Why Leftists Resort To Violence at Trump Rallies!


Dear Suh,
It has come to my attention that certain low living types are inciting VIOLENCE at Mr.Trump’s rallies. This should NOT surprise me, because I am a big fan of HISTORY. I remember certain past socialists types (I don’t suppose you remembered that Nationalist Socialist Party was abbreviated to “NAZI” back in the 1920’s???) and their disruptive activities. Hold a rally that was not officially approved of by government and watch the Brownshirts come in,swinging their billy clubs! How about dear old Joe Stalin??? Disrupting political rallies caused him to change his name in order to avoid being arrested for subversion. And Trotsky, Lenin, and Mao: all big at stirring up trouble at public functions! Mussolini, the Italian Fascist, (who looks a lot like Don Trump, if’n you ask me) was real big at this stuff.
So, if we can expect this at legal rallies, done by illegal protesters, what can be done?
Some suggestions:
Ignore 'em.
If that doesn’t work, we must turn the other cheek…
Help them into the ambulance with a firm hand, either left, right or a combination.
I mean, come on,baby! WE DONE LIVED THROUGH THE OBAMA YEARS! How they going to scare US???:freaked:

With love,
Senator Filibuster Foghorn


The answer to this post’s question is very simple - Unlike those on the Right who do not show up and disrupt political speech, the Left often resorts to disruption for one simple reason - they can’t win a fact-based debate on the merits of their arguments.


It’s really more the “riot first” culture that you see in a lot of black, urban areas. You don’t see liberals pulling this stuff in black areas of Virginia or white areas at all.


Trump gives them the reaction they want. He’s combative and belligerent and engages them rather than ignoring them. Good crowd control and a better attitude would have stopped this stuff. But because “Trump protestor kicked out of rally” gets headlines, he’s ultimately using them to gather that air time and soar upwards in the polls, not caring about the violence they cause at his rallies.


Your point is well taken. The other factor involved is that they can get away with it. All the democrats, most of the media and now even a few Republicans consider them to be 1st amendment poster children and victims of that terrible man Trump.