Will mandated "Black Boxes" in your car have GPS?


Feds Set To Mandate “Black Box” Data Recorders In Every Car And Truck


Is the Box Box distributed by the Department of Redundancy Department?


This is somewhat old news but the privacy issue is still troublesome:

  1. Does the government have a right to know how you were operating your car in an accident?
  2. Who else can use this data? Car Companies? Lawyers for victims that were hurt?
  3. Can this data be used in court to charge you with a crime, (speeding, reckless driving), that was not witnessed?
  4. Should I be able to turn off this technology in my car? Does it violate my right against self incrimination?
  5. Can the government force me into technology use that is self incriminating?

So far it looks like if the car comes with the technology, anyone is entitled to use the data.


Using in court should be an illegal search.


I’m trying to think of a valid, valuable usage for such a “Black Box”, and other than a GPS transceiver (receiver) for navigation, I can’t think of a usage that would not at least raise 4th Amendment issues. If the government wants to track me back and forth to my place of employment, the gym, church and home, let them get a warrant!


Ahahahaha, this story shows elected officials caught lying. Wonder if that choice was to soften this for anti-government, privacy type folks.


Pete…did I miss it?? Is there a GPS component to this? I thought it was just actual car data…ie. stopped, moving, speed, acceleration, braking etc. …even so I have concerns.


The article doesn’t mention it, but that possibility was suggested by Moby in the thread title. I was speaking hypothetically, however. I don’t have a problem with the car’s computer system collecting data for the sake of maintenance and diagnostics. Beyond that, I’m not even thrilled with the fact that the data includes info that would be worth a search warrant or a subpoena in a civil lawsuit. And IF GPS data becomes required (or becomes a de facto part of the mix), that is highly abuseable without a search warrant being absolutely required.


The Jones case last year had the Court decide that law enforcement attaching a GPS device to a car constituted a “search”. Illegal if not done by order of a court.
Can’t imagine them allowing any and ALL vehicles to be searched without a warrant based on that.


I don’t like black boxes. I know the Mustang’s limit is 145. You can feel the limiter kick in, otheriwse it would go a good bit faster. But, my year’s Mustang wasn’t built for top speed, it was made for the 1/8th and the 1/4 mile.

Of course, I could remove that with a Predator tune… but if I was to do that, I might as well start doing more things too.
As of now, it’s all stock, except the exhaust. I have SLP Loudmouths instead of the stock mufflers.

Oh, forgot to mention, I’m creeping up on 140,000 miles and still going strong.


Because the oops in the title might lead to folks not realizing this thread could be of interest to them, I changed “Box Boxes” to “Black Boxes” as Moby obviously intended. And of course, this post bumps the thread.


It wouldn’t be illegal if people consent to it when they buy the car.


…as long as there were no coercion to the consent. (Like not letting you buy the car without the consent.)


Yeah. I just fear for stupid consumers.


The article said there is no opt-out. I believe it is un-constitutional for the federal government to mandate anything regarding a product, but even moreso something which would obviously be a violation of the Fourth Amendment and possibly due process as well. The article said even cars in the 90s may have had this device already. If this happens, watch the value and price of used cars, especially more than 23 years old increase dramatically.