Why the Wealth Tax idea has a problem



Someone get the defibrilator; I’m having an agree-with-Alaska-Slim moment… :astonished:


Ditto, but this is his way of getting back into our good graces. Just remember that is his open border polices will result in the election of many socialist Democrats, which makes his OP a mute point.

Check out Elizabeth Warren’s corporate responsibility bill which would take income from the shareholders who have invested in the company and give it to the community, their customers and community activist groups. After Joe Biden self-destructs, she has the best chance of getting the nomination.


Send, I don’t care about you. You generalize too much, and don’t make an effort to understand anything beyond generalizing.

If it’s not in your pre-existing repertoire, you’re not going the distance.

Except poor Hispanics don’t vote. You don’t have an answer for this.

Milton Friedman pointed this out several times; most welfare is aimed at the middle, because it’s the middle who votes.

In California, Republicans lost the middle. Native-born homeowners. That’s why they’re marginalized.

Cue you not responding to this, as it goes outside what you know, and trying to generalize to something else you do, and then forgetting this was mentioned entirely.

Throw in personal attacks for spice.


I did my job here. I outed you as a progressive with your open borders policies.

Even if you truly believe in lower taxes, which is part of your Grover Norquist program, you have failed to to note that the political process is a system. If you bring in enough aliens who will vote for the Democrats, you will tip the election results. Anything you write about conservative issues is academic because the Democrats will control the Federal Government. When you mention Berry Goldwater and Milton Friedman, your arguments ring hollow because your open border politics elect people who oppose their policies.

@Caroline and I have outed you. Your attacks on Columbus were equal to and angry enough to match anyone on the far left. No conservative, who has doubts about Columbus, would have gone to the lengths that you did.

Poor Hispanics don’t vote? They do when community organizers and Democrat operatives round them up and get them organized. It does not matter that they are not citizens. All they need to do is show up at the polls, where no voter ID is required, and they vote. In southern Florida, when voter fraud is rampant, they vote. Once their ballot is in the box, it’s over. Poll watchers can’t stop them very easily. Given the close votes in states like Florida, it does not take that much fraud to tip the balance,


Do we really have to turn this into yet another open borders thread?


No, we know where AS is coming from.


open border is he? well. That puts a new light on his Columbus rant.


Wow, you can’t even be honest.

Guest worker program.

Gave you two years to show me where Democrats wanted this.

When you failed to do so, I showed you republicans like Norquist advocating for it, and votes for it shut down by Democrats.

You don’t have a response for this. Prove me wrong.


Yeah, and you’re the only one who forgot Bracero. Everyone else here remembers, you’re the only one Send.


You only got on the guest worker program gig after I pushed you about your earlier open border position.

I asked you if you supported deporting illegal alien criminals. It was a simple yes or no answer. You would not respond except by saying, “Read my previous posts.” It was a simple direct question, and any decent American, who cared about his fellow citizens, would say “YES!!!” emphatically with no equivocations. Yet, you would not.

Why support illegal alien criminals? I have no idea, unless you are a radical socialist Democrat who wants to tear up the country by its roots. That’s part and parcel with the whole Columbus argument. You tear down the national icons, like Columbus. Then you go after Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and everyone else most Americans admire, except maybe Franklin Roosevelt.

After you have convinced a majority that the country has been corrupt from the beginning, you are ready to impose the “social justice” ideology complete with Bernie Sanders’ or Elizabeth Warren’s agenda. That’s the game, and I strongly oppose it.

No historical figure was a perfect angel. They all had their faults. What you look at is what they did for the cause of freedom and human rights with in the context of their times. On that score people like Marx, Stalin and Mao Zedong, whom many on the left admire, failed badly.

You are angry with me, and that’s fine. People who give stealth support to the Democrats really anger me. I have more respect for Democrats who express their views honesty than "never Trump Republicans” who say they are conservative and yet do all they can to undermine the movement. That fits you exactly.

Now I’m done with you. Good bye.


So you admit Send that you made a mistake on this:

– Alaska Slim November, 2015

Also, Bracero = Guest Worker Program.

That’s what Bracero was, afterall. I’m sure you knew that.


It never has to be. People apparently just like not quoting what I said, and instead, making **** up. Laziness abounds.

There’s a word search function in the forum; you can use it to search through people’s posts for what they said.