Why is the government out to destroy vaping?


Great points I never thunk of before though it seems obvious.

If a new delivery-room procedure reduced deaths of mothers during labor by 95%, CNN and “60 Minutes” would do special hour-long tributes and the new technique would quickly become mandatory.
If a new safety gadget inside automobiles were demonstrated to reduced fatalities by 95%, it would be talked up as a miracle of the age and be installed in every car.
And yet, years ago along came a device that reduces harm from smoking by 95%. The reaction has been silence at times, outright suppression at others. There have been plenty of lies to accompany this bizarre smear campaign.

Why is the government out to destroy vaping? | New York Post


Genie’s already out of the bottle. No way they shut this down.

Odds are, they’re worried about lost cigarette tax money. If they can slap an equal tax on vaping, they’ll be perfectly happy.


They don’t want to “destroy vaping” any more than they want to “Destroy Smoking”, what they want is to get lies established about Vaping that will become as readily accepted as the lies they tell about smoking so Voters will support an endless barrage of ever increasing taxation and regulations on Vaping.

The Left only have one play and the truth is never part of their execution of that play.


You both speak truly. Funny part, CW, is that original reasoning behind cigarette taxes cannot logically be applied to vaping. The Democrats in my state aren’t letting that stop them though. Most of them (with the exception of a couple of Senators who are slowly modifying their opinions) just equate them anyway. One of them told a lobbyist directly that cigarette revenues are down, and he expected the vaping industry to pick up the slack. It has nothing, nada, zilch, to do with public health.

Meanwhile American public health officials keep lying or spreading misinformation in pure ignorance. The truth is that vaping is a modern miracle that should have been developed in the 1960s when it was actually invented.


That’s because you live in West Coast Whacko Land!

Honestly, they’ll start taxing it all everywhere eventually.

Lately I’ve been vaping a cinnamon flavor. Good stuff! Still at 0% level, so it’s just for the flavor now really.


Mixing my own juice. Started doing it in response to the pending FDA rules (which now has an amendment changing the grandfather date) – and state taxes (which died in committee). Mostly using raspberry, lemon and peach flavors hehe.