Why is France Betting on Nuclear Again?


  1. France is the highest producing nation of Nuclear power in the world, 70% of their power comes from it.

  2. It’s cheaper to continue upgrading and expanding their current plants, rather than simply shutting them down.

What’s more intriguing, is that there’s a fight in the European Union over the “taxonomy” of power sources, as to which can be classified as “Environmentally friendly”, and will therefore qualify for subsidies.

France is for Nuclear, Germany is for Natural Gas (because it’s cleaner than coal).

I’m kind of wondering if they’ll do both, and if they’ll finally get rid of those coal plants they converted to burn wood pellets.

Nuclear is good. Once and a while France is able to push back against dopey stupid Leftists. They did with the Mooslim veils and they are with this. We could have done the same if it weren’t for the morons on the Left