Why I am Catholic

Having sex with teenagers before the age of 18 is called rape.

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Yes, statutory rape. That’s true too.

This thread was ugly. Watching some conservatives side with liberal media and use liberal tactics to attack the biggest defender of Life and Jesus and traditional marriage on the planet made me so angry I quit for a while. I almost wish you had not revived the thread.

And priests do it less frequently than teachers.

But teachers (nor schools) get this kind of negative coverage.

It’s almost like it… has an agenda? Selling a narrative?

Cardinal Pell was recently judged “innocent” down in Australia. Thank God for that.
A man shouldn’t be sacrificed on the media’s alter.

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I appreciate your response.

I’m Catholic, I’m defending my own. CT is too, but she’s not… on top of where the Church is at, at times.

You should like this:

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When I was 6 years old, my mother wanted me to be everything but a Communist. She scrimped so that she could pay for my dancing lessons, violin lessons and WANTED me to take voice lessons as I had a beautiful, soprano singing voice. She saw an ad in the newspaper that Christ Church on Monument Circle in Indianapolis was advertising for boy sopranos for its all-male choir so she took me downtown to audition. I was accepted and began to sing in that choir under the auspices of the choirmaster, Father Weldon. Christ Church was “high church” Episcopalian. Over time, I became enamored with the church and eventually underwent confirmation–“The laying on of hands”–by the bishop. When my voice changed…and after we’d moved out of the city into a rural area…I changed churches and the parish priest agreed to serve as my Godfather at confirmation. He encouraged me to become an acolyte (altar boy) which I did. There was a time when I considered BECOMING an Episcopal priest and a church member even offered to pay my way through college and seminary so I COULD. Instead, I joined the Army where I continued my participation as an Episcopalian until after my son was born in 1964. I began to become somewhat disenchanted with the NATIONAL church as I saw it’s leftward drift and I’d lost contact with my Godfather who had left the priesthood and became the City Manager of a medium-sized home-rule city in Indiana. The church abandoned the 1928 Book of Common Prayer for something more “gender-neutral”, which I HATED. The final straw for me was when an Eastern U.S. dioceses “consecrated” a lesbian BISHOP. I haven’t been back.

Can you tell me in what way(s) I am not “on top” of the Church these days?

Truly, the crisis in the Catholic Church is real and the problem of pedophile priests is also real, although there are many false accusations. What I want to say is that there are many other Churches and organizations whose sexual abuse far exceeds that of the Catholic Church. Saw a special documentary on the sexual abuse in the Jehovah’s Witness group. It is 100x worse. The hierarchy of this group is complacent in the silencing of the abused. This is just one example, yet the media insists on focusing on the Catholic Church. A little biased maybe?

DON’T START WITH THIS AGAIN PLEASE! That is a lie, and this thread is MY share about MY faith. This garbage was why I left the forum in the first place last year. Don’t make me leave again please.

If you feel the need to attack the Church then do me the courtesy of starting your own thread for your leftwing fake news attack if you must, but please not in my thread. This is MY thread about ME and MY FAITH!!

Because the Catholic Church has no problem with Evolution. Even St. John Paul II called it completely compatible with the faith.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who is a doctor of the Church, also acknowledged that humans might not have originated from just two people.

Oh yes, I love Bishop Barron’s dissection of Cohen Brother films.

“A Serious Man” and “True Grit (remake)” talks still stick with me.

And his talk with Jordan Peterson was something I much anticipated.

Churches have a moral obligation to maintain standards that are far above other organizations. When a church becomes morally corrupt and covers up despicable behavior, it MUST be made accountable.

As I posted earlier, I kept up this story when I lived in the Boston area where that are many Catholics. The facts are indisputable. There were repeat offender priests, and the church leadership, Cardinal Law, systematically covered it up and moved the bad actors from one church to another. A responsible leader would have removed these people from the priesthood, but Cardinal Law didn’t.

Once this came to light, a principled church leadership would have defrocked Cardinal Law for what he did. They didn’t. Instead they kicked him up stairs to the Vatican.

You people with your wagons circled around your position can attack me all you want. I remember what it’s like to be child. Some aspects of it are care-free, but you also lack the power to fix some things that are not right. As I said in 2018, I can’t imagine how bad it must have been for children who were abused in the 1950’s and ‘60s. There is no excuse for it.

Claiming that other organizations have the same problem does not excuse it. Claiming that the news media made it seem larger than is (Which I doubt) does not excuse it. Claiming that this is “a conservative political issue” most certainly doesn’t excuse it. Terrible sins were committed here, and making excuses for them, instead of addressing the issue, is morally wrong. In fact it’s more than wrong, it’s reprehensible.

You posted fake news garbage in the best tradition of a liberal hack. You spewed out lies and garbage and revealed your stupidity and hate.

Like many such as you, you howl and moan and cry about the fake news tactics used by the Left against Trump, and then you immediately adopt them and join them when your hate for Catholicism needs to be excersized. You are the very enemy we all hate. You can pretty much go F Yourself you hypocrite.

Like I told the other guy, if you insist on spewing out your hate and fake news, start a thread about it. Maybe you two can get a room. Start your own thread about pedophelia since thats all you want to talk about.

Back to the thread topic:

Why I am Catholic
(A brief excerpt from the booklet “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth”)


Among the Christian churches, only the Catholic Church has existed since the time of Jesus. Every other Christian church is an offshoot of the Catholic Church. The Eastern Orthodox churches broke away from unity with the pope in 1054. The Protestant churches were established during the Reformation, which began in 1517. (Most of today’s Protestant churches are actually offshoots of the original Protestant offshoots.)

Only the Catholic Church existed in the tenth century, in the fifth century, and in the first century, faithfully teaching the doctrines given by Christ to the apostles, omitting nothing. The line of popes can be traced back, in unbroken succession, to Peter himself. This is unequaled by any institution in history.

Even the oldest government is new compared to the papacy, and the churches that send out door-to-door missionaries are young compared to the Catholic Church. Many of these churches began as recently as the nineteenth or twentieth centuries. Some even began during your own lifetime. None of them can claim to be the Church Jesus established.

The Catholic Church has existed for nearly 2,000 years, despite constant opposition from the world. This is testimony to the Church’s divine origin. It must be more than a merely human organization, especially considering that its human members— even some of its leaders—have been unwise, corrupt, or prone to heresy.

Any merely human organization with such members would have collapsed early on. The Catholic Church is today the most vigorous church in the world (and the largest, with a billion members: one sixth of the human race), and that is testimony not to the cleverness of the Church’s leaders, but to the protection of the Holy Spirit.


If we wish to locate the Church founded by Jesus, we need to locate the one that has the four chief marks or qualities of his Church. The Church we seek must be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

The Church Is One (Rom. 12:5, 1 Cor. 10:17, 12:13)
Jesus established only one Church, not a collection of differing churches. The Bible says the Church is the bride of Christ (Eph. 5:23–32). Jesus can have but one spouse, and his spouse is the Catholic Church. His Church also teaches just one set of doctrines, which must be the same as those taught by the apostles (Jude 3). This is the unity of belief to which Scripture calls us (Phil. 1:27, 2:2). Over the centuries, as doctrines are examined more fully, the Church comes to understand them more deeply (John 16:12–13), but it never understands them to mean the opposite of what they once meant.

The Church Is Holy (Eph. 5:25–27, Rev. 19:7–8)
By his grace Jesus makes the Church holy, just as he is holy. This doesn’t mean that each member is always holy. Jesus said there would be both good and bad members in the Church (John 6:70), and not all the members would go to heaven (Matt. 7:21–23). But the Church itself is holy because it is the source of holiness and is the guardian of the special means of grace Jesus established, the sacraments (cf. Eph. 5:26).

The Church Is Catholic (Matt. 28:19–20, Rev. 5:9–10)
Jesus’ Church is called catholic (“universal” in Greek) because it is his gift to all people. He told his apostles to go throughout the world and make disciples of “all nations” (Matt. 28:19–20). For 2,000 years the Catholic Church has carried out this mission, preaching the good news that Christ died for all men and that he wants all of us to be members of his universal family (Gal. 3:28). Nowadays the Catholic Church is found in every country of the world and is still sending out missionaries to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). The Church Jesus established was known by its most common title, “the Catholic Church,” at least as early as the year 107, when Ignatius of Antioch used that title to describe the one Church Jesus founded. The title apparently was old in Ignatius’s time, which means it probably went all the way back to the time of the apostles.

The Church Is Apostolic (Eph. 2:19–20)
The Church Jesus founded is apostolic because he appointed the apostles to be the first leaders of the Church, and their successors were to be its future leaders. The apostles were the first bishops, and, since the first century, there has been an unbroken line of Catholic bishops faithfully handing on what the apostles taught the first Christians in Scripture and oral Tradition (2 Tim. 2:2). These beliefs include the bodily Resurrection of Jesus, the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the sacrificial nature of the Mass, the forgiveness of sins through a priest, baptismal regeneration, the existence of purgatory, Mary’s special role, and much more —even the doctrine of apostolic succession itself. Early Christian writings prove the first Christians were thoroughly Catholic in belief and practice and looked to the successors of the apostles as their leaders. What these first Christians believed is still believed by the Catholic Church. No other Church can make that claim.

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth

Man’s ingenuity cannot account for this. The Church has remained one, holy, catholic, and apostolic—not through man’s effort, but because God preserves the Church he established (Matt. 16:18, 28:20). He guided the Israelites on their escape from Egypt by giving them a pillar of fire to light their way across the dark wilderness (Exod. 13:21). Today he guides us through his Catholic Church.

The Bible, sacred Tradition, and the writings of the earliest Christians testify that the Church teaches with Jesus’ authority. In this age of countless competing religions, each clamoring for attention, one voice rises above the din: the Catholic Church, which the Bible calls “the pillar and foundation of truth” (1 Tim. 3:15).

Jesus assured the apostles and their successors, the popes and the bishops, “He who listens to you listens to me, and he who rejects you rejects me” (Luke 10:16). Jesus promised to guide his Church into all truth (John 16:12–13). We can have confidence that his Church teaches only the truth.


EXCERPT SOURCE: https://www.catholic.com/tract/pillar-of-fire-pillar-of-truth

The fact that you don’t agree with a news story does not make it “fake news.”

I followed this story closely when I was in Boston. I saw this “Father Porter” character, who was convicted and sent to prison, act defiantly after he was outed. He had no contrition whatsoever for what he had done. Neither to Cardinal Law. His conduct was totally disgusting.

The final proof is that the Catholic Church has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. An organization does not do that when it is innocent.

Have you forgotten that I am a Trump supporter and one your side politically?

Historically religion and morality have not always been on the same side. People have used religion to justify slavery. The Catholic Church used it to justify torture during the Spanish Inquisition. The medieval church insisted the earth was at the center of solar system. Pope Pius XII did not come off looking so well with respect to Hitler during World War II.

The Catholic Church is not perfect. No church is perfect because it is run by human beings. We all make mistakes. Unless you are religious fanatic who has decided to live life with blinders on, you would do well to acknowledge that, work to make the institution better.

I know that you are going to be mad as hell after you have read this. Frankly I don’t care. A man or woman who ignores or covers up wrong doing is as bad or almost as bad as the people who commit the crime. That’s what Cardinal Law did in Boston, and for that he was justly run out of town.

You just don’t have a shred of respect do you. You are no better than the fake news baby-killers. You may think you are but you are not.

I never said that you garbage is fake news just because I don’t agree with it! It is fake news BECAUSE IT IS FAKE NEWS!! You got it all from fake news outlets, the same ones you never believe regarding Trump, and the stats paint a whole different story.

I explained it all 2 years ago in this very thread but you hatemongers don’t want to know the facts. You suffer from the Catholic version of Trump Derrangement Syndrome. No fact or truth will shake your disgusting bigoted bias.

For the third time: Like I told the other guy, if you insist on spewing out your hate and fake news, start a thread about it. Maybe you two can get a room. Start your own thread about pedophelia since thats all you want to talk about. But keep your filthy lies out of MY thread which is about MY faith ad MY beliefs.

It is obvious that you are a religious fanatic. There is not debating with a person who throws all logic to the wind in the name of his or her religion. For you, the Catholic Church can do no wrong. Even the current Pope has acknowledged that wrongs were committed, but that means nothing to you.

The Christian religion is all about love and understanding. I don’t see much love coming out of you on this issue. You are mostly spewing hate and vitriol.

I done with you on this issue. All you can do is spew hate like Omar and Tlaib.