Why tax reform is so important and why it won’t get passed


Economic policy seems to work like this: Bad stuff happens because government Let’s get more of the same to solve it!


Based on the stock market, I have to think tax reform is actually going to happen.
Which is good on the corporate side. I’ve been wanting a corporate flat tax at exactly 20% for close to a decade.

The individual side of the tax law sucks. But that law won’t be long standing anyway.


John McCain has come on board so maybe this thing will have a chance. I think some of Republican Senators realize that their political careers are on the line if they end up doing nothing after they took control of the House, Senate and the presidency. That means more to some them than what’s good for the country.


They are doing the final vote right now, CSPAN-2. I’m holding my breath that McCain or one of the other usual suspects doesn’t have a last minute change of heart. It ain’t over 'till it’s over.


Apparently the final version that they are voting on has handwritten changes and additions all over it. It had to pass on K Street first.


Passed, final vote 51-49. It will be interesting to see what the House-Senate conference committee does with it. Ryan would do well to get it passed intact and not give the Senate a second shot at it.


Good news! :slight_smile:


But now we have to get a version that will pass the House and the Senate. It’s not a done deal yet, and adding “Puppet Jones” the very junior senator from Alabama is not going to help. He is a Chuck Schumer robot.


The Tax package will be altered, sliced and diced and make ot to the president’s desk but not the package the Senate passed or the House passed, because the liberal Socialist and the RINO will never cave in to the power they hold over the people . They will never give up their programs, entitlements packages, because by them you enslave the people. As I said in another forum, we have a media cesspool, coupled with a fetid swamp congress, and trying to clean this combination only results in getting an infectious diseases and you smell really bad.


Not surprised by this tax reform bill. Of course it wouldn’t get rid of the citizen based tax requirement where the USA feels the need to tax my Canadian earned income for LIFE and have to deal with a more complex tax filing than anything most Americans have to deal with. The USA, as far as taxes are concerned, might as well be Great Britain when it insisted on taxing people that moved to America. I wish the USA would just leave me and my family alone, it’s caused our family so much pain and money, and seems determined to do so for the rest of our lives.


Great to hear from you man; sorry to hear about how the tax code is creeping on you.


Wish it would leave me alone too!

So you left the country? Can’t you just ignore the scumsuckers then? Would that make you an illegal emigrant? Are you paying taxes to Canada and the United States on the same income?


Yes, after 3 years and $10,000 in government and attorney fees the govt said my wife couldn’t immigrate. She’s a Canadian female that works in the tech sector. No criminal record… we have a son. I immigrated to Canada in less than a year on the same type of family immigration thing and now been here a year. The immigration process made it so she can no longer come to the USA (she could before without issue) and I’m now a legal Canadian permanent resident for almost a year now. Don’t want to get to in depth with the tax stuff because it makes my head hurt, but suffice to say we are lower-middle class just trying to get by, and yes the USA wants its pound of flesh more than what they have already taken from us while punishing our family. We have tax account and attorneys involved.

We only ever tried to do the right thing and follow the rules, and the USA punished us HARD for it. I have absolutely nothing nice to say about the current political state of immigration in the USA. Conservatives that tell people they have to do it the “right way” make me want to vomit, and I have done my fair share of stress induced vomiting because of all this.


I realize that you’ve gotten a lot of grief from our broken system, but the Conservative concept of doing it the “right way” is a reference to those who do an end-run around it; most of us don’t deny that the system itself is in a state of fiasco.


So why cant we fix the fiasco? Wouldnt that help with what it us that does bother you?


Can’t you tell the U.S. government to fly a kite? Or does your status in Canada preclude that?


If you’re going to work on stopping those doing an end-run around the system before you fix the system, then you’re only going to create more and more animosity. You have to FIX the problem before you can think of then trying to stop the cheaters.

Wah? Tell the US govt to fly a kite? By doing what? Not doing taxes? Becoming a tax criminal isn’t going to help us and will just make things even worse.

Tell them they can’t ban my wife after we’ve already been thru the appeals process twice with some of the top immigration attorneys out there helping us? We’ve run out of options and honestly we are tired of fighting this. We are a family now, whole, together, in Canada. The USA doesn’t want us to be a family, Canada does.


1 Because of bureaucrats, lawyers, and politicians who don’t want it fixed, and not enough statesmen to overrule them.
2 It might alleviate it, but I suspect it wouldn’t fix it because of the nefarious motivations of the bureaucrats, lawyers, and politicians.

Speaking for myself, I’d like to fix both. As I noted to 'Nutjob, though, I don’t see it happening.


As a Conservative I never intimate that the government way is the “right way”, I always violate the law and I make no secret about doing it.

I also let people know that I am offended by the term “law abiding citizen” when someone tries to apply it to me, it suggests that I am lending credibility to our Legislatures, administrative branches and judicial system when I am of the opinion that all of these belong in prison.

The only people who think the government way is “right” or is determined with any measure of integrity are those who don’t have to deal much with government bureaucracies.

Break the law Maylar, stop seeking the blessings of those who despise United States citizens and hold them in contempt.


Couldn’t agree more. I commit at least two misdemeanours a day, sometimes three; all based on blatantly unconstiutuional state laws.