Why doesn’t work capitalism in the media business?


I see. The old, conservative NCIS refutes my claim that there are no conservative actors or writers. That’s true.
But I’m always sceptic regarding conspiracy theories. In this case: How should they work? There are many TV-production companies and if there were a conspiracy they all would have to work together. And this also would mean that they had the power to prevent new, emerging companies from producing conservative movies/series. How should they do that?

Producing a movie isn’t so complicated. How should they lock them out? In what way do you have to be IN the industry to be able to produce? Theoretically everyone could produce a movie if he had an investor.

For example: I love sitcoms, and off and on I am trying to write a television-sitcom-script. I’m not very successful but I came up with many funny ideas. The problem is that I’m no professional screenwriter.
But assumed I would be: I would try to find an investor and produce the story. How could liberal concerns prevent this? (Don’t say: They would burn down my apartment or cut my brake lines.)

Oh Yes!
Did you recognize that in every single episode there is a scene were the whole family is sitting around the kitchen table and having lunch (or dinner) together? I think this is a very cool element – and it is part of the concept of the series.

You never heard about 7th heaven? Americans #1 traditional family conservative lifestyle series??
I don’t watch it anymore because the target audience are young people, I am 34 now. But I watched it in my youth. (I have to mention that there had been some episodes that focused a bit too much on racism in the later seasons.)

J Edgar is a kind of biography of J Edgar Hoover. They wonderfully caught Hoover’s hate against socialism when he founded the FBI.

As I said above, I sometimes think about creating concepts of series. The absurdity of SJW would provide a wonderful topic were dozens of (contra-SJW) stories could be derived from.
One of my ideas would be a series like “Malcolm in the Middle” but the protagonist should be very conservative. Imagine the character Malcolm as a very conservative thinking kid who rebels against the liberal school system. Couldn’t this be very entertaining?


I can’t say absoutely how, although labor unions associated with the movie and TV industry seems one likely avenue, along with laws that tilt the playing field in favor of said unions (something the left pushes for in this country).


MAKING a movie isn’t so “complicated,” though it’s fairly expensive. However, to get it to the public requires a DISTRIBUTION system and OURS is controlled to a fair-thee-well by the very people who produce liberal crap.


It’s my favorite part of the show.

I remember the title and probably saw ads for it. It’s just not remotely anything I would ever want to watch. I wouldn’t have seen “Blue Bloods” if my wife weren’t watching it. Don’t like procedurals. I think I saw J. Edgar, but I don’t recall much about it.