Why I changed my Opinion on China


This man has spent several years living there, and has married into a Chinese family. He’s witnessed the transition there from 2008 to ~2018.


I’m beginning to have the feeling that China is preparing to “go to the mattresses”, lock down and “thin the herd”, rather than cave to Trump’s reforms. Their final disposition of Hong Kong will tell the tale.

Ps I think this guy got out while the gettin’ was good.


They’re going to wait it out; Carrie Lam has revealed that much.


The guy in the first video didn’t actually say when he left China, so I wonder if it was before or after President Trump levied the tariffs. Apparently they’re putting a big squeeze on the Chinese economy in addition to whatever problems they had before.

The Chinese may be just enduring the pain in hopes that President Trump loses the election next year. That gives them strong incentive to interfere with our election to try to achieve that outcome. I hope we’re prepared.