Why Trump Keeps Winningo


This article was written by the Mayor of Livermore, CA (a city in the San Francisco Bay Area!) of all places; it is a brilliantly brief piece that says so well what I have been dragging on about for years; I thought posting it would bring a smile to Trumps suporters and instill dread in Trumps opponents :wink:

This Mayor is a Democrat by the way, probably the only one I would consider voting for.



It wasn’t, he may have forwarded it in an email or something, but the article introduction states that the writer is someone named Evan Sayet.

Here’s the same article at Townhall.com , with Sayet as the listed writer:

No mention of Kamena.


Excellent article. Thanks, RET. The author’s referencing of the wartime Lincoln/Grant “he fights” relationship is spot on. I would only add this: Not only do we need an unabashed, unashamed, sharp-elbowed fighter in the White House - Trump - we also must have an electorate whose heads are not up their anuses; an electorate that understands there is a cultural/political/economic war being waged for the future of the country and those who live in it. An electorate that understands that Trump is the one who has finally forced the Left’s war into the open. An electorate that knows it is currently in the midst of witnessing an attempted coup d’état by the Left.

It is ironic that while the Left continually charges - unsuccessfully - the Trump administration with undermining the outcome of the 2016 election, the Democrats are openly attempting to shape/undermine the results of the 2020 election with their weekly manufactured uncorroborated/unfounded media promoted allegations of wrongdoing by Trump.


That reality benefited the Left because they were fighting a war with Propaganda but now that there is an opponent that is using the same tactics (only Trump is better at it) that the Left uses I don’t think the ignorant masses are much of a handicap anymore.

These ignoramuses will get on board with the right agenda for the same reason that they got on board with the wrong agenda, passionate propaganda delivered by a fearless and forceful President who also has a sense of humor.

I would prefer an educated and thoughtful electorate but at this point I will take the wins with a smile however they come; just tear down this monster one brick at a time if necessary.