Why tax reform is so important and why it won’t get passed


What’s the consequence? Can the United States come after you in Canada? It sounds like you won’t be coming back.

This warms my heart.


Seized Canadian bank accounts, trouble at the border if we go to the usa to visit family on my side, etc etc.Yes, the USA can and does do these things in Canada. Plenty of stories even of the IRS seizing money when the person didn’t file, even when they owed no taxes.

Republicans have also massively disappointed me by not including anything in regarding to Resident Based Taxation. Citizenship based taxation is damned unconstitutional and horrifying. The fact Republicans support it for individuals should tell you everything about their view on taxes.


Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent


Thanks for that link @silliessis I tell people all the time how just about everyone who works in the private sector commits crimes that would total thousands of dollars in fines and years in jail most every day without even realizing it, the only salvation from this tyranny is the governments woeful inability to enforce its own draconian laws and regulations.

Most people are blissfully unaware of how much Liberty has been taken from them until they find themselves in the cross-hairs of an unaccountable bureaucracy that decides they are going to prove who is above the Law and who will grovel on their knees, by then it is too late.

The government are the bad guys, only a complete moron would look to the government for protection and provision beyond an actual military under the command of an elected citizen commander; letting the government into our everyday lives was the equivalent of hiring known pedophiles as babysitters.


Do you have any examples of some laws I might have broken today?


If you drove a car, it’s almost a dead-bang certainty that you exceeded the speed limit…if only by a single MPH and only for a second or two. You likely made a left-turn across a double-yellow line or a right hand turn into the wrong lane–if only momentarily. If you don’t drive, you probably crossed the street somewhere other than at a marked crosswalk.


So then, no you don’t have any examples beyond just plain guesses.


I’ve never met you, CSB. I don’t know where you live. Of COURSE they were “guesses”. That’s what you ASKED for…examples of laws that you MIGHT have broken. You MIGHT have murdered your pastor today, too, for all I know.


Ok, thanks Dave, your right, I have sped, though, for what’s it’s worth, I don’t have a pastor and I definitely didn’t kill one (or anyone else for that matter)…lol


Now why does your statement that you’re “unchurched” not surprise?


I grew up Episcopal if that helps. Today I have no religion, though I recognize people experience spirituality.

Today, not that you asked, but I’ll share anyway, I consider the following positions.

Atheism is my opinion
Evidentialism is my process
Humanism is my motivation
Skepticism is my position


…and nonsense is your result.


If Evidentialism was your process, Atheism would not be your opinion.

Skepticism is not a position, it is a prejudiced attitude toward accepting a position.

So I would say the more likely summary is;
Humanism is your motivation and Atheism is the only opinion that you can embrace which would justify Humanism.