Why Trump Won't Release Taxes


"Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump responded Sunday to a news report that he declared a loss of nearly $916 million on his 1995 income tax returns, saying he knows the country’s "complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president."
Trump made the comment on Twitter after The New York Times reported Saturday on the tax return, citing leaked copies of his tax records.
The paper reported that Trump’s claimed losses were so large that they would have allowed him to avoid paying an equivalent amount of federal income tax over an 18-year period."
Trump responds to leaked IRS return, says he is best suited to fix country’s ‘complex tax laws’ | Fox News

I, a lowly school teacher, have paid more taxes in the last 18 years than Trump. What a patriot! What a businessman! That’s who we need to fix this economy: someone who lost a billion dollars in one year, and has been gaming the system ever since.


Here are a couple of definitions for you:

**Tax avoidance ** Taking legal deductions within the law that reduce tax liabilities.

**Tax evasion ** Illegally avoiding the payment of taxes, either by not reporting taxable income or fraudulently taking illegal deductions.

Until Trump is found guilty of tax evasion, you have no case.

Why don’t you check out Hillary’s record on paying her taxes on the benefits that she took from her foundation? She had to re-file five years’ worth of returns because she had under reported her personal income.

Intelligent high income people minimize their tax liabilities.


I like the conspiracies that crop up when he won’t release his taxes. Maybe he paid little in taxes? maybe he paid no taxes! Maybe he’s not even really rich!

Reminds me of when the Right was clamoring for Obama’s birth certificate.


What year was that again? Who was in charge of the country during the first two years of that administration? Who created and has maintained this system?


Please answer a simple question for me:

Suppose you made $80,000 last year at your teaching job but you suffered a $20,000 loss on a real estate sale, an uninsured robbery or whatever. Should you pay tax on $80,000 income or on $60,000?


Except that releasing tax returns has been standard practice for candidates since Nixon.


Side stepped the question showing duplicitous behavior on your part.


And that then demands wild, baseless conspiracies?


It’s not a requirement for Presidency. What’s your point? You cannot cheat the system if you play by its rules.


**someone who lost a billion dollars in one year, and has been gaming the system ever since. **
As I understand it the rules & yes tax breaks are there for everyone. It’s just that most people don’t make enough to take advantage of them. The same thing applies to those that itemize as far as getting tax breaks that others (that don’t itemize) don’t get. I’ve never itemized even once in my life because it would have cost more than it was worth to me. Now that I’m older & make more I have more options when it come to taxes. I could snap my fingers (make a phone call) & marginally increase my income with retirement funds. I say marginally because doing so would throw me into a higher tax bracket. Why would I do that? Do I really want to provide more money for my government to poop away on some pork project? No I’d rather do with a little less now than do with a little more & pay those extra taxes. So basically I look at taxes the same as most people look at them (even if they won’t admit it) & that’s my fair share is whatever the least amount that I can pay is. I would also point out that the great liberal leader Warren Buffett has done the same thing his whole life & his company has delayed payment of more money than Trump lost for years. He just says one thing & then does another like most liberals do.


This tax issue is a MAJOR campaign problem and could very well sound the death rattle of Trump’s presidential chances, even though Trump most likely acted within the current tax law that allows income offsets for business loses.

Yes, Trump can explain loss offsets on his income, but that message requires acknowledgement that he has experienced significant business failure over time. Not exactly the picture of overwhelming business success that has provided a major underpinning of his campaign.

Whether the headline is true or not, most people won’t read beyond the headline that “Trump Paid No Income Taxes For 18 Years”. The fact that wealth is NOT taxed, only income is taxed, will be lost on most people and the residual story that a billionaire paid no income tax will likely be the focus. It will certainly be the focus of media and Democrats 24/7.

While it’s true that any intelligent person takes advantage of the prevailing tax law allowing for a reduction in income taxes owed, it’s hard to imagine that voters will look favorably upon Trump not paying income taxes - regardless of the justification. Trump hasn’t “gamed” the tax system. He’s taken what the tax law allows him to take. Who among us but a fool hasn’t done the same?

By any objective measure, Trump has had a horrific week. Allowing Clinton to get under his skin during the debate and then spending 3 days talking about/explaining his petty statements about a beauty contestant from twenty years ago was bad enough. Now the income tax story has blown up in his lap.

It is likely Trump and his team decided early on to not release his tax returns because they knew it would be impossible to explain to a public that feels they are getting screwed by a system that is rigged.

It’s too bad, but it appears to me that defeating Hillary is most likely a bridge too far for Trump. His thin-skinned pettiness, thoughtless comments, and now his taxes have and are conspiring to offset his position on the issues most of us find important.


My wife and I have lost and made money in the stock market. One of the losers was General Motors. I sold it before it went bankrupt. If I had held it, I would have lost everything I had in it.
That loss was offset against gains in other stock sales. It’s all perfectly legal. We have some loss carry over situations from previous years. Once more all legal.

Just about EVERY business or stock investment program is going to incur a loss at some point. When I was working as an accountant and financial analyst in corporate America gains and losses were a fact of the business. Some divisions did well; others were bad news for various reasons.

When I ran my business, fortunately I made far more deals that were positive to my bottom line than losses. But yes, I could a couple sour deals every year. One of my competitors told me that if you didn’t lose on a deal now and then, you were being overly cautious and missing out on some income by NOT taking a risk.

Most people just work for wages. They don’t understand that running a business does not produce positive outcomes all the time. One goal is to avoid catastrophic results, but another is to take prudent risks that leave you in the black.

Donald Trump has taken such risks and ended up on the plus side. Hillary Clinton earned money as a lawyer and in more recent years sold herself as an influence peddler. The main risk from that is if you get caught doing something illegal. She’s done illegal stuff, but she and her aids have the connections to avoid prosecution.

Which one would YOU rather have as president? The business man who has been successful overall, or the influence peddler?

My choice is clear.


sendgop - everything you stated is absolutely true. However, the average voter will identify with paragraph 4 - they will NOT understand/care how a billionaire pays no income tax while they work for salary/wages and pay income taxes. Wealth, as we know, isn’t taxed. The average voter is unlikely to be moved by that fact.

I get it, you get it - but I don’t think for one minute the average voter gets it. They think the system is rigged to favor the rich - enter Donald Trump.


You are right, Mike. The average voter won’t be able to understand what I wrote because they have never gone to business school, and they have never been involved with maintaining the financial records for a business, much less having ever run a business.

When I was undergraduate school, a hippie scrawled the phase, “Business, profits, war” on the wall of the school of business building. This was attitude for many of the baby boomers, and it’s only gotten worse as my generation of educators have passed that along to their students. Most college students never study economics, accounting or take a course in comparative economic systems to see how capitalism, socialism and communism work or fail to work. They can’t appreciate what is involved with forming the plans to run a communist and socialist economy. The raw material logistics are incredible and overwhelming.

This is part of the dumbing down of America. It probably means that we will never have a successful business person elected president ever again. It will always be some politician, like Obama or Clinton, who has done nothing other than find ways to milk the system for themselves.


I started to start out on this comment saying something like surly the average American would realize… but that would be a dumb statement. The average American still believes that they can get everything for free after 8 years of Obama. The average American is dumber than a box of rocks & there’s nothing that we can do about it. So I won’t even pretend to have a clue what they will think. I guess my main hope for the next election is that more republicans can find their way to a voting booth than democrats. Of course that’s a wasted hope if the democrats line the way with money like they have in the past (oh look, free money, I’ll vote democrat).


You do realize this includes yourself, right?

And me too, I’m not trying to imply that I’m somehow above it either. Rational ignorance afflicts us all, the only question is where.


9 Times Donald Trump Complained About Taxes
"On July 18, 2011, Trump appeared on Fox News and was asked about President Barack Obama’s comments that well-to-do Americans should make a sacrifice for the country by paying more in taxes. He replied:
*Well, I don’t mind sacrificing for the country to be honest with you. But you know, you do have a problem because half of the people don’t pay any tax. And when he’s talking about that he’s talking about people that aren’t also working, that are not contributing to this society. And it’s a problem. But we have 50 percent. It just hit the 50 percent mark. Fifty percent of the people are paying no tax."



So? Most people complain about taxes at one time or the other. So tell me what do you think about Hillary using the same tax method to avoid taxes she is accusing Trump of doing?


If I were Trump and the subject of his taxes came up in the next debate,
I would say; “Thank you Hillary and the other politicians for allowing me to write off my business losses, thank you”. (RE: NYT’s release of Trump’s 1995 returns)


**You do realize this includes yourself, right?
And me too, I’m not trying to imply that I’m somehow above it either. Rational ignorance afflicts us all, the only question is where. **
Alaska Slim I really don’t believe that anyone here is “average” for these days. Now we were probably average when we were in our 20’s & 30’s but most here are older than that now. It’s not that we got that much smarter, it’s just the following generations have gotten that much dumber. (wink)