Why Race Relations Got Worse


**Race Relations Getting Worse in America
The United States has never been entirely sure what to do about race. Alone among the countries in the world, it has attempted to construct not just a state of different tribes, but a nation of them — white and black, Christian and Muslim, and many others, too. Its sense of nationalism has evolved unevenly, slowly incorporating an ever growing chunk of the people within its borders, and it has made steady progress.

Yet 2016 offers reasons for unique alarm. The progress of recent decades, both political and social, appears to have evaporated in the past few years. And the problems, as so often, are focused on the two oldest classes of our poor.

This came to me via a friend and found that it was an article well written.


Sorry but I don’t really agree. I believe that the media has inflamed the situation to the extent that reason has deserted people & they have done it on purpose. On top of that the president has then done his part to do the same thing. No longer do we see stories like: “A man attacking a police officer was shot to death”. Instead they are “A black man was shot to death by a police officer”. And by the end of the day it happened the president is on the news saying that he wants an investigation to see if it’s racially motivated (thus implying that it could have been or was).
How many times have there been riots & how many times afterward were the police cleared of any & all wrongdoing? I can understand why the lefty press does it, not only do they further their agenda (getting the black vote) but they also get 2 stories (at least) out of it. And the president? Votes & creating race riots so that his political agenda is furthered.


I lay the blame on the left.

If I want to fly the Confederate Battle Banner, it’s my right to do so. If it offends, tough.
Redskins… Ole Miss… Seminoles… Braves…

Liberals have caused all of the bull caca controversy. Usually so some lawyer can get paid. Hence the love that trial lawyers have for the left.

I’m tired of them. I’m tired of the offended. I have no more patience for tolerance.


I do not disagree that the left loves to create controversy but the articles point is looking at why racism is becoming such a big thing when some 10 15 years ago it was not in the headlines like it is now.

The only people who worry about things like this are those with to much time on their hands. The working class and the poor do not care about such issue, and if left alone would never even mention the word “racist(ism)” but when the media start talking about race and how black people should be treated better or how white people are being oppressed the poor blacks and white will get roused up. They will hate the other because “Why should X get a free pass when I am busting my @$$ to make ends meet!?”. The media are to blame but you cannot fault either side for the rise of modern racism. The uneducated or those who do not have the time to research are being fed misinfortmation and we are all suffering for it.


The media are to blame but you cannot fault either side for the rise of modern racism.
I can & do.


You can blame the Democrats because they are afraid that they won’t be able to mobilize that African-American vote the way they were able to with Obama. If they can get the Black voters angry, the Dems figure they will get them out to vote. And if they don’t have to show an ID they will vote multiple times.


Race relations are worse because the Left and mediuh are EMPHASIZING race in all we do, in all our demographics.

When we emphasized being AMERICANS, we got along. Yes, there were frictions between blacks and whites. MOSTLY because of street agitators, the likes of which we’ve had since the 1930s Communists. The Southern segregationists were mostly dying by that time; and we could have had a new era.

But OTHER racial groups, melded in just fine. Who here hears about anti-Chinese or anti-Japanese discrimination? To the extent they’ve assimilated, they’ve been accepted just fine. My ex’s best friend married a Japanese sumo-wrestler type…he was adopted by a Caucasian family as an infant, grew up with a one-hundred-percent white community, and married his high-school steady. NOBODY was bothered by that. Nobody was yelling about a “Yellow Menace.”

We got REAL close to erasing the social differences between blacks and whites…but WAY too many powerful groups and people stood to lose it all. Who would need Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, if there wasn’t a grievance to keep on picking at, like a scab? When blacks succeed just like whites, who is going to want to hear about “reparations” based on skin color…Mo’ Money Fo’ Free?

The chance is blown. I think this nation is going to explode into tribalism - civil war by color-chip.


First off JustPassinThru you could be right.
After a few beers I view the whole race “problem” as kind of funny. Yes I see the problems that the blacks have. But I’m betting that the whites on WF have just about the same problems & I find it interesting that neither side seems to understand that about the other side nor want to join together. My WAG (wild ass guess) is that both side are primarily democrat because, well the democrats are the only ones who care & want to feed & house them. They don’t get that democrats are anti business & jobs are the only thing that will pull them out of the place they are at. So yes after a few beers it strikes me as funny as hell that the party they vote for is the party that will do the least for them NOW & will in fact doom them to exactly what they are protesting about. Well, not exactly because dems want to increase workers pay & that means that the poor will be worse off in the future than they are now. And again I’ll say that the dems are MASTERFUL in selling their agenda because it’s like selling poison at a higher price (making people pay a premium) to people that think that it will make them better.


One of the greatest flaws in conservative thought, even going back to Hobbes and then to Burke, is an over-emphasis on concord and stability. Liberalism has pretty clearly demonstrated that sometimes conflict is necessary. The current emphasis on race is, I think, extremely important, because minorities are being murdered and harassed. If that makes some poor racist white people angry, ok…they need to be defeated.



Conflict…over SKIN COLOR.

VERY necessary.

…if you’re a Communist. That’s their foundation - create hatred and discontent by balkanizing various groups. Marx and then Stalin tried CLASS; but that failed. The Nazis and other collectivist Leftists, differing only slightly from Communists, had far more success in using race, ethnicity or religious and cultural traditions.

You want the kind of progress that Stalin, Hitler, Castro or Chavez brings to a society?


Poor, racist white people have been angry every step of the way during the civil rights movement. MLK was despised. The lesson: don’t give in to the sensitive feelings of racists just for the purpose of concord. That’s a recipe for oppression. From the American revolution to the civil rights movement, progress and increased liberty has always required a bit of violence and conflict. The racists just need to be defeated. Who cares if they whine about it? They’re terrible people, and the morally and politically correct choice is to utterly ignore their racist concerns.


“Racist” moniker aside, it depends what people are whining about.

As my Father relayed to me, after the passing of the Civil rights act, schools in Tennessee were soon expected to send buses full of kids to different, formerly segregated schools. Not because sending them there made any kind of logistic sense, but because “inclusivity”. Parents revolted against it, and the measure was appealed.

Never mind the irony that Brown v. the Board started with a Dad who just wanted to send his kid to the school that was closest to home…


> The police acted stupidly!

Start there!:popc1:


Guess I need an interpretation?
I see nothing but a babbling, incoherent mess?


When I read more and more colleges are segregating the students at their request and telling white students they are the scourge of the world I have to wonder if getting a college education has any value anymore. Now we have a Bachelor degree in social justice well suited for working at Micky D’s or being a community organizer


Mostly by other minorities, by a freaking gigantic and insurmountable margin. Not by Whitey.

Whitey is getting murdered and harassed too, and it’s not mostly by Whitey. It’s by minorities who now feel “empowered” from all the leftist social justice bull crap that’s been shoved into their minds.

How about pushing equality. That would be all are created equal. That would mean promotion by merit. That would mean freeing all people to succeed or fail of their own accord. White privilege is a falsehood created by the left.

I’m tired of the racist crap too. I want the best man for the job. If he’s white, black, green, gay, straight, I care not. I resent that anyone should put a quota in front of ability.

It is un American, unpatriotic, and quite frankly racist for “you” (meaning the Left) to assume that just because someone is not WHITE, that they should need help.

Lefties, stick it. I’m done with this idiocy.


Has anyone given a thought how the new dynamic of changing colleges over to schools that canter to those who are offended at everything and want social justice and black studies taught rather than subjects geared to getting jobs? Well a thought occurred to me.

If our colleges go this route employers will be forced to go over seas to hire even more H1Bs because our young people will not have the education to do anything more constructive than pushing a broom and collecting welfare.


Here we go … The old leftist cliché, “To make an omelet you’ve got to break a few eggs.”

What’s wrong with working hard to get what you want and using your God given abilities to get there? What’s wrong with a true color blind society when people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin as Dr. King said in his Lincoln Memorial speech?

I know that’s dull and unappealing to a romantic leftist radical, but it’s the course to achieving an orderly and productive society.

The Trotskyite concept of “permanent revolution” is a pile of horse pucky. After every revolution there has been a chaotic period followed by the rise an authoritarian force that took charge. The English Revolution had Cromwell; the French had Robespierre and Neapolitan; and the Russian Revolution had Lenin and Stalin. None of those historical outcomes represent shining lights of human progress to me. They represent oppression and misery.

To set the record straight Thomas Hobbes and Edmund Burkewere dealing with British kings and an entrenched, often corrupt group ofBritish noblemen who made up the ruling class. The lower classes had no chancein that political environment. Bringing Hobbes and Burke into this discussionwould have been a stretch in the past, but now that we are getting our ownoligarchal government, in the form of the so-called "progressive"Democrat Party, their thoughts will come into play.


Obama has never really been a president; he’s been a community organizer who has been committed to stirring up trouble wherever he can. Remember the “beer summit” where Obama shot off his mouth about the treatment of an African-American college professor in Cambridge, Massachusetts before he knew the facts?

Remember when he ran his mouth about the Travon Martin - George Zimmerman case while the trail was in progress. Nixon caught hell for doing that when he was president, but Obama got a pass. Remember Obama’s reaction to the mess in Ferguson, Missouri? Instead of trying to calm the situation, he sent his Justice Department to see if they could find or invent some wrong doing that they could prosecute.

Obama wants to stir up racial issues because that has been his training and his upbringing. He is a creature of radical left policies. He looks for situations to exploit and wants to be offended.

That’s why race relations have deteriorated over the last seven and a half years. Obama had a wonderful opportunity to make things much better, but he blew it because he is prisoner of his left wing ideology.


It doesn’t - at least insofar as the “education” goes. (STEM degrees are required credentialing if one’s talents lie in that direction)

Black and other minority students are told of their lofty natural positions through virtue of their race and victim-status. Whites are abused as being scum of the earth. ALL of them get RAW NEO-COMMUNIST ANTIWHITE RACIST indoctrination.

White kids coming out are going to be literally deranged. Like the SJWs display. Blacks coming out will know little, because the system no longer teaches and grades are not given on merit. “Social Promotion” - black football players are not the only minorities who get college degrees without being able to read.

University becomes a ticket that must be punched in order to assume roles in leadership, especially in government. And so the future, thanks to liberals, will be handed to illiterate, cretinous, racialist minorities - who cannot make wise choices, who know nothing of history or philosophy, and who hate other races.