Why Should I Worship God?

My wife and I recently had a conversation about our beliefs and how best to bring up our daughter in a religion. Even though both of us were raised Catholic, we agreed that are beliefs more closely resemble that of non-denominational Christianity.

In talking about this, I asked myself this question: “Why should I worship God?”

Not that I’m going to worship Satan, but why is it that we actively have to worship God? Can’t we just acknowledge his existence and lead a good life?

I know the question sounds a bit confusing and I’m not asking it out of wanting to ‘get out’ of worshiping God, I’m just curious as to the need of actively revering a supernatural being, in this case our creator.

Have you both entertained the thought of visiting a non-denominational Church?

That’s where my roots began. I searched for a long time for “religion”. Being a believer in Christ is not religion. I am a non-denominational, faith based, believer.

Worshipping God is what we do individually or with other believers. Do you have to? Ask Him TO. He will speak to your heart if you are open to praying about it.

Yes, even though to be quite frank, I hate going to church. But I will go for the sake of my daughter.

good question, why worship God? I"m thinking. It seems natural to me though but still, good question. As to why go to church, God is not religion. No God is NOT religion but it is said that you need to associate yourself with like minded people as far as worshipping TOGETHER. In the end times i think that is going to be more important than ever…a life line so to speak.

For the sake of your daughter, you are one to be respected. My belief is that we are held accountable. Not only by God but by the principals we instill in our children.

I may have to think about this a while before giving a in-depth answer; however, I will say that we will all worship something, whether it be God or not. It might be our possessions, or our family, our job - anything could be the object of our worship. In fact, anything that is more important to us than God is our object of worship.

Great analogy Susanna. I look forward to your in depth answer:yes:

Worship of God does not necessarily entail going to a church on a weekly basis. You can worship God with your actions, what you say and what you do.

As for attending a church service of some type. Well, I to struggle with this from time to time. To me it is a time to try and devote entirely to God. To thank him for all he has given me, to celebrate that with others and to join in prayer with others. It gives me a chance to hear the Bible without distractions (usually) and listen to other peoples perspectives on passages and such. I use it as a time to relax, unwind from the the stresses of the world, give thanks and pray for God’s continued blessings.

The answer to your question “Why should I worship God?” is a simple one. The answer is Love. Love is the reason you should worship GOD. Why do you care for your daughter? Love. Why do you respect your wife? Love. Why do you protect your family? Love. Why should your daughter when she is older listen to your advise and follow your council? Love. Why should you worship GOD? Love.

Now if your asking what you get out of it, well that’s an entirely different question and the answers will vary.

But if you worship God, and seek to please Him in all you do, the time will come when you realize you need that special time in church, and with fellow Christians, and you’ll miss it when you can’t attend. We are admonished in the book of Hebrews to “not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.”

And Dac, you hit the nail right on the head. “We love Him, because He first loved us.”

Now if your asking what you get out of it, well that’s an entirely different question and the answers will vary.

One response to this is another question - what do you get out of being with your wife and daughter whom you love, and who love you? So - what will you get out of worshipping a God who loves you and gave his life’s blood for your redemption.

When I was a child our Pastor seemed preoccupied with how “low” the collections had become. That was a definite turn off and maybe why I stopped going on a regular basis.

When I do go, I feel recharged in a way that is very hard to explain. I believe it adds to ones life to go to church and participate even to a small dgree. That “peaceful” feeling I get in church is something I do not get at any other time. Maybe it’s because my mind is clear of anything other than the service and homily, a chance to concentrate on something I normally do not think about.

Of course it is a time to reflect on how God wants you to live your life and what he wants you to accomplish as his servant. A time to ask for his forgiveness and give thanks for God’s gifts.

And, of course, to ask God’s help in dealing with all the B-S in the world. :biggrin:

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that going to church is important. The key for me was to realize that not all my worship of God was done in church. I saw church as the sole place for worship and the only purpose of church was worship. When I got rid of that notion, I did not struggle as much with why I went to church. I try and worship God in my every action and do not limit it to church, nor do I view church as merely a means of worship any longer.

Oh, absolutely! We shouldn’t think that one hour a week (or two or three) is the only time we should worship. We do need to worship God in every action.

Ditto what Dac said – as well as many others here. I don’t think I disagree with any other post here.

Another thought: If God is the Creator, it’s a natural thing. Think of the reverse of Dac’s example. Your daughter should “worship” you, not as a god but as a parent, honoring you, most especially if you do the right things in raising her. God likewise “created” you through Adam and Eve. He is the designer. As Ayn Rand once said through John Galt in a somewhat different context (she’s now rolling over in her grave), the machine cannot deny its designer, the creator. Yet we have done so, and we show it in all the negative actions and thoughts we hold. God being a caring creator took care of this problem, showing his love. We should respond to it, even if at times it is difficult. Attending church is difficult for me as well.

Similarly, It’s difficult doing honor to those who have served in the military on behalf of our freedom. Memorial Day means barbecues, camping and boating. I attend Memorial Day services as part of my job every year. I like to think I would if I wasn’t working, just to honor the memory of those who have fallen on our behalf. I don’t begrudge those who don’t because they are exercising the freedom these men and women fought for; but it is somewhat saddening to see the services so poorly attended by the public.

The real question is what worship means. It’s certainly honoring and praising God for what he has done for us, giving us this incredibly wonderful opportunity to live and for His gift. Others here have given other good examples.

Excellent responses, it puts things into a frame of reference I can understand. The analogy of parent-child is really helpful, and when I think about it in those terms, I feel guilty that I haven’t fulfilled my obligations.

I definitely have a lot to ponder, but things are becoming much clearer. If anyone has any books or websites they would recommend please post them here.

Ironically, whenever I’m interested in a new technology, niche, whatever…I spend weeks and months researching it. I’ve been having all these questions lately about my relationship with God, and it just occurred to me , duh, do some research!

Thanks again guys and gals.


That’s gonna take awhile to put into words.

Why should you worship God? I think you need to examine your conscience and your beliefs in order to answer that. Why do you believe in God? What do you believe about God? Why do you believe those things about God? Where did those beliefs come from? Once you have some answers to those questions you can decide what response is appropriate to God.

I personally think without a community, a coherent theology, and some type of leadership and authority to guide you and hold the community and theology together, it’s hard to maintain belief and pass it along to other generations. The nebulous brand of belief you describe quickly deteriorates into something meaningless for people who grow up with that IMO.

This site has many podcasts available from some really good teachers/preachers: Oneplace.com - Featured Ministries
Each of them have their own sites where you can go to find lists of topics that may interest you.
Re church, it’s best to not have too high of expectations of people, or you will end up disappointed. Rather, have high expectations of God, who will not disappoint.
It’s already been said very well that a relationship with God is a love relationship. The more you get to know Him, the more you want to spend time with him…and the more you realize that He wants to spend time with you. The Bible says that God inhabits the praise of His people…even as we worship and praise Him, He is using that to reach out to us.
When you really get to know Him, you won’t have to be motivated by guilt…you will want to pursue and know Him more and more.
I was 17 when I began a personal relationship with God…up until then it was all just religion/duty. Then He got my attention and once I was looking His way, He drew me. I wrote a poem about it back then at Christmas:


Once it didn’t mean so much,
that baby in the manger.
I’d known His story from my youth,
but still He was a stranger.
That baby born in Bethlehem
so new and pure and sweet,
Who’d give His life for all mankind
was Someone I had yet to meet.

The seasons changed throughout my life,
the babe became a man.
The infant with the radiant face
now hung with nail scarred hands.
“Oh God,” I cried, “What do you mean
that Jesus died for me?”
And so He showed me how my sins
had put Him on that tree.

But then He conquered sin and death,
He rose up from the grave.
If I would take Him as my own,
my sinful soul He’d save.
“I’m knocking at your heart,” He said,
“I’ve done it all for you.
If you will let my Spirit in,
I’ll make your life like new.”

And so one night I opened up
and let this Savior in.
Oh praise His name, my life WAS changed,
He’d saved me from my sins!

My life has never been so blessed,
He knows my every care,
I go to Him with want or woe,
His grace is always there.
He binds my wounds and heals my scars
with tenderness and love.
His richest blessings have been mine,
Oh praise my Lord, my Love!

Now it means so much to me,
that baby in the manger.
His story’s written in my heart
and He’s no more a stranger,
For I have met Him face to face
I have a home above,
And Christmas isn’t just a date,
for now I know HIS love.

That’s a beautiful poem, Darcy!