Why I am Catholic


So, you are going to support the pedophile priests and the higherups who concealed their despicable behavior because you are a Catholic and will condemn those who report reprehensible behavior toward children by the Catholic clergy. That is sick.

You had best re-think your position. You are not that many steps away from the radical Muslins who strap bombs on children use them in suicide missions because it supports their religion. For them their religion is more important than morality.

If you are done with us because we won’t blindly follow you, then so be it.


However, regardless of what the MEDICAL system uses as a definition, the LEGAL definition is having sex with someone UNDER the age of consent. Remember that the “medical system” doesn’t even acknowledge that homosexuality is even a neurosis or psychosis any longer, when it has been so defined by that same medical system for at LEAST the last 200 years…if not 3,000. Gayness is unnatural. the Bible says it is, and most medical practitioners USED to say so, too, until the APA finally got enough gays on its board to change its definitions.


The insuation that you’re still saying the Catholic suffer disproportionately from this, when it doesn’t.

Other churches, and other organizations are just as bad, if not worse.

It’s the law of averages at work; the rest is the media creating a spotlight fallacy. Just like “mass shooters” do with gun violence.


No, I did not say that at all, Alaskaslim. You too are in denial about this issue. A church is supposed to stand for and propagate morality, not cover up immortality. Your logic behind this appears to be, “Everybody has this problem, therefore none of the Catholic Clergy should be condemned for committing this major transgression.”

If that’s your position, it’s wrong, and we shall agree to disagree.


You just did it again.

The Catholic Church has no more often instigated “cover ups” than anyone else. Priests were moved to treatment centers at the behest of Behavioral Psychologists, who thought this was better than treating it as a crime.

The Catholic Church making an error, in the face of a problem they weren’t equipped to handle, based on advice everyone else was also following? The culpability is very low.

And I don’t follow what “condemned” is supposed to mean here. Priests and Bishops involved are stripped of their position, and now since abandoning the B. Psych advice, are reported to the police. Do you mean Bishops or the Pope offering them Forgiveness? This is a bloody church, if they aren’t offering mercy to sinners, who else in society is going to?


BS. More often than not, priests were moved to OTHER SEES rather than your fantasy “treatment centers,” apparently on the theory of “out of sight, out of mind.”


@TrumpTrain didn’t say or imply that.

I can’t believe @Alaska_Slim is actually making more cogent arguments than the conservative faithful.


You people disgust me. The image of the Catholic Church is more important to you that the welfare of the children. If that is conservatism, then you need to add NAMBLA to your organization. SICK!

I am done with this discussion. You people can wallow in the filth with your amoral, pediphile priests. This is truly the dark side of conservatism.


Why are you pushing that charge? What supports it? Why do you think you’re more holy than others?

In John 8, the scribes and the Pharisees found a woman who had been caught in adultery and they were going to stone her to death, in accordance with the law in the Word of God. But Jesus the Lord said in verse 7, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” Does Jesus disgust you too?

If I thought even a small percentage of Catholics were unconcerned about the victims, I would join you in your disgust. But I am hopeful that the number of victims is very small compared to the number that learn of Christ’s payment and forgiveness for their own sin, and that most Catholics want to please God.

I’m not a fan of the Roman Catholic denomination because of their dependence on the trappings of religion and hierarchy. But I’m horrified at the boldness of the media to use this wedge issue to generate and fan the flames of hated for them.


You are more concerned with the media than with the church. When I lived in Boston there are hundreds of victims that came forward, not just a few. The abuse of chronic and systematic, and the response was to cover up what was happening. The church has paid tens of millions of dollars in damages. This is not a minor issue.

As I said in my very first post, I can’t imagine how hard it must of been for those children who being abused. I had been in their place, I could have gone to my dad, and he would have listened to me. Having known some Boston area Catholics, I doubt if they would have believed their kids because the church has so much infleuce over them.

I have my issues with the media, but on this issue, they are spot on. If you don’t care about the kids and want to play politics with this, go ahead. But that attitude is not going to fix the problem.


They’re shipped off to the Jemez Springs facility in New Mexico, And yeah, and what they did there (in hindsight) didn’t work most of the time. Priests once “cleared” by the Psychologists, were then let back into another diocese.

Look it up Dave, you know too little here.


I’m more concerned with the Truth.

I know what the Church has been doing, I know their logic, and what they got wrong.

Knowing those things shows the real picture.


Nonsense, of course. Pedophile priests who diddled altar boys in Bolivia were sent to Argentina (and vice versa). They weren’t sent to New Mexico first. Wake up and smell the coffee, AS. YOU don’t know what you’re talking about here.


? You moved the damn goal posts. I’m talking about how a particular diocese handled the problem. Of course the Church in a different country will send their people somewhere other than New Mexico. No. duh.

You’re pulling obfuscation BS now.

Says the johnny-come-lately to the person who lives here.

You never even heard of the Jemez Springs facility until I mentioned it, did you Dave?

Well it exists:


No, nor do I CARE about “Jemez Springs.” It obviously isn’t very successful in its mandate. The same priests who were guilty of fooling around with kids in Philly, after being sent there are being found guilty of fooling around with kids in Miami.


In Boston the vast majority if them won’t shipped off anywhere. Cardinal Law moved them from church to church, and they repeated their crimes.

One of them, a Father Porter, abused untold numbers of children, reportedly in the hundreds over several decades. He was arrested and convicted of child molestation. While in prison another inmate killed him. From what I have read, that is not unusual for child molesters in prison.


Wow, It’s almost like I already said this, and you just ignored it.

He was in New Mexico at the facility. He was later posted in the State, and created new victims right there in New Mexico. He was “hospitalized” multiple times.



While I have no doubt that it happens elsewhere, the fact is that the Catholic Church’s size and organization makes it more vulnerable than most churches and organization in terms of insulating the perps from consequences. Is the media overblowing it? Yeah, probably. But we need to be careful not to go to the other extreme.


I don’t think most of the people debating you are saying that “the image of the Catholic Church is more important to (them) than the welfare of the children;” you pulled that out of the air.

And for the record, I’m not a Catholic, and I am a victim of child sexual abuse.


I was Roman Catholic in my youth. (I’ve since been excommunicated likely for sure for being yoked with the devil . . . I’m just a plain vanilla Christian now).

I never was a victim, but I remember while I was waiting in the schoolyard for my bus one time, a priest in our Parish (who was notorious for having a red nose and always being drunk) asked me if I wanted to go see his room in the rectory. At the time, I was about 10 years old. I looked on it as an innocent request by him, and actually felt quite honored that he would single me out. I would have said yes, except I was late for my bus and didn’t want to have to walk home, so I said “No thank you, I don’t want to miss my bus.”

He replied that he would drive me home if I missed my bus. I thought about that for a second, and still replied, “No thank you.” Had I not been so preoccupied with making my bus, I might have said, “OK”

Looking back on it years later, I’m glad I was late for my bus. I think I dodged a bullet there.

But I can see how young boys were enticed by these scoundrels, and I can see how they were duped into going along.

Phewwww . . .