Why doesn't God "zap" all the polarization out of countries?


I’m really serious about this question. Despite giving us free will, I would actually love to see God “zap” the polarity, lunacy, and intolerance out of the people who are crippling the US. These people on their own devices never learn. But unfortunately he can’t do that because he would be interfering with free will. God zapping it away appears to be the only solution, because the anti-intellectual, anti-democracy influence at this point only gets stronger. I can go on and on.

I feel very strong about my assessment here. I know RO wouldn’t take it very kindly. I feel like God is more of an observer or spectator, he doesn’t have any personal influence on what goes on here, unless if it involves having the Earth perish, and this life is over. I started thinking that Heaven, when you describe it as a Christian, is boring. Obviously it sounds better than Hell, but Heaven has a couple deal-breakers that I just can’t bear discussing right now. That’s the stem of my issue with God. I believe in God’s existence, but what is any point in worshiping him if the world has been unfair?

(and before people come to say “Things have always been unfair in the human condition”, let me ask you this. Do you think 60-70 years ago, we were better off then we were now?)

Sorry about my venting, I know it isn’t good to do at RO, but this is the only forum that cuts me more slack for my political views.


Where exactly would God “draw the line” at this “zapping” you want done?

Usually when people say things like this what they mean is that they want God to “zap” everyone that falls below the bell curve point where they see themselves at, meaning they would become “the standard” for goodness/sane thinking/acceptable behavior; rather convenient in other words.

God does have a “standard” but that standard is Christ, that means if God were to start “zapping” (whatever that means in your post) this zapping would have to be applied to everyone that falls short of Christ; which would be every man, woman and child on the planet.

Is that what you are pining for or are you assuming that God has started grading on a curve and you would fall on the favorable side of that curve?

It sounds like your theology has an earth with your level of sin sounding like a pretty good place to stay as long as those worse than you (in your opinion) are gone (or zapped?) and your idea of heaven is a step down from this “newly adjusted” fallen earthly condition.

I would submit that you are probably right if my summary of your doctrine is accurate, this earth is as good as its going to get for you; but you should not call this “Christianity” since none of it fits the Christian doctrine.


I try to answer replies here, so I’m only going to keep this as brief as possible.

I don’t exactly know what you mean when you say you think I am better than others. But doesn’t it make you a bit angry that it’s our own people (mostly the more liberal side of the political arena who have too much influence in traditionally left-wing industries) who have and continue to do ill upon America and that never ends? Exactly.

Perhaps I got too ahead with my ramblings.


I didn’t see the author, but I knew just by reading the title that it would be Rudolph.

“Rude oaf”, is probably how you’re coming off at this point.


How would you know what “good” is, if evil didn’t exist???


Pappadave, I don’t see where your going with that question. I’m not actually a really deep thinker, except when I want to.


I have to say that I look a little askance at the “intolerance” part. God Himself is intolerant of sin, and a lot of people who unrepentantly revel in sin are going to learn that the hard way.

As to the overall issue, God has His own timing on when evil will be dealt with. I know it can be a tough thing to do, but having faith in God instead of the United States is what you need to do. The United States will screw up (boy howdy). God will not.


GOD IS a spectator albeit on occasions he steps in and saves drunks, fools and especially soldiers and won’t even go into how many times my co-pilot has saved me from harm’s way, but rest assured you would never make it to my age if you to depend solely upon your own devices.

God is intolerant of sin, but that is not the point, the point is that he wants US to be intolerant of sin.

If we would want God to ZAP anything we would most likely start with politicians…


I take issue with your issues with the Lord. Why should he have to do anything. I submit if he wanted to destroy us or leave us to our own devices with no path to salvation then that is his prerogative. He created everything you see around and in this Universe. What he does with it is his business. God could “zap” away all the good people and leave only the evil ones if he wanted. What’s moral and right only applies to us, not the Lord.


God would have to take away our free will to do something like that. He lets us go on our merry way, for the most part, except when we turn our lives over to Him and submit to His control. Oh, we’re still subject to making mistakes, because we’re human and not God. But He allows us to make our own choices - if He didn’t, we would be nothing but puppets. God made us to worship Him, and if we “worshiped” Him because He forced us to, it wouldn’t be true worship. And He knows everything; compared to Him even the most knowledgeable of us know nothing.


Ok, Kids; “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. With that simple statement, were God to 'Zap" the world, all mankind would be gone except for the saved.and then what? He will come again, and you, Rudolph, need to get a relationship with Jesus Christ before He does. Does God intervene in the affairs of men today? through the Holy Spirit He does, but dear Don; God may have saved you as a pilot, but God is NEVER a co-Pilot, just remember that. a wonderful euphemism but hardly true.


Not exactly related to what you’re talking about, but I’m reminded of something I heard on the radio. A guy said that the five scariest words in the Bible were: “And God gave them over…”


I think it is greatly related especially in Rudolph’s case.