Will Jeff grow a pair or is he a stealth swamp critter?


Chuck Grassley has invited a Justice Department confidential informant to testify about first hand knowledge of the Russian bribery in the Uranium One deal. The informant is currently under a gag order imposed by Loretta Lynch. Grassley has asked DOJ, in writing, to lift the gag order. The request is currently “under review”, a familiar DOJ stonewall term. Will Sessions lift the ban or hide behind his Russia recusal and hand it over to the Clintonistas running the department?


If Sessions does not comply and remove the gag order in place, Trump should immediately fire him, and as the political dust settles and the next attorney General provides the necessary indictments, that AG then should turn his attention to Sessions and investigate as to what Sessions was really up to.


Just FIRE Sessions and be done with it.

The guy is a wuss, and is the Dems tool.

And fire those Klinton weasels running the department. Sweep out the whole place.