Why the GOP is selling us out


If you listen to the GOP and their mouthpiece, Ryan you will hear them talk about getting the debt under control and in their next breath they talk about Medicare and Social Security.

IF anyone here believes this is the problem the put your crack pipe down an open the windows,

Lets lay some FACTS on the table:

I as in ME, 17 Oaks, has paid INTO Social Security and Medicare all his life and now that I draw SS, guess what, I am STILL paying into Medicare and will till I die, that NEVER goes away. Medicare if for those aged 65!!!

Now for some reality: Medicare and SS are NOT the problem, if it was a problem this would have cropped up 10, 20, 40, 50, or more years ago. But what has happened is Congress/Govt STOLE the money set aside for SS, its GONE!!! The results is its costing a bundle to keep it going, but I did not steal it.

But still that is not the real problem, we have or should have ample funding to keep the programs alive. And all the folks on SS/Medicare are short timers in life to begin with, if you buy into the govt facts, we will all die off by age 76…

Now time for the old cup game. You know, the 3 cups on the table and the guy shuffles them, then you pick the cup that has the pea or whatever. If you LISTEN to Ryan and cohorts they will tell you under the cup is SS/medicare and they make it easy to pick the right cup, but hidden under another cup is the REAL PRIZE!

Medicaid and Means Tested payments, goods and services: YES! Medicaid is approaching the level of Medicare payments and the means tested benefits are costing just under a TRILLION large $$$.

The libs see this as an entitlement for the ‘poor’ and the RePukes have gone along with it and this leave the bill payer and that is SS and Medicare, its the only place were there is enough money to pay the bills of those who have NEVER paid in a single dime. Medicaid and means tested benefits are FREE.

I spent nearly a day pouring thru Fed docs and websites to extract the above. You might note than anytime the Feds report the cost of Medicare it includes the cost of Medicaid!!! Finding data on Means tested benefits is harder than a bowl of jello you are trying to nail to a wall to get the real data on. But having been on the ‘Internet’ since the late 70’s and a career in the govt I can find it and can UNDERSTAND it…trust me the govt does not want you to know the total cost of the non-producers in the US. As best as I can ascertain from Fed sites its well over $1 Trillion annually.

The GOP is in bed with the Libs anyway you look at it…


Medicare isn’t a problem? Seriously? Even a liberal like me knows it’s unsustainable.

And the generation that raided the Medicare and S.S. trust funds is the same generation that now needs it. You know what they say about turnabout.


All programs that were to benefit us workers in later years have been depleted for the sake of funding stupidity, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that we can do about it. If you work and pay taxes, you are a slave to the minorities and deadbeats. They are getting everything free, and we are paying for it, regardless of their age or physical status. I have been giving a lot of thought lately to getting out of the workforce while I am still able to enjoy staying in bed later and working on the farm. Maybe take a part-time job. I know too many people who have retired late and died soon after. I’m tired of being a slave.


Just to ask, did their work involve manual labor? I heard that people that stop working after being quite physically active, can see a decline in health if that level of activity doesn’t continue in their “retired” years.


They are the problem; their very models are unsustainable.

SS was always going to give less and less back to its recipients over time; Congress borrowing against the trust fund doesn’t affect that.

The first generation of SS recipients got the most, and everyone has been getting less since. Now, anyone who has been getting SS since 2010 or after, will likely get less out of it than they paid into it.

The results is its costing a bundle to keep it going, but I did not steal it.

It’s a pyramid scheme. I see no reason to continue it as is. Let’s do something else, something more like Chile’s system.


Entitlement spending dwarfs, by orders of magnitude, money spent on “minorities and deadbeats”. You know what a deadbeat is? Someone who worked for ten years, retires at 65, and expects to get Medicare and Social Security for the rest of their lives.


Why are they selling the nation out? It’s a simple question but the answer is anything but. First, when you get Inside The Beltway…it’s not Democrats versus Republicans or even liberals versus conservatives. It’s Beltway Elites versus The Unwashed Proles. They are there to preserve THEIR perks and privileges; and the name of the game is How-Can-We-Fool-Them-Today?

And a large chunk of the population seems to WANT to be fooled. They seem to believe that there is no such thing as Truth or Reality - it’s all about the Spin, and wishing REALLY hard, and demonizing anyone who says differently.

So these scheissekopfs who pretend to want what we want, lie and spin and construct Alternate Realities and then steal a little from the defenseless sheep to partly offset the costs of their lies and Free Excrement for the gullible.


I see the liberals on here buy into the Mcare and SS are the problem and of course Maid and means tested benefits are not in spite of their costs approaching the paid in programs.

Do not be a fool and buy the lib and repukes collective lie.

What we cannot sustain is the costs of supporting those who do not contribute, all their lives, who are nothing but parasites on society.

Mcare is going broke because Obama took $750 million out of Mcare to put in Obamacare and Maid.

  1. Then how much moreso Medicade and Obamadon’tcare?
  2. You sure it’s a question of generation and not political parties and ideologies?..


Not all of them. We live in a “high cancer” area, and many die from that, but I guess that’s about everywhere, also. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, mild emphysema, asthma, and a steel rod that’s been in my back since I was 13. Still working full time. If I had been a democrat, I would already be sitting on my rear-end, getting free healthcare, free or subsidized housing, a free cell phone, free fuel assistance, free food, and probably many more benefits. Most of us Republicans are slaves. We work and pay taxes to support the democrats, and they hate us in return. Why continue?