Why The President's ratings are higher now in battleground states

than election 2016.

Dems are currently torching their chances in these states with their run to the left. shhhhhh. don’t say anything.

Via Townhall:

Donald Trump is on track to win re-election. Forget the polls from CNN. Forget what the liberal media is doling out with their suppression coverage. As of right now, Trump is going to win. He’s the incumbent with a booming economy and a weak 2020 Democratic field. It’s also a field that is pushing a radical left-wing agenda that even has ardent liberals a bit worried. Health care for illegal aliens and forced Medicare for All are some of the top issues being peddled by Democrats.

They’re also positions that are incredibly unpopular. Medicare for All will result in the destruction of 150 million private health care plans. And yes, sorry, Democrats, but you’re wrong; Americans do like their employee-based health care plans.

And do you know who else is impacted by this? Labor unions. Their health care plans are also targeted. For a party that had a solid advantage in handling health care, Democrats decided in a single cycle to toss that away.

Oh, and the tax increases that will come from this will be biblical. There’s no way middle-class taxes don’t go up. Liz Warren’s plan costs $52 trillion over the next ten years.

If you think taxes won’t go up for everyone, then you’re on crack. And crack is whack.

So… are we going to talk about Kentucky?

Republicans (except Bevin) swept the state. He is unpopular.

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go ahead. but make sure you know what youre talking about. You know…kentucy wasn’t the only state that the president had a rally. You want to talk about Mississippi?

Perhaps you can explain to me why democrats are always aligning themselves with our enemies. Why they support and promote homosexual politicians and muslims neither of whom have respect or any love of this country.

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K, Caroline, I’m going to say this once:

I’am a registered Republican. I’am pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-free market, There’s not a single post I made on this forum that indicates otherwise.


Is something I don’t care about. I don’t care what the Democrats are doing, I wanted to know what happened to our party ® in Kentucky, because I literally knew nothing about it, other than that we lost, and it was mystifying to me why no one here was talking about it.

Save your defensiveness for csbrown, or whatever token leftists we have remaining here.

What happened in Kentucky? From what I understand, Bevin was personally unpopular. It was something similar to what happened in the special senate race in Alabama when we got stuck with a liberal, party-line Democrat, Doug Jones, from a “solidly red” state. Even in “safe states” you can’t run a candidate, whom the people dislike, and expect to win these days. The political machines don’t have the clout they used to have.

I would not condemn all gays. I know several who are solid, reliable conservatives. Sexual orientation does not dictate political alliances.

As for Muslims, I have not problem with law abiding citizens, even if they are in the opposition party.

I do have big problems with those two stink pots, Omar and Tliebe. Both of them were given the privilege of immigrating to this country, and both of them give every indication that they hate this country. Years ago those two haters would have been lucky if they had been elected to a local school board. Now they are sitting in Congress, spewing venom against a country that has provided them with great opportunities. Yes, for me, they are a part of what’s wrong with the modern Democrat Party, but given what Schiff, AOC and Pelosi are up to, they are almost a comedy sideshow.


Every Statewide race in Kentucky was won by the GOP candidate…EXCEPT for the governorship. The GOP incumbent was the second-most UNpopular governor of all the 50 States because he was perceived by many to be “anti-education” for taking on the teacher unions. ACTA and NEA are formidable opponents during the best of times since they can motivate and mobilize the 10’s of thousands of “education” employees in any election, and both unions are decidedly left-wing. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the “resolutions” they pass annually at their respective conventions. Almost none of them have anything whatsoever to do with educating children and are all concerning themselves with American foreign policy, taxation, military deployments, trade and illegal immigration–which they both favor because it mandates more “bi-lingual” teachers in the classrooms and thus more members for them. At one recent point, the Democrat governor nominee was 15 points ahead. On election night, he “supposedly” won by less than 5,000 votes out of more than 1.5 million cast and one very liberal county is believed to have illegally kept their poling places open until almost MIDNIGHT.

There seems to be a BIG disconnect between what you say you are and what you come off as through your own posts.

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Nope. You got on my bad side for saying crap about the Catholic Church that was wrong. All there is to it.

oh for crying out loud. what did I say about the catholic church that offended your delicate sensibilities.

This, was bullcrap. Unless you’re calling any church that had ever sent over missionaries and established a permanent presence in a foreign land “exploiters”, you’re advocating a double standard right to my face.

hurry up, hurry up I don’t have all day.

what’s your problem.

LOLOLOL are you freakin’ serious?? do you know any more about the history of the catholic church than you do about Columbus?? LOLOLOLOL

I’m thinking you don’t at all. You didn’t even realize who de Las cases was, or the Papal bull announcing , in the 1500s, that native Americans had souls and could not be lawfully taken as slaves.

I’ll bet you don’t know why the Missions were suppressed.

now stop derailing my thread. If you want to discuss this go back to Columbus or start a new thread. LOLOL

Quit defending bull crap. If you don’t know the history, quit pretending you do.

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