Why Gingrich Could Win

Does not liking any country artist make me a Liberal?


Well crap! I guess its Go Barry? awwww man I can’t say that with out groaning and almost shedding a tear.

IF I ask nice can I have a pass and not have to become a Liberal? in my defense I don’t like music at all.

Luckily that gives you a free pass

dude, check out amon amarth bluegrass. That is what I call epic music :smiley:

I thought you didn’t like music at all. What in the world does that make you?

Oops, I repeated you! But what does it make you?

Only country I like are Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels, Hank Jr, and the Oak Ridge Boys…

Well, Alabama too.

And the Eagles. Yes, to my ears, they were mostly country.

Statler Bros., Tompall, Chuck and Jim Glaser, Hank Snow, Ray Price, Charlie Pride, Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Dottie West, Earnest Tubb, Bill Monroe, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, and of course, the Late, Great Jim Reeves. I could surely name them till the cows come home, but those are a few.
I do not force anything on anyone. You have claimed that detritus constantly, since you came here, but it just ain’t so. The ONLY exception is abortion, and only because, IT IS MURDER, of an innocent helpless baby. That should be against the law. The only reason it isn’t, is because liberals define life at their convenience, and anyone who supports abortion, supports murder, but not just any murder. Murder of the most precious, helpless and innocent creature on earth. I do not feel the need, to persuade people of the macabre.
You can sit here and claim to be conservative, until donkeys learn to fly, but it just ain’t so. The simple fact, that you think it is in a woman’s liberty interest, to be able to terminate her baby’s life, just because she chooses to, labels you a liberal. No one who is conservative, could ever justify that. I don’t want to make people obey my morals, I just want the lives of our citizens, protected. I don’t care, as you apparently do, that they cannot talk, vote or object. Knowing that you can sit there, with a straight face, and justify sucking a human being’s life out of their brain, so a woman can claim your style of liberty, assures that we could never be friends. In fact, anyone on my property,who supports abortion, has less than thirty seconds to leave, before the “fun” begins. I will not tell them twice.
“Our Posterity” is included in the Constitution, but to you, they are just a mass of cells. They deserve to live, love and grow old. 60million will never get the chance, due to the views, you hold. If I were you, I’d be so ashamed, I’d never go out in public, but your conscience is OK with believing that a woman’s liberty, includes infanticide. I’d love to be a fly on the wall, when you meet your Maker.

This has to be the most interesting attempt at defending an incoherent political philosophy I’ve read in some time.

There’s no such thing as, “socially liberal, economically conservative”. One cannot be, from a political standpoint, liberal on social issues while remaining any type of conservative on economics. To be socially liberal means that one favors government funding, tax breaks, et al for socially good causes. That is the essential liberal position and economics are always subservient to it. The writer may think some version of the libertarian position is being described but I’d assert it is not even that. Libertarians are not socially liberal; they’re socially ambivalent.

A better title for the, admittedly popular, “political” philosophy would found in calling it the Libertine party. For, in essence, what it espouses is that government should have no say in whom I sleep with, any consequences that arise from that action, nor any say in how I choose to deal with those consequences. I’m conservative economically because I feel that government shouldn’t have anything to do with those matters of personal sexuality by subsiding any part of them, one way or the other. It’s a popular view of the single male with the cost of an abortion in his wallet. It’s an extremely selfish viewpoint, no matter what side of the political spectrum one finds ones self on. It usually falls apart during a nasty divorce when the holder finds his wallet not near deep enough; then state involvement “in the bedroom” is justified. It is a philosophy that cannot be “properly articulated” (or it would have been) because its two premises are in direct conflict.

Social conservatives wouldn’t exist as a political force had not their own liberties been so grievously assaulted in the 1970’s. And the difference between the regular liberal versus the so-lib, econ-con is that, the former is willing to pay for what his philosophy produces.

I am voting for Newt

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Thought For Today.
"Time to admit the truth: Here in 21st c. America when most liberals and moderates say, "We should be ‘civilized’, they mean nothing more than "You should not hurt my physical body, steal my money/property, or insult my ego/feelings, but you can commit and/or tolerate (non-judgementalism) all the adultry, fornication, baby-murders, porn-watching, gambling, boozing, Los Vegas whoring, sodomizing, cussing, divorcing, and anything else you want to do and still be civilized. Liberals and moderates are the biggest Hypocrites on the face of the earth. __Jack H.

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