Why isn't this all over the news?

I wasn’t talking to you, and his “list” needed sorting.

Nope, the exercise the astronauts do on the ISS is not strenuous it’s simply functional.

It never rises to level of what I do at CrossFit, not even close.

If you’re fat and too lazy to do the bare minimum, fine, don’t go to Mars. That has nothing to do with Mars being a harsh place to live, and everything to do with the person in question not caring enough.

In microgravity? It might as well be. The effects are far more accelerated compared to living in 38%. The point stands.

It’s literally how we propose doing this in orbit with spacecraft just as seen in 2001, so saying it wouldn’t be enough on a planet with gravity of its own isn’t sounding consistent.

Sabatier is not high tech. Nor are the filters for stripping O2 from CO2, we’ve had them working here for decades.

Nor is using a pickax to go gather Ice.

Vertical farming is so robust that the other Musk’s business model is literally running everything out of shipping containers.

The only failure point is the shelters which are planned to be built before any colonists arrive.

And if they did somehow fail, turns out you still have the huge rocket you came in.

64 mph at best winds, and the sand is not travelling even that fast because atmospheric density matters when it comes how much force it can impart to other objects.

Even outright tornados on Mars are the equivalent of a gentle breeze on Earth.

Another first.

Making oxygen on mars!

LOL isn’t that just like the left. LOLOL

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To answer the question posed, I don’t think this is all over the news because nobody cares. Speaking for myself, I don’t even care what’s going on in my neighboring countries let alone another planet.