Why isn't James Buchanan on my worst presidential candidates list?

After I moved from Franklin Pierce to the 1872 electionchoice I thought about James Buchanan. Many historians rate him as the worstpresident of all. The reason is that he did nothing to discourage the countryfrom its drift toward the Civil War and after the southern states started leavingthe Union, he did nothing to prevent it. In fact he turned a blind eye to thefact that his secretary of war was allowed the Confederacy to take arms fromUnion stores.

So why didn’t Buchanan make my list. His resume. He had thebest list of offices held of any presidential candidate. Here it is:

· Congressman
· U.S. Senator
· Ambassador to Great Britain
· Ambassador to Russia
· Secretary of state

It’s no wonder that his supporters issued this piece whichstates, “Buchanan, the crisis demands his election.” The trouble waswith all of those qualifications, he was nothing but an empty suit.

And here is the Buchanan resume piece:

I see nothing on his resume to indicate that he was remotely qualified for an Executive position anywhere, much less the office of the Presidency; Bureaucrats and those elected to bodies which guarantee that they cannot act or be accountable for actions as an individual have no experience to draw on when decisions must be made without the cover provided by numbers.

That’s how you might view it, but for Hillary the fact that she was senator from a big state like New York and secretary of state make her “presidential timber.”

I know you don’t like Trump, but the fact that he has never held public office disqualifies him. Believe me you will see that when the people in the press, who are THE experts, put that in their endorsements.

Incidentally there was a Fox News piece from dumb ass liberal, Ted Koppel, about how the “common people” have no right post their opinions on the Internet because the people in the main stream media are the only people who know enough to express an opinion. Talk about an example of an elitist jack ass kicking his hind legs up in an empty field, there is one.

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According to who and by what standard would being a Senator and someones who is responsible to do exactly what their boss tells them to do be qualifications for an Executive Position?

Who “in the press” would know anything about what it takes to be an Executive?

I’ve tried to explain to you and have obviously failed.

I’ll leave you with this. The last time a person, who had no experience in public office, won a major party presidential nomination was in 1940 when Wendell Willkie got the GOP nomination. Some might say the Eisenhower would qualify, but he was a five-star general which was clearly a top government position. Looks like Trump will be next nominee from the private sector.

If you look through the entire list of presidents, from Washington to Obama, not one had experience that was rooted entirely in the private sector. They were mostly career politicians or Army generals.

Experience does matter, even if you have not done that well with the offices you have held. Just go out and try to find a job without experience in the job field you are seeking. It’s very hard.

Eisenhower was a General which is an “Executive” position, not a “high government position”; you stated what you considered to be a great resume but you offered nothing as to why you considered these things to be solid qualifications.

I have not said that we have a long history of electing political outsiders, but I have argued that your criteria for determining what is good experience for an executive position is non sensical; executive positions are nothing like bureaucratic positions.

That is why former Governors and Generals have made up most of our better Presidents, there are few exceptions and for quite logical reasons.

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We are on the same page. My implication that the offices Buchanan held qualified him to be president were nothing but an empty resume. But if you were a voter in the 1856 election, you might have thought that he was qualified to deal with the crisis, which was what the Buchanan campaign medalet stated. In fact he was a political hack who had run for president until his time came around.