WikiLeaks reveals DNC holds unions in contempt


WikiLeaks reveals DNC holds unions in contempt
Jeremy Lott

11:34 p.m. EDT July 28, 2016

Even casual political observers can see that labor union leadership and the Democratic Party are allied. AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka spoke at the convention the other night, endorsing Hillary Clinton and calling the Republican nominee “wrong, wrong, wrong” for America.

Yet the emails that have been released highlight the rather one-way relationship between the Democratic Party and labor unions. DNC staffers see the unions as good soldiers in skirmishes with Republicans, as a pain when it comes to getting things done … .

… about last week’s Republican National Convention, the DNC’s Rachel Palermo urged her party to “meet with the hotel trades, SEIU, and Fight for 15 about staging a strike.” She said the result could be a “fast food worker strike around the city or just at franchises around the convention.” The aim would not be to improve working conditions, … .

Alternately, the DNC could “infiltrate friendly union hotels and properties around the convention that Republicans will be patronizing to distribute ‘care’ packages” — probably not chocolates.

… Sandra Lyon of the American Federation of Teachers asked for any “regular talking points” the DNC might have to pass on to AFT folks who speak with the media.

… National Education Organization’s political communications director Michael Misterek wrote … the DNC in May, “I’m hoping we can sit down to meet some time soon, … . … we can work together and be most helpful to each other these next few months.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I would think union members whose industries are under attack by Ds would find this union-D chumminess rather interesting. The IRS should as well, IMO, but we know who’s steering that ship.


Anyone who thinks the elite of the DNC would pizz on them if they were on fire is at best a fool…AGAIN all one has to do is turn the pages of history to see how the elite of far left dynasties live vs the rest. From the USSR to N Korea, Cuba and everywhere in between you find mega riches and lifestyles of the ultra rich and famous as the people starve and don’t have clothes on there back.

The Klintons are our best example, worth a Billion and lead a Billion $$$ lifestyle while claiming ‘we got your back’ and I am with you! Its the communist way.


Speaking of people who should find this D-Party–union-boss chumminess interesting, Berniebot union members should reflect on this!