of the crop (crap). And many of those have unwholesome elements. And Disney was one of the ones pressuring North Carolina on the perverts-in-girls’-bathrooms issue. Don’t freakin’ tell me there’s no agenda.

4 The evidence indeed, and it doesn’t look good for the left.
5 So it’s a zero-sum? Either market liberal-friendly films or conservative-friendly, but not both? Hogwash. And there are movie theaters aplenty outside of the big cities (and although outnumbered, plenty of conservatives in the cities). They’re not even trying to appeal to a conservative market; that’s NOT capitalism; that’s an agenda.


Yeah, That must be why there are so many supermarkets in black and Hispanic neighborhoods, huh?


The media in more densely populated areas will be more densely populated as well. In the more sparsely populated areas, you will find many more media outlets, many of which reflect the values of their communities. They’re more spread out, with smaller audiences and circulations, so they are not as noticeable as those of the most urban areas.

Meanwhile, the conservatives have a theoretically conservative national level broadcaster that performs better than all the others. Radio talk shows are almost completely conservative. Liberal talk show hosts actually just suck at it and don’t do well at all. Print is still print, with a wide variety of people all over expressing all kinds of opinions, left, right and other.

Capitalism works, but in a free country where a free press is not only valued but protected, everyone is going to be at the table. We have that. Capitalism worked despite the best efforts of politicians, regulators and their hangers on – The Fairness Doctrine is long gone (who knows what Trump might think of it), and even the FCC’s role is limited with cable and Internet news sources abounding.

I don’t accept the premise of your OP. Demand and supply ebb and flow constantly based on consumer tastes, interests and needs. You can’t really measure weather it’s 50 percent left and 50 percent right, so you cannot support very well the assertion that capitalism isn’t working in media. I’d guess that folks are consuming the media they prefer since no one is forced to consume media they don’t and everyone has access to more media and information than at any other time in history.

Also, journalists mostly are liberal. They still have to respond to market forces, and they do. The proof is that people find media sources that cater to their demand. Capitalism has even responded to the nutcases. They have Alex Jones and Infowars, and they have myriad Youtubers who teach the earth is flat.

Yup, and if conservatives can take away anything, it’s the hypocrisy of the socialists who pursue profit relentlessly, suing torrenters and streamers who don’t pay the meager price of a ticket or disc to watch their content.

They should also recognize the amount of conservative values shoved into many of these just to appeal to conservatives and help create profit.

Yes, there is a lot of liberal and socialist crap out there. Some of it, the pretentious art flicks, is echo chamber, and some of it is flat out propaganda – speech in the middle of “The Bee Movie,” the “Emoji Movie” movie itself, according to one of the actors. It happens a lot in the kid stuff that parents won’t watch. I had another parent call me onto the carpet for not just straight up letting my kids watch “The Lorax.” It’s Dr. Seuss after all. I eventually did, but we had a discussion about it. It’s kind of interesting how many of those kinds of movies just suck, “Emoji Movie,” for example.


Because IT has an audience. It may not be the biggest, but that audience will pay for it. IT is profitable, just $100 instead of $1,000. You’re not part of that audience, but I bet you would really enjoy “Hacksaw Ridge” if you haven’t seen it. I sure did. I might also like “It.” I dunno. Haven’t seen IT yet. Not highly interested in it. Didn’t care much for the first version of it. Haven’t read reviews of IT.

Pun sorta unavoidable…


Thread title wasn’t meant literally. I think more in terms of a gap in the market.

Yah. I see this too. I wouldn’t say that there is conspiracy but I would say there would be much more potential of conservative content than it is provided now.
I do not blame capitalism per se. I rather think that Hollywood or artists in general tend to be liberal, and so they exercise influence.
It could be that there is a gap in the market and that companies haven’t fully registered that. The good thing is, that if there is a gap it ought to be filled in the future.

You aren’t wrong too. Hollywood wouldn’t produce gay, sex or nudity movies if people wouldn’t watch them. But that the people ONLY want to see this kind of things can’t be the whole truth (btw. I am not anti gay).
I remember one high end tv series with a very conservative undertone: 7th Heaven. I think the show was quite successful, but why aren’t they producing more of this stuff?

My hope is: If some companies would just start to produce explicitly conservative sitcoms, films ore series, they would be successful – only the “market niche effect” of would boost their success - and other companies would go along with them.


I think it has to be a conspiracy; otherwise, capitalism would be filling the market.


There is plenty of “conservative” content. There is content for just about everybody and a vast amount of relatively non-political or ideological content. The fact that liberal content exists does not mean that conservative content does not.


Not that I’ve seen. In my TV-viewing days, I sure couldn’t find it. The only notable conservative show I saw was NCIS, which was refreshingly conservative for the first two seasons. Then took a sharp turn to the left. If there’s anything else as conservative as a lot of the garbage I’ve seen is liberal, I don’t know about it.


True, FC. MASH was once hilariously funny. Then the “stars” began to demand “creative approval of scripts” and the show went to hell in a handbasket. The same thing happened to CSI, CSI Miami, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law and Order in ALL its iterations and especially All In The Family–though to be fair, it was ALWAYS anti-conservative.


But not in a systematic way. I think acting schools have liberal acting teachers and produce liberal acting students which produce liberal movies.
I think Capitalism can’t fill the market at the moment because there are no people that could produce what the market demands.

Where do you see this content? I can list a few series that are relatively conservative by my definition (which is no religious definition):

  • 7th heaven (tv-series)
  • blue bloods(tv-series)
  • J. Edgar (film)

7th heaven is very religious and also displaying the American Way of Life in a positive manner. Blue Bloods is a police series which is at least in part conservative and supporting family values. The 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement” did draw a positive American Way of Life image.
But there are no series whose characters are explicitly supporting capitalism, free speech or fighting against liberal ideologies. That’s I want too see!!! And I think I’m not the only one. But where are theses series?

I love the cartoon American Dad. The character Stan Smith is a very conservative republican but more depicted as a parody. What I want is something like this but the conservative characters shouldn’t just be parodies.
Imagine a sitcom with a character fighting against socialistic ideas - this could be very funny! The series could systematically dispel left-liberal myths and support a clear conservative free market position. It should be no parody.

Does anyone know the series “Suits”?


I can’t really prove it; I can only disagree. I cited the example of NCIS; the first two seasons were refreshingly conservative, then disappeared. Since only one actor changed, I hardly think that was the case. The sci-fi series Babylon-5 from the '90s was also comparativley conservative. The actors and producers are there; the opportunities to do anything are not. I believe the industry is locking them out. This isn’t a technological market, so filling it isn’t technically difficult. Even liberal actors will play in a conservative series or movie to get name recognition and a paycheck.


It’s not so much “conservative” shows, although shows that depict conservative values in a positive way do exist. I was recently introduced to “Blue Bloods,” which you mentioned Philipp, and was a little surprised at just how positively “traditional family values” are depicted. I also find the show’s frequent discussions of issues interesting and not preachy if not particularly groundbreaking. (Don’t know about the other two things you mentioned.)

I’m really talking about instants across the board where a variety of non-lefty values and arguments are illustrated – sometimes I think by accident because lefty positions are unrealistically absurd. I can’t cite any particular examples.

There is no question that the social justice warriors make a larger impact than they ought given the absurdity of their racist and sexist causes, and too many TV creators push their weird sex values and virtue signal their affection for weird sex to show they’re relevant in ways that are irrelevant to the story and uninteresting. I quit watching shows that turn into mouthpieces for the SJWs.

They’re just things I note in passing. Conservatives are part of the market too. Insult your market too much and they’ll stop buying what you sell. These selfish capitalists know this (and they love their own personal capitalism just not yours), and that’s why these liberals hypocritically produce content that appeals to conservatives.


I only wonder sometimes WHERE I can find an interesting, entertaining TV program that does NOT have a “gay” character.