Why lie about something so dumb?


It’s completely irrelevant how accurate Neilson is to his claim. Neilson could be just as inaccurate for past speeches as well. You want me to believe that if Obama had claimed his 2010 speech was "the most watch SotU speech ever, that you’d say, “well, Neilson numbers aren’t definitive, so I think his claims are accurate”.

And I’m the partisain…lol

The fact is, there is no reason to believe that the President actually knows, not only what his ratings were, but by whatever numbers you try to use to elevate his numbers (like internet viewership), that Trump knows that those numbers (for example how many people watched Obama on the internet).

Just admit it was a lie.


Of COURSE he has access to it and the media doesn’t. Are you REALLY this obtuse in real life?


What happened to all the “leaks”? You can’t have it both ways.

And if he has access to it, why not release it (hint because he doesn’t have it)?


What have “leaks” to do with whether or not the President has access to this information? Another effort to change the subject?


What subject am I changing? The TV ratings have POTUS well short of a “record”.

You and Q claim the President has access to information about how many people watched the SotU online and that makes his claim about being the most watched SotU true rather than the blatant lie it appears to be (since his TV stats are some 17 million short of being a record) AND you believe those secret statistics show that the SotU was watched by more than 17 million online AND that past POTUS’ didn’t have a large enough online audience to add to their totals (also info that present POTUS should have access too).

But if those statistics exist, where are they? Are they secret government stats? The media doesn’t have them, if they did, at the very least Fox or Breitbart should post them, right? The only other possibility is that someone in the government told POTUS but didn’t make them public, but according to many here, the government leaks like a sieve (which is why, according to some here, their cant be any unknown evidence of wrongdoing related to Russia which we simply don’t know, because, as the claim goes, that information would have been made public).

So which is it? POTUS lied about his SotU being most watched ever, or the government can keep a secret?


Nah, I’ve decided, out of pure personal dislike, that you just lied, just like you are assuming the president lied because of your personal hatred of him. It can’t be a simple mistake, it must be motivated by your pure, unrepentantly evil nature.



We’ve had two years of Donald Trump being misquoted by the media, the democrats and the NT republicrats e.q. Mexican rapists, Moslem ban, Charlotsville riots etc. This is tens, no hundreds of thousands of lies. Donald Trump speaks his mind and occasionally exagerates but he gets his point across. If he didn’t get it right about his audience size, and I don’t know if he did or not, nobody outside the Trump haters cares. There is no moral equivalency between the two groups of ‘lies’.


When you can’t attack the content of my post you resort to attacking me calling me “evil”.

Since you didn’t leave me anything to address, allow me to reply.

My “evil nature” or by your pure willful ignorance?


The President has lied over 2000 times since he’s been in office. He averages something like 5 lies a day.


Mostly trivial exaggerations. And the ratio of 2000 to hundreds of thousands of substantive libelous lies by his opponents is what 1/2 of 1 percent?


Mostly not trivial exaggerations, but let’s just agree that we aren’t going to agree.

As far as liberal lies. I’ll be honest, liberals absolutely tell lies and I won’t pretend that they don’t, but having said that, Trump isn’t alone (though he is the worst) when it comes to lying on the right.

But back to my claim that Trump lied about his SotU address. Its a silly lie along with lots of other silly lies (that are easily discredited). Credibility in the toilet.


They are virtually ALL trivial exaggerations, CSB. If they weren’t, his base would be leaving him in droves…and they’re not. In fact, I submit that his base is actually GROWING as people recognize that he’s been great for America and Americans. I submit that if ANY SOTU speech were subjected to the same level of scrutiny that President Trump’s was, it would be found full of “lies” and “misrepresentations”…especially Obama’s, for example.


Whatever you think of them personally, let’s avoid accusations of RO members lying, please. Saying that whatever they’ve posted is wrong or nonsense or whatever is fine; but let’s not get into personal accusations of lying. The general rule is: Attack the post, not the poster.


Saying that a speech was the “most watched ever” is not the same thing as saying a speech had the “highest live TV viewership level ever”.

There has never been a formal Executive Branch address that I have missed since 1984, at one time this was extremely difficult because I had to find a TV or Radio station with clear reception at a specific time.

Not so today, the day after the State of the Union address by Trump I simply said “Alexa, play yesterday’s State of the Union address” from my living room chair and my wife, my youngest son and I listened to it together.

The amount of news that I consume has never decreased but I get almost none of it from television anymore, according to every study I have seen I am not unique in this; the internet and the radio are my main sources for news now and many are doing the same.

You have not “exposed a lie” by citing Nielsen ratings because Trumps claim had nothing to do with live TV viewership, your “facts” don’t address his claim and your assumption that Trump ignoring your accusation instead of refuting it must mean he was lying is ridiculous; Trump mocks his enemies he doesn’t lend them credibility.

I often write posts that are argumentative, but I don’t respond to every post that opposes my argument; only those that actually address what I wrote or that appear to credibly refute what I wrote.

All the responses that ignore my content and context in an attempt to misdirect or move the goalposts have no credibility on their own so I don’t lend them any credibility by pretending they were offered in good conscience with good motives.

The absence of a response is not evidence that an accusation is credible, it is evidence that the accuser has offered no credible or relevant criticism.


Amazingly there are folks, apparently a lot of them, that have no clue what the word lie means. I have gone through a bunch of liberals over on the FOX news opinion page, that when pressed to the wall cannot name one actual lie Trump has told. They will usually do mis-direction comments or jump around the subject but not one lie. I called a lady today who repeats the same exhibit regarding Mexico paying for the wall. Well Has the wall been built yet??? Of course not, so where is the lie? There seem to be folks here who do the same thing, and frankly, I grew tired of trying to dissect their arguments when there is nothing to dissect. AS far as how many watched the SOTU, who the heck cares, and how does anybody actually know just what the actual number did watch either delayed videos or the real thing? What these people do is pretend they are smart, when in fact they have no argument to work with.


Just plain false.

Trump specifically referred to the number of people that watched on TV, 45.6 million and then said it was “the most watched”.

It’s absolutely amazing the mental gymnastics you guys are willing to do for this man.

Why not just admit he lied?


Oh, so in your mind, it’s not a lie as long as you don’t care.


No, my question is why do YOU care? I didn’t watch it live because I was working at the time. I DVRed it, as did millions of others and DVR viewings are NOT counted in the Nielson ratings, in part because you need a cable system or similar provider in order to DVR programming. In fact, I re-watched it again yesterday before deleting it to make room for other programs.


His who-cares remark wasn’t about whether or not it was a lie; it was forwarding the premise that the issue is a mountain made out of a molehill (if there was a molehill; I don’t have an opinion one way or the other).


Mr Brown You try to format lies out of minutia and that is foolish. You argue just to show folks how smart you are. Enough.