Why everyone was wrong about Coronavirus and by everyone i mean the so called EXSPURTS

I’m not retired, nor do I talk about “well back in my day…”, something Dave does constantly.

and that is your business how?

I have no clue what you are talking about in your post bud. This article overwhelmingly supports my point that 1. The so called experts ARE NOT experts.
2. They have been consistently and often laughably WRONG…either intentionally or incompetently.
3. I repeat…there will be no vaccine…and certainly not one that a majority of the American people will be comfortably submitting to simply because of the suspicious behavior and remarks we’ve seem through this whole scamdemic.

A retired boomer saying “has been” to a millennial just begs “are you being ironic, or are you just not self-aware?”

What next, accuse me of chasing people off my lawn when I don’t own any land?:rofl:

"Now that we’re talking about developing a vaccine against the virus, we suddenly see studies which show that this so-called novel virus is very strongly related to Sars-1 as well as other beta-coronaviri which make us suffer every year in the form of a colds. "

This is no longer about the genetic relationship, but about how our immune system sees this virus, i.e. which parts of other coronaviri could potentially be used in a vaccine.

Pro tip, Ctrl+f is how you do a word search.

First of all, I am NOT a “boomer.” I was born well before the oldest boomer alive. My SONS are boomers however, and smarter than any millennial I’ve ever met or even heard from. Secondly, I do NOT say, “Back in my day”…EVER.

YOU are the one who keeps appealing to “experts”. Not me. Appeal to authority is one of the classical logical fallacies and I try to avoid it as much as possible in this day and age as I do “Post hoc ergo propter hoc”.


Kind of did:

Equally, any story about being in military 40 years ago, or being a cop 20 years ago is exactly this.

I appealed to the “expert” Caroline herself posted.

She mentioned him, so it’s fair game to hold her to it. Her fault if she didn’t read what he said.

Equally her fault if she lists people from conspiracy websites.

How long did it take you to put that together.

We have a word search, so like, 3 minutes?

well it’s stupid.

A retired person using “has been” as an epithet certainly is.

I’m 78 years old, born early in 1942, just a month after Pearl Harbor. Boomers were born starting in 1946, after the WW II troops came home and started the Baby Boom.

What has my being retired have to do with ANYTHING? Am I to be denied an opinion? I make no claims of being an “expert” on anything…just someone who’s lived a long time, read prodigiously and observed the human condition up close and personal.

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You’re disrespectful of your elders and betters. Leftism suits you.

Irony, you used the term “has been” to a non-retired person in the start of their career.

It honestly sounds like a projection Dave.

Kind of hard to call insulting someone “sharing an opinion”. That’s a pretty big stretch.

Dave threw the punch, I simply reversed it.

I don’t owe respect to aggression. If you want respect, you act respectfully. That’s what all these activists get wrong.

Just who do you think I called a has-been? I merely told you what my definition of an “expert” is.

A women in her 70s tried to accuse my mother of covering up for the military on sex scandals and 9/11.

Old age doesn’t make you better by virtue of it, some people are just old children.

My Grandfather was someone who was my better because he lived acknowledging his limits and admitting his mistakes. He did that to his death.

You were replying to me, it’s right on your post.

I didn’t CALL you anything however. I said one definition of an “expert” is a has-been, drip under pressure. I would NEVER call YOU an “expert” about anything whatsoever, so how did you make that connection?


you remind me of one of those moderate muslims.