Will Charlie Crist Make A Comeback?


Will former Florida governor Charlie Crist come back to the political[[FONT=inherit][COLOR=#009900][FONT=inherit]game

“Well I’m thinking about it, there’s no question about that,” said Crist who added he hasn’t made the big decision yet.
Crist served as a Republican governor back in 2007. His term ended in 2011 but if he does choose to run again in the upcoming election he would run against current Gov. Rick Scott as a Democrat.

Will Charlie Crist Make A Comeback? « CBS Miami

Crist made it clear he supported democrat ideals which frankly is also supported by the current GOP leaders. It takes no stretch of the imagination to know this was coming.

I have said it in the past that politicians are in it for the power and their ideals are only skin deep and meant to gain them more power.