Why we are so screwed


I the U.S.A. we elect the best con-men money can buy to rule us, yes RULE us. There are exceptions, and they’re not all corrupt when they take office, but if they stay there long enough they almost all become evil and corrupt.

In China they send their future leaders around the World to the best schools of the leading Nations to, “learn their enemies well”.
They have used technology stolen from us, and in some cases traded for campaign contributions, to target us with nucler tipped missiles.

China has the best spy machine in history and use it to steal technology just about as soon as it’s developed. They ‘reverse engineer’ new products from other Countries, manufacture it with slave labor so cheap they can ship it around the World and sell it cheaper than the original manufacturer, running their competition out of business.

We have the most arrogant Regime in U.S. history, except maybe the Andrew Jackson Regime, in the White house.

God, I’m glad I’m old and getting ready to check out instead of young and have to suffer the future facing this Country. Oh yes, there are exciting times coming, exciting and dredful.


Is there a real threat from China? They own a good portion of US debt, so would it do them any good to start a war to try to take over America and void the debt?
Is China’s Ownership Of U.S. Debt A National Security Threat? - Forbes


JT78: Great points. I agree that it’s a long-shot that China will try to invade us militarily but I do think in 40-50 years, maybe less, they will start to have the capabilities to overthrow us financially as the #1 nation in the world.

I agree with your post too Natstew.

Maybe not under Obama, but almost certainly under a similar thinking liberal, there will be an attempt to create a “Cultural Revolution” or a “Great Leap Forward” movement in this nation.