Why lie about something so dumb?


I think CSB’s someone-to-argue-with comment was only intended in jest. I strongly disagree with him on various issues, but I don’t think he’s disagreeable; at least not any more than the next guy. We all get passionate about some subjects, and sometimes our passion makes us less careful than we ought to be in articulating it.


It’s not. I like knowing what you guys think and I’m always interested in finding things we agree on just as much as I’m interested in debating topics we don’t. I admit there are a few threads that I’ve started where I think the answer to a question is so obvious that the logic of it cannot be denied and someone finds a way to deny it anyway. I can see how those threads might be received as provocative, but it’s really in the spirit of good debate. Out of respect, I didn’t post anything about my non-belief in god for at least a year and I’ve never ridiculed anyone for it directly or indirectly and it’s not a topic I dwell on, again out of respect.

I’ve always tried to follow the rules, though I may have had a few minor infractions that Devilneck set me straight on. I’ve made few comments in frustration after heated debates (and had more than a few tossed at me), but I’ve always tried to observe a certain level of decorum.

So for what it’s worth, I’m not here just to provoke anyone and I enjoy removing myself from the echo-chambers I frequent.

I admin my own page and I take the same approach. Though the forum is dedicated to economics, I’m frequently asked to ban certain users, but I make it clear that we welcome dissenting opinions.

As much as a fervently disagree with many of the posts here, I do respect the policy of debate even when there is disagreement. I’ve been thrown out of at least a half-dozen other “right-leaning” sites where mods just didn’t want to hear what I had to say.




Debate is all well and good, but ultimately pointless. The D.C. machine, and the various state capital ‘good ol’ boys networks’ are going to keep on doing the exact same things regardless. Our voices become inaudible to politicians before they are sworn in: who can hear a few discontented plebes over the mighty KA-CHING of the special interest cash registers? So, really, we’re all just venting here. Nothing to take seriously.

EDIT: That’s why I post so much less, these days, and put so much less effort into my responses. I’m really just here to keep up with a few folks that I came to like over the years, and see what they might have to say on things. Poking leftists and anarchists is a nice bonus though :smiley:


You see this, Pappadave?


Kool . . . it sounds like that rag is going under.


Hadn’t seen it, but not surprised.


What the heck is ‘ad fraud’?


I think that is when they mislead advertisers about the size of their subscriber base or general circulation to get the account or charge more than their actual circulation would warrant?


But they’re a totally reliable news source, right?


The CNN of print.


Not necessarily. “Outsiders” sometimes read this, and some of the debates could affect their decisions.


I’m here for the people, plain and simple. The debate is just a way to fill the time. Okay, if I get to land a good one on CBS or AS, that’s well worth while :smile_cat:


Look at that, it looks like I’m going toe- to-toe with one of the big three television networks! Did you know you’re a major television network, Brown? :smiley: