Why Voting Republican is a MUST in 2016


I know I have gotten into the debate about sitting out elections in a few other threads, but there is something very different about 2016 to consider.
Obama has appointed two Supreme Court justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.
The next president could appoint as many as four.
If that happens, that may well be the end of our Republic. My fellow conservatives, we cannot allow this, no matter who the nominee is. I implore you.
Please read this article:

ARTICLE: Hillary Clinton, if president, could appoint 4 Supreme Court justices

Conservatives unhappy with U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage and Obamacare heard a powerful argument Thursday for defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton: The next president could appoint as many as four justices.

When the next president takes the oath of office in January 2017, three current justices will be at least 80 years old: conservative Antonin Scalia (80), swing voter Anthony M. Kennedy (80) and liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg (83). Liberal Justice Stephen G. Breyer will be 78.

During a Federalist Society discussion on the first 10 years of the court under Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., lawyer Michael Carvin said the Supreme Court has made “baby steps toward the return to the rule of law” in the past decade, despite dissatisfaction by many conservatives.

“If the election goes wrong next year, none of that will matter and we will all descend into a hellish existence from which we will never emerge,” Mr. Carvin said to laughter from the crowd . . . . . (SNIP)

Rest of story: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/12/hillary-clinton-if-president-could-appoint-4-supre


It’s unlikely. I don’t think any of the current judges with the possible exception of Kennedy intend to step down. Ginsberg, Scalia and Thomas all clearly intend to die on the bench. None of them seem to be suffering from major health problems. Given their age, it is likely that one will die. But I doubt the next presidential term will see more than two appointments, and I think it’s just as likely to see zero.


You think 80 year old judges will stay until they are 88 . . . assuming they live that is?


As I’ve said in other threads, I’m not responsible for results; only for voting my conscience. This world isn’t our permanent home; it isn’t even permanent.


Are Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee okay for you to vote for were they to be nominated?


When the Anabaptists made a similar argument with respect to disengagement with practical political reality, Luther pointed out, correctly I think, that such a view is inconsistent with the core injunction of Christianity to love one’s neighbor. Loving one’s neighbor, Luther pointed out, requires one to engage in politics in an attempt to improve this world, here and now, as much as one is able.

edit: this shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement of this thread’s vapid premise.


Soooo… the Washington Times saying that the next president could possibly appoint as many as four justices is a vapid premise for a thread? The knack that some folks have for mocking and trivializing simple facts is amazing.


Huckabee maybe (I’ve heard plenty of criticisms about him; I’m not sure what’s what); Santorum, however (although I preferred him as a Senator from my state to Bob Casey Jr.), is too big-government.


Those guys are as conservative as they come. Which candidate would you vote for.


Santorum is conservative on a lot of issues, but big government isn’t one of them. Right now, I’m still holding out for Ben Carson.


“…I intend on being the nominee. If I am not, the winner will have my support…” Ben Carson

Source: politico.com/story/2015/12/ben-carson-rnc-washington-post-216674


Just because I support Carson doesn’t mean I’m going to go along with him in all things; if Trump gets the nomination, the GOP candidate doesn’t get my vote.


If we could just give Cruz Trump’s enthusiasm, my dilemma would be solved.


Well, that was a little sneaky on my part. My point was, he is a conservative you support, and he is a team player too and will support the nominee whoever it is. Certainly his conscience is not malformed.


I believe it is important to vote for the Republican candidate; not a liberal Democrat. I don’t see Trump anything different than a renamed Democrat as he has stood for liberal principles, voted Democrat and supported Democrats. IF he becomes the nominee, I’m not so sure I could vote for him with a clear conscience. Nor do I think as president he would place conservative justices; he would replace them with liberals.

Because of Trump’s recent statements and actions, I am 100% convinced that Trump has been and is nothing more than a siphon for the Democrats. Making statements such as he needs to become more establishment so that he could get things done and he could shoot someone and his voters would still support him shows his true colors. From the very beginning he proclaimed that he was anti-establishment, but yet now he is saying that he needs to become more establishment? Really? Then talks about shooting someone? This is the idiot people want running this country? His purpose was nothing more than to make sure a conservative like Cruz didn’t get in. RINO’s like McConnel, McCain, Ryan are scared to death of Cruz. They know that Cruz will NOT pander to the leftists nor to the RINO’s. He would put an end to the ‘blame game’ that BOTH parties hide behind. Cruz will break up the Kingmakers in Washington.

I see Trump no different than Obama. Obama, an unknown duped people into believing that he would bring about the ‘hope and change’ that this country needs. Trump is duping people into believing that he will make America great again? Really folks wake up. Both men want nothing more than to make themselves great. I tried warning people about Obama and no one listened; no one bothered to check his record in the senate. They only went by what he said and not what he hid. I was right. Obama has been a disaster. I am trying to warn people about Trump; unfortunately he has no record to check. The only thing people can judge him by are his actions; his crass personality and his attacks on people – do you think he will treat the American people any differently? He was born into wealth, took the money, found loopholes in the tax codes and created businesses … businesses that became flops and he was billions of dollars in debt over— if it wasn’t for him making back room deals with banks he would have lost his wealth. He will be no different as president – he will make back room deals with the left (he already stated so) as long as it gets him what HE wants. If not, like Obama he will use his mighty pen. Trump will continue us in the same direction. He talks about immigration and Muslims … but … he is ALL talk. He will do what his cronies in Washington want him to do…as long as it makes Trump great.


I think you are operating on false assumptions.
You are accusing Trump of doing, what all the others HAVE BEEN DOING, all along.
First, your “siphon” has no basis in fact. It is just your OPINION of Trump.
Cruz may be anti establishment, but he still accepts money from rich lobbies, so when push comes to shove, he will take care of his benefactors.
People did not elect Obozo because of “Hope and Change”. They voted for him because he is BLACK. Anyone with half a brain knew he would be a disaster.
What is his motivation for helping the Dems? He can wipe his rear end with the money the POTUS makes. He would never ever receive any favors from Republican’ts, if he was found to be working with the Dems. He’d never get zoning for his projects, and he’d be entertaining inspectors from all forms of construction. It is totally counterproductive to him to even think of doing what you accuse him of doing. No, DESTRUCTIVE is more the word.
Why is it so difficult for you to believe he is being genuine? I truly think you have let your dislike for the man inhibit your objectivity.


I don’t think Carson is the right person for THIS election. For one thing, Obama has screwed things up BIG TIME for any future black candidate. His undisguised racism has loused up the chances for any future black man or woman, who will be viewed by non-black voters as just as phony as Obama proved to be.


patriotlass (post #15)

he could shoot someone and his voters would still support him shows his true colors. From the very beginning he proclaimed that he was anti-establishment, but yet now he is saying that he needs to become more establishment? Really? Then talks about shooting someone?

Another one who was lead by the nose to believe what MSM is telling her.
TRUMP DID NOT SAY THAT! What Trump did say is that, “THEY (the media) are saying that I could shoot someone on 5th Ave., and people would still back me.”

The media, iow, were making fun of Trump’s backers, and Trump was pointing that out to them. (and everyone else.) THEN the media had the utter GALL to jump in and start reporting that were quoting Trump as having said it!
But that’s okay. Glenn Beck and Cruz fell for it, too.

I know that I said I was done w/Trump, but it’s b.s. like this that makes me want to change my mind all over again.


Quite true, 2cent, and the media, Democrat candidates AND Congressional RINOs have all been doing this to Trump since he announced. I’m not a fan of his, but I’m tempted to become one because of this crap. When his opponents MUST resort to lying about what he’s said or done in order to “make their point”, to me that means that they don’t really have anything substantial with which to attack him. And then, just maybe, despite his sometimes goofy behavior, he MIGHT be the guy we need at this stage in our history.


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